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Shawn Gholson

Dr. Holder-Writing 106

Analytic Essay- Paper #3
20 November 2014
The Earth Charter Analysis

The way people live in the world must be changed. The U.S. population is constantly

increasing day-by-day due to illegal immigrants. Immigration is considered to be a concern in

America. Immigrants all over the U.S. are working to find jobs and start their own small

businesses to make a profit. Some citizens believe that illegal immigrants are bad for the U.S.,

but if they are starting their own businesses, does that not mean more revenue for the U.S.?

Should America continue to make policies restricting immigration or should they continue to

allow them to stay and benefit from the profit they are producing?

In the document The Earth Charter, The United Nations (2008), a layout of

principles are presented on how to to create a sustainable, peaceful global society. Principle one

states that people should Ensure that communities at all levels guarantee human rights and

fundamental freedoms and provide everyone an opportunity to realize his or her full potential

(2). Principle two explains that we should emphasize more on the quality of life (3). A part of

principle three describes that we should help those who suffer and enable them to pursue their

aspirations and ambitions (3). According to the fourth and final principle, we should provide all

with educational opportunities so that they can contribute to growth in sustainable living (4).

The Earth Charter is an example of the writers connecting multiple audiences, providing

guidelines on how to build a sustainable and global society. The audiences are individuals,

groups, the nation, and the world. There are numerous situations where the charter uses words to

pull the audience in and make them feel as if they are part of something. For example, the writers
use the following words: we, our nation, and community (1). The Charter uses ethics to appeal to

the audience by providing examples of fairness and freedom. One example of ethics in the

charter is the quote, Provide the rights to freedom of opinion, expression, peaceful assembly,

association, and dissent (3). Another example is when the charter says Affirm the faith in the

inherent dignity of all human beings and in the intellectual, artistic, ethical, and spiritual

potential of humanity (2). Both of these quotes appeal to values and principles of the audiences.

The current U.S. immigration policy should be amended because immigrants contribute

to the economy. The U.S. should welcome immigrants and use their talents to help build the


The current U.S. immigration policy should allow immigrants to be able to stay and make

an impact on the economy. According to Jeff Jacoby, in the article, Immigrants are Economic

Drivers in US, Boston Sunday Globe, (2012), Without the growth fueled by immigrants-

especially foreign-born entrepreneurs- the United States is unlikely to retain its preeminent

position in the world (1). There are 8,800 immigrant-owned businesses in Boston, with the

annual sales of about $3.7 billion (1). In the article, the Mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino

speaks very well about immigrants in Boston. Menino notes that For generations immigrants

have rejuvenated Boston, and They make this old city new again and again (1). Most

immigrants are not coming to the U.S. to cause problems, but to rather find an opportunity to

make money so they can provide for their family.

The U.S. should welcome immigrants and use their talents to help build the nation.

According to the article, A Great Discussion about Immigration, by Jose Rodriguez, National

Public Radio, (2014), immigrants play a critical role in the U.S. economy. For the state of

Texas, In 2011, immigrants contributed $65 billion in economic output to the state in terms of
wages, salary, and business earnings, while small businesses owned by immigrants contributed

$4.4 billion in earnings to the states economy in 2011 (1). Immigrants strengthen and enrich

the nation (1).Talented entrepreneurs are eager to bring their gifts here and make a success of

themselves (Jacoby 1). Immigrants produce more revenue for the U.S. and policies should be

made less strict and, therefore, be more welcoming to them.

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