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Vicente Carrillo Leyva | Vicente Carrillo

Leyva Fuentes Esposa

Vicente Carrillo Leyva is a Mexican drug aristocrat and ahead of the Juarez
Cartel. He was under arrest by Mexican police on 2 April 2009. But consequently
acquitted of money laundering charges, though charges of illegal ownership of
firearms kept him from gaining his liberty. Later than being foundation responsible
of illicit possession of arms, and paying a US$16,000 fine, he was at large on 17
December 2010, to the custody of Mexican federal police with new charges of
money laundering.

Full Name Vicente Carrillo Leyva

Birth Date 19 July 1976

Nationality Mexico

Parents Amado Carrillo Fuentes

Height Unknown

Net Worth $25 billion

Source of Income Drug dealer

Annual Salary Unknown

Sibling Unknown

Children N/A

Religion Non-muslim
Ethnicity White

Girlfriend N/A

His father and head and creator of the Juarez Cartel, Amado Carrillo Fuentes,
had told Carrillo Leyva not to enter the drug trafficking commerce. Consistent with
this, Carrillo sent his son to study at the best private universities in Mexico,
Switzerland, and Spain. Carrillo Leyva, however, paid no attention.

Date of Birth and Place

His full name was Vicente Carrillo Leyva. And he was born on 19 July 1976 in
Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Vicente Carrillo Leyva Net Worth

His net worth is likely $25 billion.

Drug Cartel

A drug cartel is an illegal organization with the meaning of supplying drug

trafficking process. They range from loosely managed conformity among a variety
of drug traffickers to formalized profitable enterprises. The period was applied
when the most prominent trafficking organizations reached compliance to
coordinate the production and allocation of cocaine. Since that agreement was
broken up, drug cartels are no longer cartels, but the term stuck and it is now
commonly used to refer to any criminal narcotics related association.

It is value noting that there are other working groups within the drug cartels. For
instance, the drug producers and suppliers, even though not considered in the
basic structure, are critical operators of any drug cartel, along with the banker and
money launderers.
Also, the arms suppliers function in a completely different circle and are in
principle not painstaking part of the cartels logistics.

Juarez Cartel

The Juarez Cartel also famous as the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes Organization is a
Mexican drug,

cartel pedestal in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, across the U.S.-Mexico border from
El Paso, Texas. The cartel is one of more than a few drug trafficking association
that has been familiar,

to decapitate their rivals, injure their corpses and dump them in public places to
inspire fear not only into the general public,

but also into local law enforcement and their opponents, the Sinaloa Cartel The
Juarez Cartel has,

an armed wing famous as La Linea, a Juarez avenue gang that frequently perform
the executions. It also uses the Barrio Azteca gang to a ssault its enemies.

The Juarez Cartel was the dominant player in the center of the country,
controlling a significant percentage of the cocaine traffic from Mexico into the
United States.

The demise of Amado Carrillo Fuentes in 1997 was the start of the decline of the
Juarez cartel,

as Carrillo relied on ties to Mexicos top-ranking drug banning officer, division

universal Jesus Gutierrez Rebollo.

In September 2011, the Mexican Federal Police stated that the cartel is now
famous as Nuevo Cartel de Juarez.

It is hidden that the New Juarez Cartel is responsible for recent implementation
in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua.
Sinaloa Cartel

The Sinaloa Cartel is a worldwide drug trafficking, money dry -clean and organized
crime organization. Ascertain throughout the mid-1980s, the Sinaloa Cartel is
bottom chiefly in the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa,

with a process in the Mexican states of Baja California, Durango, Sonora, and
Chihuahua. The cartel is also famous as the Guzman -Loera Organization and the
Pacific Cartel, the latter due to the shoreline of Mexico from which it originated.

The cartel has also been describing the Federation and the Blood Alliance. The
Federation was incompletely splintered when the Beltran -Leyva brothers broke
apart from the Sinaloa Cartel.

The US Intelligence society considers the Sinaloa Cartel the most influential drug
trafficking organization in the world and in 2011,

the Los Angeles Times called it Mexicos most powerful organized offense

The Sinaloa Cartel is relationship with the label Golden Triangle,

which refers to the states of Sinaloa, Durango, and Chihuahua.

