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Template for Lesson Plan

Title of lesson: ___________structural Adaptation____________________________________

Name: _______Jawahir Ahmed____________ Date:_____25-Oct-2017_______________

Time: __________1:15__________ Location: ____New World American PVT____________

*who are they
* how many
* what ages
* What grade
* male/female ratio
21 Students.
* native language(s)
Ages 7-8 * learning styles (and
Grade 3 student intelligences
1 Special need student. *personalities
Preferred learning style ((kinesthetic)). * special needs
The last lesson was about Animals life cycle. * prior learning
* how this lesson fits into
This lesson is about Adaptation. prior & future learning

*what specific skill or
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: concept would students
have learned or experience
by the end of the lesson
* always expressed in terms
Understand the difference between long and short ears of student learning
and their functions. * concrete, measurable &
Relate the rabbit ears with the weather surrounding it. * maximum of three
What rabbits need to survive. * include name of
curriculum guide & objective
numbers when & where
They will learn the characteristics of the ears. applicable
* goals are connected to


*how DAP are the materials &
Materials & resources: resources?
* have all safety & health
considerations been taken into
Paper rabbit ears. account?
Worksheet about rabbits
Glue *remember technology is a tool
& is not just limited to
Scissors computers
Colors *incorporate technology when
& if it supports & enhances
what youre already doing
* do you have a plan B for
technology upsets?
Technology integration:

I will use the Projector to show them Pictures and to write

the worksheet with them.

In case the projector didnt work I will write the answers on



After I give the students Hints they will answer the


Engagement: what will you do to grab
student attention & to

Ask them how Animals Stay warm in snow without a generate interest/enthusiasm
in the lesson?
Close the AC to imagine, they are in desert.
Teacher will Students will .. *description of activities
used to meet the learning
Include your open and closed objectives
ended questions here
Answer Questions. * articulated in terms of
How jack rabbit cools student activity & teacher
down in desert. Write the Worksheet. activity

Why jack rabbit has long


Why Arctic hare has Short


ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS (WHAT IF .?) *list the problems that

may occur
Student didnt behave very well *anticipate at least two
(Put Student names in the Sad face Section and tell the student if he changed problems
the way he behaves I will put his name back in the smiley face section). *think of possible ways to
deal with those problems
What if the computer didnt work when & if they occur
( I will use The Flash Cards).
*what will you do to assess
Give Students an activity about Rabbit Ears and then Ask them what you learning?
*what will happen to measure
made and what did you learn about rabbits today.
that the goals were met?
* how DAP is your assessment?
* my assessments are very
tightly connected to my goals

* sources that you may
- have used/consulted in
building your lesson
_ (includes books, websites,
magazines, journals, etc)
* use APA citation (refer
to Noodle Tools when in