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Rafael Caro Quintero, Rafael Caro Quintero

Rafael Caro Quintero was born on October 3, 1952. He is a Mexican drug
trafficker who also established the now crumbled Guadalajara Cartel with the
Miguel ngel Flix Gallardo. And he was another drug trafficker in the 1970s. He
is also the brother of fellow drug trafficker Miguel Caro Quintero. Who is the
founder and as well as the former leader of the extinct Sonora Cartel who always
remains incarcerated?

A Brief Introduction of Rafael Caro Quintero:

He also has formed the Guadalajara Cartel in the 1970s. And Caro Quintero also
worked with Gallardo, as well as Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo, and also Pedro Avils
Prez by the large shipping sums of the marijuana to the United States from the
Mexico. He was supposedly also responsible for the kidnapping and also the
murder of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and agent Enrique
Camarena Salazar. His pilot Alfredo Zavala Avelar, American writer John Clay
Walker and also dentistry student Alberto Radelat in 1985. After these murders,
Caro Quintero escaped to Costa Rica but was later arrested and also extradited
back to the Mexico, where he was sentenced to the 40-years in prison for that
murder. Following his arrest, the Guadalajara Cartel crumbled, and his leaders
also integrated into that of the Tijuana Cartel and as well as Sinaloa Cartel and
also Jurez Cartels.
Caro Quintero was at liberty from the jail on August 9, 2013, after a state court
finished that he had also tried offensively. However, in the middle of pressure
from the U.S. government to re-arrest him, there was a Mexican federal court
problem for an arrest warrant against the Quintero on August 14. He is also a
wanted deserter in the Mexico, the U.S., and many other countries.

The Early life of Rafael Caro Quintero:

As we know that Rafael Caro Quintero was born in the community of the La Noria,
Badiraguato, Sinaloa, on October 3, 1952. His parents named, Emilio Caro Payn
and Hermelinda Quintero. They had twelve children together, and a number of
him was the oldest of the males. His father worked in an agriculture and grazing
form. And he died when Caro Quintero was only fourteen years old. With his
fathers absence, he also worked to take care of his family along his mother. And
at the age of sixteen, he left the La Noria and then settled in Caborca, Sonora.

There he worked in the livestock grazing. Two years later, he also worked as a
truck driver in the Sinaloa. Then he worked at a bean and also a cor n agricultural
estate in the Sinaloa. He did this before deciding to leave his home state and join
the drug trade altogether in the nearest state of Chihuahua.

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The career of Rafael Caro Quintero:

Caro Quintero purportedly began to grow the marijuana at a low scale at the farm
that owned by his brother Jorge Luis when he was a youngster. In less than five
years, he also managed to buy several other ranches in the surrounding areas.
And began to accumulate a fortune. He told that he had worked for the first time
for the drug traffickers named Pedro Avils Prez and also Ernesto Fonseca
Carrillo. Before forming the Guadalajara Cartel with Miguel ngel Flix Gallardo,
and Juan Jos Esparragoza Moreno, and also others in the late 1970s. He has
also been cited as a forge of the drug trade in Mexico and has been depict as one
of the most significant drug traffickers of his generation.
The assertion of involvement in the murders:

John Clay Walker and also Albert Radelat:

Caro Quintero has also accused of ordering the kidnap, torture and also for the
death of writer John Clay Walker and even dentistry student Albert Radelat on
January 30, 1985. So according to the assertions, the two Americans were eating
dinner in a Guadalajara restaurant. And when they encountered the Caro
Quintero and also his men. Caro Quintero is also assumed to have then ordered
his men also to seize the Americans. And after that take them to a storeroom,
where they even tormented with the ice picks and interviewed them. John Walker
died on the spot from direct force trauma to the head. Albert Radelat was still
alive when the men were covered up in tablecloths. After that they took him to a
park near the city and buried him. The bodies of the men were also found six
months later buried at the Park named, San Isidro Mazatepec in Zapopan. The
authorities believe that Caro Quintero had mistaken Walker and also Radelat for
U.S. undercover agents.

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Enrique Camarena:

Caro Quintero has also accused of the involvement in the murder of the US Drug
Enforcement Administration agent. And the name of agent was Enrique Camarena
Salazar. In November 1984, the Mexican authorities also raided a 220 -acre ranch.
This ranch also known as El Bfalo in the state of the Chihuahua. And this also
owned by Caro Quintero. The authorities allegedly burned more than the 10,000
tons of marijuana and totaling a loss of around $160 million.

Camarena Salazar, who had also worked undercover in the Mexico. And it also
said to be responsible for leading the authorities to the ranch. This supposedly
encouraged Caro Quintero and also other high-ranking members of the
Guadalajara Cartel to seek revenge against the Drug Enforcement Administration
(DEA) and the Camarena. But in retaliation, Camarena and also his pilot Alfredo
Zavala Avelar even allegedly kidnapped in the Guadalajara on 7 Fe bruary 1985.
And after brutally agonized and then murdered.
Rafael Caro Quintero also allegedly buried both bodies in a secret grave in the
state of the Michoacn. Then he left the Mexico on March 9, 1985, along with his
associates. And Sara Cristina Cosio Gaona who was his girlfriend was also with
him. The earlier Judicial Police of the Armando Pavon Reyes also reported about
him. And he allowed us that Caro Quintero flee from the airport in the Guadalajara
to seek the refuge in the Costa Rica in his private jet after paying a $300,000
bribe. The police chief also fired shortly afterward. And he also charged with the
bribery and even complicity in the Camarena murder Read More Full rafael caro