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Dear Students, You are encouraged to join this Training.

Basharatullah Malik

This is to inform you that the Center for English Language (CEL) is launching the UCP Writing
Center (WritCen) in the Fall semester. Its prime focus is to provide a platform for students where
they can learn effective writing and presentation skills to compete with the best in the market.

The need for WritCen has been felt for some time as the UCP students have had challenges in
landing high value jobs resulting from difficulties in presenting themselves in English in
interview situations and in their resumes. Part of this problem stems from the fact that the
students have a low English proficiency base when they join the Business School. Despite
showing language improvements resulting from the latest pilot interventions introduced by the
BS, there are areas where specific support will enhance their chances of developing better CVs,
performing better in the interviews using the English language skills taught in the BBA and
MBA programs, complemented with the skills acquired through the focused WrtiCen portfolio of

The WritCen shall provide need based crisp coaching and training sessions to the BBA and
MBA students from outgoing semesters at Business School. This will enable students to
overcome any inhibitions in using language confidently beating all impediments in securing high
value jobs when they pass out from the university.

The UCP Writing Center aims to start with launching two products: Writing Clinics and Open
Mic. Writing Clinics shall offer a variety of activities for the graduating students to help them
improve their project papers and other write-ups in its initial phase.

Open Mic will improve the speaking and presentation skills of the students by engaging with
them in small batches under the supervision of faculty members who have expertise in the area
of oral communication skills. Graduating students will also go through mock interviews, mock
meetings and learn the skills of delivering effective and memorable presentations.

You are requested to inform your students about

1. getting registered for Writing Clinics a 2-day workshop planned for October 28, 2016 & October 29,
2. sharing their final projects/papers with the WritCen team so that we can help them to improve their
write ups
3. attending Open MIc activities to improve their presentation skills

On behalf of the WritCen team, I would appreciate your contribution and support to join our hands making this
beneficial for the students.

Saima Bhaur
Program Coordinator, CEL
UCP Business School
University of Central Punjab
Johar Town, Lahore
Cabin # G17, Faculty Offices, Ground Floor
Phone: +92 42 35880007, Ext 571