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Code No: EE1509 GEC-R14

I B. Tech II Semester Supplementary Examinations, January 2017
(Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 60
Note: All Questions from PART-A are to be answered at one place.
Answer any FOUR questions from PART-B. All Questions carry equal Marks.

6 2 = 12M
1. Explain current division rule.
2. In network topology define chords and twigs.
3. Define Susceptance and admittance.
4. Write the relation between Bandwidth and Quality factor.
5. State Super-Position Theorem.
6. Define self and mutual Inductance.

PART-B 4 12M = 48M

1. a) Find the voltage to be applied across AB in order to drive a current of 5A
into the circuit by using star-delta transformation. Refer below figure.(6M)

b) Using Kirchhoffs current law, find the values of the currents i1 and i2 in
the circuit shown in figure below. (6M)

2. a) Define the following and explain by taking an example.

i) Branch ii) Node iii) Path
iv) Sub graph v) Tree vi) co-tree. (6M)

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b) Draw the oriented graph of the network shown in figure below. (6M)

3. Obtain the RMS value, Average value, Form factor for a voltage of
symmetrical square wave whose amplitude is 10V and time period is 40secs.
4. a) Bring out the differences between series and parallel resonance? (4M)
b) A series RLC circuit consists of resistance R = 20 ohm, inductance,
L=0.01H and capacitance, C = 0.04uF. Calculate the frequency at
resonance. If a10V of frequency equal to that of frequency of resonance is
applied to this circuit, calculate the values of VC and VL across C and L
respectively. Find the frequencies at which these voltages VC and VL are
maximum? (8M)
5. a) State and explain Thevenin's theorem. (4M)
b) Apply KVL for the network shown below for ZL=5 (8M)

6. a) Explain Faradays Laws of Electromagnetic Induction. (5M)

b) Sketch the dotted equivalent circuit for the coupled coils shown in figure
below and find the equivalent inductance at the terminals AB. All
coupling coefficients are 0.5. (7M)

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