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Smart Planner

for Process Efficiency

Focus MRP has finite and infinite planning capabilities to assist complex
manufacturing processes achieve efficiency with greater degree of compliance
and customer satisfaction. Be it a single or multiple location plant, this integrated
scalable solution is a boon for process manufacturers.

Minimize production bottlenecks

Achieve greater transparency and operational control
Reduce cost and increase resource utilization
Better customer satisfaction with on-time delivery

Plan order or forecast based production for increased profitability


Define calendars for multiple locations with work hours Achieve standard output with pre-defined route in
production line
Skill based identification and planning of man or
machine for work centers On-time material requirement analysis and
procurement reminders
Scheduling of output based on plant-wise capacity
Generate forecast, completion or process based reports
Prepare bill of material for required output


Production Master Data

Material Requirement Planning

Shop Floor Management

Integration with Finance & Inventory


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