While in 2017, the Sinaloa Cartel is the most vigorous drug cartel caught up in

illicit drugs into the United States and trafficking them all throug h the United

Tijuana Cartel

The Tijuana Cartel is a Mexican drug cartel pedestal in Tijuana. The cartel once
was put in plain words as one of the largest and most violent criminal groups in

However, since the 2006 Sinaloa Cartel night rai d in Baja California and the fall of
the Arellano-Felix brothers, the Tijuana Cartel had been compact to few cells.
In 2016, the organization has become prominent as Cartel Tijuana Nueva
Generation and has started on to align itself beneath the Jalisco New Generation

all along with Beltran Leyva Organization to create an anti -Sinaloa alliance,

in which the Jalisco New Generation Cartel heads, creating a probable power shift
in Mexico.

List of Mexicos 37 most-wanted drug lords

According to a BBC Mundo Mexico statement, the 37 drug lords have

jeopardized Mexicos nationwide security.As of 8 January 2016, 25 drug lords
have been imprisoning, eight have been slaughter and four remain fugitives. The
catalog of drug lords is collection by their drug car tels. Mexico offers up to 30
million pesos for the capture of each of the escapee. The United States also
provides rewards for two of them.

The most-wanted of the 37 drug lords was Joaquin Guzman Loera, for whom
Mexican and U.S. administration offered a total reward of 7 million USD. He was
put away on 22 February 2014 in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, where he was staying at a

He runs away yet again on 11 July 2015 through a 1.5-kilometer long tunnel from
his cell,

in the Mexican maximum security secure unit he had been dwelling in. Mexican
Marines recaptured Guzman following a gunfight on 8 January 2016.

Merida Initiative

The Merida Initiative is a security collaboration agreement amongst the United

States, the government of Mexico, and the state of Central Ame rica,

with the declared aim of hostility the threats of drug trafficking, transnationally
organized offense, and money laundering. However, the assistance includes
training, equipment, and cleverness.
In seeking corporation with the United States, Mexican bureaucrat points out that
the illicit drug trade is a shared difficulty in need of a shared solution,

and comment that most of the economics for the Mexican traffickers comes from
American drug consumers.

The United States law enforcement officials approximation that US$12 to 15

billion per year flows from the United States,

to the Mexican traffickers, and that is just in cash and keep out the money sent by
wire transfers.

Additional government agencies, including the Government answerability Office

and the National Drug Intelligence Center,

have predictable that Mexicos cartels earn upwards of $23 billion per year in
illegal drug revenue from the United States.

The United State Department administrator was aware that former Mexican
President Felipe Calderons willingness to work,

with the United States, was unparalleled on issues of security, crime, and drugs.
Therefore, the initiative was say publicly on 22 October 2007 and precursor into
law on June 30, 2008. From FY2008 to FY2015, Congress appropriate d virtually
$2.5 billion for Mexico under the Merida Initiative, including 22 airplanes.

Mexican Drug war

The Mexican Drug War is the Mexican the stage of the United States War on
Drugs, involving an ongoing low-intensity,

asymmetric war stuck between the Mexican Government and a variety of drug
trafficking syndicates. Since 2006, when the Mexican martial began to intervene,
the governments principal goal has been to decrease the drug-related violence.
The Mexican government has declared that their primary focus is on take apart
the powerful drug cartels,
somewhat than on preventing drug trafficking, which is not here to U.S.
functionaries. Although Mexican drug cartels, or else drug trafficking
organizations, have survived for several decades,

their influence has increased since the demise of the Colombian Cali and Medellin
cartels in the 1990s.

Mexican drug cartels now control the wholesale illicit drug marketplace and in
2007 managed 90% of the cocaine entering the United States.

However, Arrests of crucial cartel influential, chiefly in the Tijuana and Gulf
cartels, has led to increasing drug aggression,

as cartels fight for control of the trafficking routes into the United States. Analy sts
approximation that wholesale earnings from illegal drug sales variety from $13.6
to $49.4 billion yearly.

By the end of Felipe Calderons administration, the official death toll of the
Mexican Drug War was at least 60,000. Estimates set the death toll above
120,000 killed by 2013, not including 27,000 missing.

Vicente Carrillo Leyva Facts

He was arrested by Mexican law on 2 April 2009 but consequently acquitted of money
laundering charges, though charges of illegal ownership of firearms kept him from gaining
his liberty.
Later than being set up guilty of illegal arms custody, and paying a US$16,000 fine.
He was at large on 17 December 2010, to the charge of Mexican federal police with new
indict of money laundering.
The Mexican broadsheets El Universal, his priest, and head and founder of the Juarez
Cartel, Amado Carrillo Fuentes, had told Carrillo Leyva not to go through the drug
trafficking business
Dependable with this, Carrillo sent his son to study at the best private universities in
Mexico, Switzerland, and Spain.
Carrillo Leyva, however, paid no attention Read More vicente carrillo leyva/