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Product Data

Fasson Fastrans PET Matte Chrome /Permanent (S-2045P)

Product Identification Number: AM 58330


Fasson Fastrans Matte Chrome: A 2 mil top coated matte finish metallic polyester face stock
Caliper: 50 microns 10% (ISO 534)
Basis Weight: 70 gsm + 10% (ISO 536)


Fasson S-2045P : A general-purpose permanent rubber based adhesive featuring high
initial tack and ultimate bond strength to a wide range of substrates.
Minimum Application Temperature: 5 C
(The minimum temperature at which the label can be applied and will adhere)

Service Temperature Range: - 20o C to + 70o C

(The temperature range to which the label can be exposed after the adhesion bond to the substrate has been formed


Fasson BG40: A supercalendered glassine paper with excellent strength
Basis Weight : 62 gsm + 10% (ISO 536)
Liner caliper : 0.053mm + 10% (ISO 534)

Total Construction Caliper: 0.115mm + 10%

Performance Data : Initial Tack : 650 N/m FTM 9 Glass

Peel Adhesion 90 : 380 N/m FTM 2 St. St.

Application and Use: Applications are predominantly for durable labels requiring silver
metallized finish. The labels can be used in indoor applications where high
heat resistance is not required.

Conversion : The product is thermal transfer printable. Product can be die-cut and
stripped on standard web- fed presses . For best performance ,dies
should be tooled specifically for this construction.

Shelf Life: Two years when stored at 22 C / 50% RH.

As with all self-adhesive materials, this product should be tested thoroughly under end-use conditions to make sure it
meets the requirements of the specific application.

Version 0920106D

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