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Planning and Preparation Classroom Environment

First Year First Year
During my first year of teaching, I will During my first year of teaching, I will
improve my content knowledge by improve the organization of physical
attending online courses at the space within the classroom. I will
community college, reading the improve this aspect by making sure my
textbook, and researching. Passing the classroom space is safe and assessable
online courses and being able to help my for all students. By reading classroom
students with detailed questions without management books I will be able to learn
having to look up the answers on the the most efficient ways of setting up a
internet or text book will measure my classroom. This will be measured by the
content knowledge. students behavior.

5 Years 5 Years
In my 5th year of teaching, I will have In my 5th year of teaching, I will improve
improved every lesson and activity to the establishing of a culture for learning
where all students are fully engaged by in my classroom. By attending courses
attending professional development and seminars I will be learning way to
courses and researching engagement improve the importance of content and
strategies. This will be measured by students having pride in their work. This
students work samples and principal will be measured by peer review,
observations. students reviews and students projects.
Instruction Professional Responsibilities
First Year First Year
During this school year I will improve in In my first year of teaching I would like
using questioning and discussion to improve on reflecting on my teaching.
techniques by observing master In this first year I want to be able to
teachers, researching how to form open reflect on all lessons and be able to apply
questions, and continuing further it to my future classes. I want to be able
education. I will use strategies to create to think on my feet and edit my lesson
fun and relevant group discussions. This plans before the start of the next period.
will be measured by students By principal reviews and online courses
participation and in class discussions, about learning strategies I will be able to
assessments and self-reflection. reflect on my teaching. Student work,
exit tickets, and assessments will
5 Years measure this.
In my 5th year of teaching I will improve
in using assessment in instruction. I will 5 Years
create my lessons and activities based on In my 5th year of teaching I will hope to
their assessments to ensure the students improve mu participation in the
acquire the specific information. I will do professional community. I plan to be
this by meeting with my department moving into the administrative field in
chair, planning elaborate lesson plans year 5 of my career. By getting my
and student feedback. This will be masters degree in education I will learn
measured by student reviews, and both the proper knowledge and pedagogical
pre and post assessments. skills. This will be measured by what
position I will hold within the school and
how I have participated in the school