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Lesson Plan

Subject: English
Form: VI th
Date: 17.11.2011
Teacher: Vacari Dorina
School: Gymnasium Nr. 2, town Drochia
Topic: Expecting Guests
Type of lesson: mixed (fixation knowledge)
Specific Competences & Sub-Competences:
2.4 Producing a simple message with appropriate fluency, stress, intonation & sense groups.
3.5 Producing written messages based on the text.
Operational Objectives (K,S,A):
to practice ways of describing houses, rooms & furniture;
to learn new vocabulary on the topic Rooms & furniture;
to read the text and answer the questions;
to show interest on the topic;
to make students confident in using their skills;
to stimulate students imagination and creativity.
Resources (materials used):
Textbooks, copybooks, posters, worksheets with different activities, photos, glue, scissors.
1. Methods:
Communicative, Competency-based, Grammar Translation.
2. Techniques:
Brainstorming, crossword, games, exercises, Venn diagram.
3. Forms of activities:
Group work, individual work, whole class work
Time of lesson: 45 minutes
ACTIVITY CTION Materials Methods,
forms of
EVOCATION T enters the classroom, Ss greet the T T Ss -speaking -to create a Whole class 1 mi
Warm up greets the Ss, and asks with a short -listening relaxed work
them how they are, if poem & answer Ss - T atmosphere
there are any Ss the Ts for the lesson
missing. questions.
Checking the T remembers the Some Ss read T Ss -speaking Textbooks, -to check the Whole class
Homework homework: reading the their -reading Copybooks. homework work
text Expecting Guests & homework. Ss - T -to correct the
ex 4, p. 33. T asks Ss to mistakes
review it quickly to
make sure there were
no problems with
solving it at home.
T corrects the mistakes, 7 mi
if any.

Activity 1 T share vocabulary Some Ss solve -writing Worksheets -to check the Individual
worksheets to some of the vocabulary vocabulary work
the pupils that they worksheets. assimilation
solve while the T checks
the homework.
Motivation for T asks Ss to solve a Ss listen to the T Ss -reading Crossword -to solve a Communicative 5 mi
the new lesson crossword. Ts hints & solve -speaking Photos crossword, Method
To each Ss` answer the the task. Ss T -writing -to review the Whole class
Activity 2 T turns a photo that is studied work
sticked on the board vocabulary.
face down.

Activity 3 The last photos Ss make T Ss -speaking Photos -to induce the Brainstorming 2 mi
represent a dining- suppositions new topic
room & a living-room & about the topic Ss - T
are attached in the of the lesson.
middle of the
blackboard. The T asks
Ss to induce the subject
of the lesson, looking at
the two photos.

REALIZATION T writes on the Ss open their T Ss -speaking Copybooks -to present Whole class 1 mi
OF MEANING blackboard the title of notebooks and -reading the new topic work
Practice the lesson: Expecting write down the Ss - T -writing -to find out
Guests & tells Ss what title of the more
Activity 4 this lesson will be lesson. information
about. on the topic
Practice As the Ss had to read Ss find the T Ss -reading Textbooks -to work with Whole class 5 mi
the text at home & they descriptions in the text work
Activity 5 know its content T asks the text & read Ss T
Ss to find in the text the them.
description of the
Taylors` living room,
dining room & to
describe the way Mrs.
Taylor laid the table.
Activity 6 The Ss are asked to find Ss answer the T Ss -reading Textbooks -to use the Brainstorming 5 mi
differences & Ts questions. Ss T -speaking Photos images
similarities between the -to compare
rooms described in the Taylor`s
text & the ones they rooms & the
have on the photos at rooms from
the blackboard. the photos
REFLECTION T asks Ss do solve Ss solve the T Ss -writing Textbooks -to practice Individual 4 mi
Practice individually in exercise -reading Copybooks writing work
copybooks the exercise individually. Ss T -to work with
Activity 7 3, page 32, based on the After finishing the text
read text. the exercise
they read it.
Practice T divides the class into The Ss work in T-Ss -speaking Pictures, - to stimulate Group work 8 mi
3 groups & gives each groups glue, students`
Activity 8 group an envelope with decorating the scissors, imagination
some pictures, the rooms Ss-Ss drawings of and creativity,
drawing of an empty /arranging the an empty - to have fun
room or a dining table, table for guests. room/table. while learning
glue, scissors & asks Ss Each group Ss-T English.
to be designers & to chooses a -to practice
decorate their room. leader who speaking.
Group 1 _ Living-room. presents &
Group 2 _ Dining-room. describes the
Group 3 _ Dining table room/table.
(laying the table for The T & other
guests` arrival). Ss ask questions
After finishing the Ss to find some
have to describe their more
rooms/table. information.
T announces the time of
the task.
EXTENSION T asks Ss to come one Ss pick the T Ss -speaking Pictures - to fix their Venn diagram 5 mi
Feed-Back by one in front of the pictures, name knowledge
classroom & pick a the object & Ss - T
Activity 9 picture illustrating a place it in the
piece of furniture from right room.
the table, name it &
stick it under the right
room (dining room or
living room) or place it
in the middle if it is
common to both rooms.
Evaluation T evaluates the Ss , Ss listen to the T - Ss Register, -to evaluate 1 mi
gives marks & teacher. Record the students
comments them. books

Assigning T gives the Ss the Ss write down T - Ss -writing Record -to write 1 mi
Homework homework: to write a their books down the
short essay with the homework. homework
title My favourite
room (10-12