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Justice Jones Commented [DJ1]: Page numbers
Professor Jizi

UWRT 1104

13 October 2017

Future Authoring Essay

This essay is going to demonstrate what my ideal future will look like in five years. It

will include my Positive Emotions, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning, and

Accomplishments/Achievements. My future will also include my core values, which are

Gratitude, Modesty/Humility, and Humor/Playfulness. This future will be as if everything has Commented [DJ2]: You need to explain throughout
the essay where these will play a role. Also, what about
your character strengths?
come out exactly the way I want it to, and nothing bad has happened during the next five years.
Commented [DJ3]: That doesnt have to be the case.
On the way to our goals, we often meet obstacles. The
Five years from now, one of my biggest accomplishments will have been difference is we dont let them stop us.

graduating from college with a degree in my major. This will have been done with the love and Commented [DJ4]: What major?

support of my family, as well as hard work and diligence on my end to push through all of my

classes and pass. Once graduated, I will try to show my family that I appreciate all they have

done for me in some way, whether it be personal Thank You gifts, or possibly even small acts

of kindness to return the favor that they have done for me by sacrificing so much for even

allowing me to go to college. The opportunity to explore different things while in college will

have let me figure out what it is that I want to do in life, and to pursue those passions with the

appropriate area of study. While working with my normal coursework, I will have also done

summer internships so I could get actual work experience and test out if I enjoy the type of work

that falls within my major. Once I find the right internship with the right tasks, I will keep going

to this internship until graduation, so that I may immediately have a guaranteed job right out of

college. Commented [DJ5]: Use this essay to explore and

narrow down your choices. Allow yourself to dream. I
am sure you have had some idea of what you might
like to do.
While working at the internships, I will ask a lot of questions so I can gain as much

knowledge as possible about the company and the type of work. I will show a lot of respect to

the people watching over me, as they have a lot of talent and are better than at the job than I

could ever be. During my senior year of college, I will have been asked by the company to come

back for a full-time position after I graduate. I will gladly accept this offer, and thank the

recruiters for choosing me out of the other potential options out there. Accepting the job will also

fill me with joy, as I will not have to worry about struggling with paying for college debt while

working an insufficient job to pay the bills. Commented [DJ6]: It is important to be as specific as
possible. You dont have to know the company, but the
field you are interested in would make this more
My entry-level job will be a new experience, and I will be ready to take on whatever powerful.

comes my way. Thanks to the good pay of my job, I will be able to live on my own with my own

house. However, I will always stay in touch with my family and make sure that we are always

there for each other like we always have been. We will also have lots of get-togethers, such as

cookouts or birthday parties, where we have lots of fun and good times. My sister, brothers, and I

will keep our close bonds with each other, communicating on a regular basis and keeping each

other updated on our lives. We will also make constant jokes at/with each other, just like we

have done since we were kids. I will let my family know that I will always love them, even if I

do not directly say it to them. Before my departure, I will thank my family one last time for all

that they have done to get me to where I can be my own person and support myself.

At my job, I will have an inner circle with my co-workers. We will have mutual respect

for each other and our different types of work, but we will also get to know each other outside of

work so that we may be friends as well. We will be people that we can rely on, and also people

that we can talk to if we have certain issues that we want to share with each other. My co-

workers and I will be hard working when the time calls for it, but we will also be very playful
and humorous outside of work. We will go to social events together, grab lunch together, and all

the while having a good time and making each other smile and laugh. Having these friends at

work will give my job more meaning than just the pay, as I will have people that I enjoy seeing

and talking to each day of the work week.

Since I will have my own house, I will also have my own pet that lives with me. I will

have my own dog that will be one of my closest friends. My dog will listen to my problems, even

though they will not be able to respond with words. I will still be able to feel their sincere

emotions and care for my well-being, and they will show that they care through their actions. I

will show my love for my dog, by walking them on a regular basis, making sure that they are

healthy, and also by playing with them regularly. My dog will be a positive way for me to relax

after long days at work, or even as a way for me to cheer up after a bad day. My dog will also

keep me from being when I am by myself with nobody to communicate with, and they will also

help me adjust to living on my own, as opposed to a full house when I was younger.

During all of this, I will have a strong relationship with my significant other. Our

relationship will be based on mutual respect for each other first and foremost. We will also

communicate with each other our issues that we cannot tell to others. We will support each other

and help each other when needed. We will have similar interests, but she will also have some

different interests than mine. Despite of this, I will still try to at least respect her interests and see Commented [DJ7]:
Despite this
them as a part of what makes her unique, and she will do the same for my other interests. I will

make sure that she is aware of my love for her, as I will give her gifts, do things for her, and just

directly tell her of my feelings. I will thank her for even being with me, as there are many others

out there that she could have potentially been with, but she still chose me. I will ask her how she

is doing constantly, and if she is not doing okay then i will ask her what about the issue and try to Commented [DJ8]: I
help her resolve it in the best way possible. A big part of our relationship, however, will be based

on having fun and enjoying each others company. We will be able to be playful with each other,

even within the comfort of our own home. We will not need to go out somewhere everyday to

have a good time. My significant other will be a major part of my life, as she will be the one that

I will spend the rest of my life with and build a family with after some time together. She will

help bring more meaning to my work, as I will have another person to support and live with

other than myself and my dog. However, she will also have her job so our relationship will not

be entirely dependant on one person.

For my interests, one of my main accomplishments will have been starting TaeKwonDo

again. Since my college days will be over, I will have more time to do TaeKwonDo again, since

I had to stop after I graduated high school to focus on college. This will help me to regain my

level of respect and humility that I once had, as it is one of the core tenets of TaeKwonDo. It will

also help to keep me in shape, as the physical and mental state must be in good health to perform

many of the techniques with decent speed, power, and accuracy. After a little bit of time re-

learning all of the material that I once knew, I will begin working towards my 3rd Degree Black

Belt, since I earned the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt before I stopped. I will have the same

compassion for the art that I had when I was younger, if not more because of being able to re-

learn the material all over again. I will be very focused on getting my technique up to par to

where it once was, and always thanking those who help me to get better and better with each

class. I will have people that I talk to within the classes, and we will build good relations with

each other so that we can have a good time while working with each other. It will also be helpful

to have good relations with my partners so that way there is no anger, jealousy, or hate towards

one another if one of us does something better than the other. I will keep working hard on my
craft and improving upon what I know, so that I may one day test for higher ranks, or even just to

improve myself and become more confident in my abilities to defend myself.

This is my ideal future in five years. It is a future where I have graduated from college,

started living on my own, have my own pet, obtained good co-workers/friends, have a strong

relationship with my significant other, and picked my old passion back up and started anew. In

this future, everything has gone exactly the way I have wanted it to, and nothing could be any

better in this future. Commented [DJ9]: When writing a conclusion, avoid

recapping the highlights of what you have already said.
What can you add to what you have said? That is what
you put in a conclusion.


You mention the areas of PERMA, but you dont cover all the areas, positive emotion or

engagement, for example. You mention your values at the beginning, but are these the values

from the exercise we did, or are they your top character strengths? If they are your character

strengths, you need to include your values.

Since you dont know what you are going to do for a career in your future, it is hard to see how

your character strengths will play a role, but I strongly urge you to consider imagining a

particular path for this assignment and integrating those strengths into the path you are choosing.

Remember, you are making this up. You are allowed to dream.