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Molly Donald
Elizabeth Geary
Myranda Hinkson
Christyana Wood

Team Charter

Broad Team Goals

To work as a unified team who commits to equal work and thoroughly executes the objectives
of the project.

Measurable Team Goals

Completing dates on time
Consistent and quick interpersonal communication
Thoroughness/quality of technical writing

Personal Goals
Myranda - I would like to increase my knowledge in whatever specific type of legal writing the
group decides on. I would also like to use this project to work on my team writing skills because
I have done group projects before, but none of them were focused on writing for a semester
long project. I also want to do a good job of staying on top of all the deadlines and try to finish
things before the very last minute.
Molly- Learn more about studying cases and the technical writing of criminal law. Increase skills
as an editor by becoming better acquainted with a larger number of writing formats.
Elizabeth - I want to be able to stay on top of the work so we dont get stressed at the end. I also
want to learn more about the writings associated with the criminal justice system in regards to
the legal system.
Christy - I look forward to learning about how technical writing can apply to criminal law. I also
want to become more knowledgeable about different areas within criminal law and the type of
writing formats used in legal writing.

Individual Commitment
Molly is 100% committed to completing goals on time to the best of her skill and ability.
Elizabeth is 100% committed to completing goals on time to the best of her skill and ability.
Christy is 100% committed to completing goals on time to the best of her skill and ability.
Myranda 100% committed to completing goals on time to the best of her skill and ability.

Other Concerns
Molly - Im taking 19 credits, which is fine, but also my body is trying to kill me so some days I
might become last minute unavailable by virtue of having to go to urgent care. I will try to like not
do this tho, and make up any meetings I miss ASAP
Myranda - In addition to classes, I have commitment to the ROTC program as well as my
hockey team on campus. These require that I get up very early and stay up much later than I
would like to. I will do my best to not interfere with my ability to get quality work done on time
and make productive use of my very limited free time. If/when we have in person group
meetings, I am also concerned that my schedule will be a pain to try and schedule around.
Elizabeth - I am currently working two jobs (CA and intern at the Public Defenders Office in
Rockville) so I might have trouble meeting in person since I do my school work at odd hours.
But I will still get the work done I promise.
Christy - I am currently on three executive boards and taking 18 credits so I am concerned
about the work load. However, I will prioritize and make sure I contribute equal amount of work
as the rest of my team members.

We will most likely end up meeting online using formats like Skype and GroupMe, but one
meeting at McKeldin/apartment before turning in the research proposal, and each version of the
overall report (RD & FD) will happen. Additional face-to-face meetings can be scheduled
between members of the group as we see fit.

Conflict Resolution
First, any conflicts that come up will try to be solved within the group. Any major conflicts that
cannot be settled between the group, will be dealt with by scheduling a mediated meeting with
Prof B.

Missed Deadlines
If a team member believes that they will not be able to complete a portion of the project that
they are assigned on time, they should tell other team members why they are having
challenges. A team member that is able to assist should, but it should not get to the point where
the same person is always asking for others to help them finish their work. If a deadline is
completely missed, extra efforts will be put in by team members to complete the task for that
deadline as soon as possible.

Unacceptable Work
To make sure no work is unacceptable, we will have another member edit the assignment
before submitting it. For each portion of the project, we have scheduled multiple people to work
together so each person should be keeping their teammate accountable for the quality of work
that is being put in. Those that are reviewing works before submitting the final draft, will also be
another set of eyes to correct deficiencies.