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Assessment/Evaluation Plan

Stage 1 Desired Results

Established Goals GLO(s):
#1- Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences.
#2- Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to comprehend and respond personally and critically
to oral, print and other media texts
#3- Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to manage ideas and information
#4- Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to enhance the clarity and artistry of communication.
#5- Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to respect, support and collaborate with others

Understandings: Essential Questions:

Students will understand
What makes an effective poem How is identity reflected in poetry and song?
What makes an effective song What makes an effective poem?
Elements of a poem What makes an effective song?
Rhyme Scheme
Figurative Language
How identity is reflected in poetry and song
Prior understandings Students will be able to
1.1 discuss ideas and preferences about elements and
genres of poetry and song.
Students have a prior understanding of 1.1 think about text from a variety of perspectives to
poetry from previous years enhance my understanding.
1.2 use experiences to support understandings of poetry or
2.1 use a variety of strategies cues to interpret a poem or
song in unique and complex ways.
2.1 recognize that a poem or a song might hold a different
meaning depending on a persons perspective.
2.2 explore identity in poetry and song through a variety of
genres and am mindful of historical and social context.
2.2 -identify themes, emotions and identity in poetry and song
and am able to discuss these themes.
2.2 discuss and understand symbolism, mood, imagery, and
Where does this lead? other techniques used in poetry.
3.4 present, share, and discuss the meaning of a song or
poem and can work with others to do so.
By learning the skills from this unit 4.1 - provide and accept meaningful feedback from my peers.
4.1 review and change areas of own work with or without
students will be able to have a new feedback from others.
appreciation for poetry and song, and 4.1 distinguish between denotive and connotative meaning
will be able to write more meaningful in words.
4.2 respect and knowledge of grammar and punctuation
pieces. rules.
4.3 be a respectful participant in the classroom.
5.1- appreciate the diversity of culture and perspectives
represented in poetry.
Stage 2 Assessment Evidence

Introduction poem and song with mind maps

Questioning about what students already know about poetry and what makes it effective
Quizzes, Tests, Assignments Performance Tasks, Projects

Mid unit poem analysis (summative) Creation of a stanza (formative)

Creation of a free verse and structured poem
Research project on poet (summative)
Final project- write a poem (summative)

Other Evidence (observations, work samples, Student self-assessment


Observations 3,2,1 pages

Discussions Peer/self editing
Exit slips Exit slips
Practice poems
Journal Entries
Mind maps
Observations Free verse, Final
Introduction/first Practice Mid Unit Research
Title Exit Slips Discussions structured Project
Learning week mind maps poems Analysis Project
Mind Maps poem (poem)
Outcomes Type Formative Formative Formative Formative Summative Summative Summative Summative
(District) (Formative/Summative)

Weighting N/A N/A N/A N/A 10 15 25 55

Explore, Comprehend and

Respond Personally and Critically
x x x x x x

Manage Ideas and Information

(Structure/Organization) x x x x x

Enhance the Artistry and Clarity

of Communication (Language
x x x x
and Conventions)

Assessment Tool Overview

Assessment AS
Learning Assessment OF
Assessment Tool Brief Description Learning
(Self Learning
assessment/ (Summative)

Students will complete a written

Final Project poem, using a class to write, a class
x x
-Poem to peer edit and finally a class for a
table poetry reading
The students will have a class to
research a poet, write something
Research Project they learned and find a poem they x
like. How does this poets identity
reflect in their writing?

Free verse & Students will be given a class to

structured poem write a 6-line free verse and a 6 x
line structured poem

Students will be given a poem to

Mid Unit analysis x x
(Circle the metaphors, write out
the theme, etc.)

The students will complete exit

Exit slips slips asking questions about the x x
topic of the day.

Students will fil out mind maps at

Mind Maps the start of the unit about poetry x x
and song

Observations I will have daily discussions about

/Discussion the information in order to know x
(Formative) where the students are at