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Duygulu 1

Henri Duygulu

Professor Moore

English 1301

15 November 2017

Hand of Pollution

Opposite colors, depressing invasive darkness and two god like hands sit under the

words preservation pulling you in to what humanity is capable of doing to the earth with

pollution. A lot can be done at the hands of man and man is the deciding factor of the condition

the planet is in. The visual reaches to scare the viewer into realization and changing of ways

before it is too late. A visual with so many opposing controversies forces the viewer to jump

back and forth from famous arts hands of the hand of god from good to bad picking up every

detail. Testing the viewers friendship with god. The appeal of man a creator opens doors to new

kinds of test. After everything is thrown at the viewer guilt creeps in once the full effects of the

details are soaked in leaving a multi faced argument to be dealt with.

Preservation attempts to appeal to the connection of man and god. The visual shows

the hands from the famous painting hand of god reaching for each other but in different

context. Rather than wearing royal garments and depicted as an all-powerful ruler, he wears

only a light tunic which leaves much of his arms and legs exposed. One might say this is much

more intimate portrait of god because he is shown in a state that is not untouchable and
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remote from man, but one which is accessible to him. (Michelangelo's Creation of Adam)

These hands appeal to this higher power by connecting nature and the earth with its creator

and the pollution mankind has put on it, that god can be reached from the earth by mans hand.

The art explains the reach of god to man in his attempt to reach them as if humans are directly

or indirectly hurting him and he must reach us before it is too late. Applying religious art is at

the top of ways to make the viewer feel guilty, testing your loyalty to the believers god.

The visual appeals to the viewers guilt from what is happening in the image. The appeal

of emotion is strong because it allows the viewer to feel a need is met. The advertisement

generally will issue a promise that the product will serve a certain function or purpose. The

function or purpose can satisfy the persons emotional need. (Writing Commons) At the very

top in the center the words Preservation sits atop what is seen as a field of controversies. The

darkness taking over the light along with the sick feeling given when the black oil is seen

dripping from the fingertips of the hand. This calm word above the storm gives the viewer no

choice but to question if the damage in really done and irreversible along with whose fault it

really is. For a public service announcement, a powerful method of forcing change of mind in

someone is making them feel blame for a disrespected newfound responsibility to the earth. All

these new feelings and emotions for a new to some concept now have an overwhelming effect

such as a want for change and responsibility because of little details put into the visual like

strong color and a combination of smoke and oil.

Preservation appeals to the fear of the viewer. Before even looking at the image the

average person already knows what global warming is to a basic definition from watching ice

age and seeing the ice melt to watching the media and movies. Pollution has a familiar face
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heat waves, hurricanes and wildfires giving the word pollution something more to fear with

further investigation. The darkened view of pollution encroaches upon the pureness inside the

viewer as is crosses over to the pureness of the natural hand in the visual. Not knowing a lot of

the factors in depth shown lead the viewer to question the time frame. When it all started how

long is left before the pollution completely takes over both hands. The fear built inside by the

pressuring details and events shown such as factory and oil cause a force of change in the

mindset from first glance to a in depth overview. Fear is a strong emotion having the power to

reach all types of people. Fear can change intentions, make you care or make the effected do

things they never saw themselves doing. Fear was the reason for two world wars so in turn

using it to get people recycle and use more environmentally friendly sources is a small thing to

achieve with its vast capabilities.

With a slight glance at the visual walking past it the amount of detail and controversy

would make it look like a movie advertisement, two forces colliding and standing still image

moving in the viewers mind. The power this visual has on the viewer by pulling at the appeals of

everyday people gives an idea who this movement reaches out to. Believers of god, guilty

litterers, the neighbor with the huge truck. The image makes you form opinions and ideas all in

one. Humanity and nature are one. This point is reached many times by watching a grass

covered hand turn into tar and oil giving feeling of fear and blame along with connected

sorrow. From the beginning to the end Preservation stays mocking the view as an undesignated

message where the creator tells the viewer what changes must be made. All these things going

on inside someones head after scrolling or walking past this advertisement is the key result

from the emotional appeal from a simple image to the earth.

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