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Mobile Application for Creating Mobile Application for Collaborating

Subject Social Studies Social Studies

Grade Level 6 6
Learning Objective USI.5 The student will demonstrate knowledge of USI.5 The student will demonstrate knowledge of
the factors that shaped colonial America by the factors that shaped colonial America by

c) describing colonial life in America from the a) describing the religious and economic events and
perspectives of large landowners, farmers, artisans, conditions that led to the colonization of America.
women, free African Americans, indentured servants,

and enslaved African Americans.

Activity After the teacher has finished the lesson on the The students will be placed in pairs to work on this
different roles and perspectives during the colonial activity. One student will focus on the religious
times, the students will choose one perspective from events and conditions that led to the American
the list given above to further research and present Revolution, while the other student will focus on the
to their peers. Once the perspective is chosen, the economic events and conditions. The students will
students will research what their life was like during use Stormboard to collaboratively write down their
the colonial time period. The students will use Story findings. Once the students are done, they will
Creator to create a photo album that: create a group with one to two other pairs to talk
a.) Explains where the group of people tended to about their work and see if any information was
live, missing. Once the students have had the chance to
b.) Describes what their homes were like, make any changes to their work, they will email their
c.) States what was their role in society, and final page to the teacher.
d.) Describes their job.
The students can use pictures that are free and legal
to use from the internet in their photo album or may
draw a picture and upload it.
Once finished the students will find classmates that

focused on a different topic and can share their

work with their peers.

Technology Story Creator Stormboard


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