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Name Morgan Martucci Date 11/14/17

School Williams Middle School Lesson # 16

Grade 6 Class size 16 Class/Time 8:30 - 9:21

Unit/Theme Tobacco Lesson Focus Effects on the Body

Objectives (must be measurable, use action verbs and include elements of success)
Cite appropriate standards from MA Comprehensive Health Curriculum Frameworks
By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

Draw the harmful effects on the body on a big piece of paper with a group of students (National
Standard 1, MCHCF 10.6).

Materials/Supplies/Lesson Preparation
Beats Speaker/Middle School Playlist
Big Brown Paper
Coloring Utensils

Special Accommodations (How will the special needs of individual students be met?)

Visuals will be used in the presentation to aid the learning of the visual learners in the class.

References/Resources (include books, articles, websites, etc.)

Opening (activator/instant activity)

Instant Activity - Have the question, discuss at least 3 harmful effects tobacco has on the body
with your seat partner written on the whiteboard. Call on different groups to answer the
question with the class.

Procedures Step by step description of teaching strategies/methods/pedagogy to be used.

(Include time frame for each activity, transitions, extensions/adaptations, cooperative learning
techniques jig saw, pair/share, etc.)
1. Instant Activity 3 minutes
2. Presentation 5 minutes - Show the students examples of what happens to the body when
you smoke to give them ideas of what to draw on their outlines.
3. Student Activity 30 minutes - Teacher will split the class into 4 groups. One student will
be traced on the paper to make an outline of the body. Students will be prompted to draw
at least 10 things that happen to the body when you smoke. They can use their notes and I
will keep the examples up on the board.
4. Closure 5 minutes - Have a gallery walk of the posters.

List Assessment(s) informal or formal how do you know they have learned the desired
content and you have achieved your objectives?

Formal - Drawings

Gallery Walk

Notes/Reflection (to be completed right after you finish teaching a particular lesson)
What did you accomplish? How much did the students learn? What would you leave the same
and what might you change in the future to improve this lesson?