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Necromunda Underhive & Gang War

Community Rules Supplement

(Credit to Andy Chambers work on
previous community supplement and
C. Stubelt for stylized compendium )
By Nate Moran
The Drop Pod Cast
The Adeptus Arbites, commonly known among the inhabitants of Necromunda as Judges
or Enforcers", are the police force of the Adeptus Terra. The Adeptus Arbites proper
Judges and their Proctor leaders or, Sergeants are rarely involved in the daily life of the
underhive. Their primary duty is to ensure Imperial tithes and the edicts of the law of Terra.
However a Proctor can oversee a lower precinct in the lower hive sectors. These Precincts
consist of what are referred to as Enforcers. Enforcers act as a city police force, whereas
an Arbiter Judge or Proctor would be akin to a Federal Marshall. Every hive on
Necromunda is divided into precincts, each with its own fortified courthouse. Necromunda
is a vital planet to the Imperium, but population
pressures mean that it is in constant danger of
OUR WORD IS LAW devolving into anarchy and civil war. The Arbites
maintain a constant vigilance for signs of disloyalty
and subversion from Spire to Underhive. Their duty is
Apart from the Judges, there is no to uphold the law of the Imperium and they are not
ocial planetary law enforcement bound by planetary law. The Imperium is an
agency on Necromunda. The peace is
organization where rebellion and defiance of the
kept by the Houses within their own
Imperial will are classed as crimes againsthumanity.
territories, leaving crime in the Underhive
often overlooked. However, Judges are On the world of Necromunda the Adeptus Arbites in
present on Necromunda to enforce their entirety are seen as an extension of Lord
Imperial dictate and punishment for Helmawr, and this is not incorrect, eectively they
disorderly conduct is dealt out with
extreme prejudice. The most important
work for the Judges on Necromunda SCENARIO BUILDING
include dismantling drug distribution
networks, reclaiming archeotech
When putting together teams of
devices, rounding up psykers and
Arbitrators, keep in mind that Judges are
subversives, escorting Imperial ocials,
rare, and typically in charge of an entire
and assisting the Imperial House in
precinct of Enforcers, included will be a
maintaining order when required.
couple of special characters and template
Immune from local scrutiny, the
stats to use as an Arbitrator Judge
Arbitrators dispense judgment without
serving the role of Proctor. Necromunda
mercy in the constant battle against
is seeing an uptick in gang activity and
gangs and outlaws. The most commonly
recently gangs are dealing heavily in rings
encountered Arbitration units on the
of extracting and exporting Spook a
streets of the Underhive are Patrols and
drug harvested from the plants deposits
Shocktroops. Patrol squads are the
of corpses. Scenarios involving riots, the
standard law enforcement teams which
drug rings, or even major house disputes
can be seen patrolling hive levels around
would all be situations to use a special
Imperial establishments and important
character with an enforcer team. Feel free
areas of the Underhive. Shocktroops are
to use these included scenarios, and to
called in to quell serious disturbances,
make new exciting ones. The possibilities
such as mob riots, or to suppress unruly
are endless

The Adeptus Arbites are The follow are custom skillsets you can
equipped to deal with any choose to take for Arbites Enforcers,
situation that demands their special character skills will be noted on
attention. Each courthouse their cards and explained on their Profile
has a large armory that page in the rules supplement.

includes equipment available

from on and o world. If the DETECTIVE: If you have an enforcer or
Arbites are performing a Proctor with this skill Generate an
special mission, then they will additional Tactics card.

be equipped with any relevant TEAMWORK: Once per game an

equipment. If, for example, the Enforcer can make an additional move
Arbites were attempting a action.

rescue then all of them would SUPERIOR TRAINING: All Enforcer and
ax silencers to their Arbites models have this rule, they
weapons. What extra automatically pass their first ammo
equipment the Arbites take is checks of the game, and if
up to players to decide. They accompanied by a Proctor get a +1 to
should only carry items that cool checks.

will be specifically useful to HAMMER OF HELMAWR: Leaders

their mission and in most Only, enemy gangers within 1 and
scenarios will only carry their LOS suer a -1 penalty to CL checks.
normal kit. And enemies must pass a CL check to
charge successfully.

GRAPPLER: Enemy gangers downed

within 1 of Adeptus Arbites or
Enforcers are immediately captured.

For purposes of building teams of Arbites

SHARPSHOOTER: Adeptus Arbites or
and their enforcers, use the costs in the Enforcers with this skill get +1 to BS for
Gang War book on pg 30, for the Trading Autoguns and Lasguns.

Post. Just as certain House Equipment STEALTH OPERATIVE: One Enforcer

will not appear in the trading post, this is may be assigned this skill, -1 to hit this
also the case with the Adeptus Arbites, model, if a melee attack is made in an
as those houses preciously guard their enemies rear arc, that model
special relics or equipment, most
everyone will not have access to what the
Arbites and their Enforcers are equipped
with. The following page will list in detail
what Equipment you can expect to see
for use for the Adeptus Arbites that is
specific for them. Everything else may be
found in the Gang War, and Underhive

ARBITES PATROL TEAMx3-618 Arbites Rules Cont..

DEATH OF AN ARBITE : If any Arbites are killed in combat then the squad will be reinforced by
the garrison of the courthouse. Before the next battle, the dead fighter is replaced and the
replacement starts with the initial profile, weaponry and experience points for a character of his
type (Proctor or Arbitrator). Arbites cannot be captured.

Custom War gear

Riot Shield: The Riot Shield confers a 2+
save in forward or rear arcs, declared at the
models activation.

Carapace Armor: Confers a 4+ save to a

SQUAD: An Arbites Patrol team
consists of three Enforcers and one
Proctor special character, or Precinct
Captain and four Enforcers. The
following stats are recommended:

War gear: The following may be taken as

options for Arbites and Enforcer war WEAPONS: Each model is armed

with a Las Pistol side arm and

Flak Armor
Choke grenades. Options also
Armored Undersuit
Carapace Armor(May take instead of
flak armor and armored undersuit)

Combat Shotgun

Riot Shield Photo Goggles


Drop-Rig Grav-chute



Choke-gas grenades
Plasma pistol

Frag Grenades

Krak Grenades
Grenade Launcher with frag and Krak
Medicae Kit

Strip Kit
(See Pg. 30 of Gang war for prices, and
page 32 for weapon profiles)

Weapon Rng Acc Str Ap D Am Traits


Electro-truncheon - E - - S+1 -2 1 - Melee, Power,Parry, Shock

380 Credits.

Wargear: Riot Shield, Flak Armor, Armored

Crimes of the Hive
Undersuit, drop-rig, Respirator, Choke-gas

Default Weapons Loadout: Las-Pistol,

combat shotgun w/shredder and

Elias Vaughn

Bad Cop-Badder Cop- Any model that is
"You think they give a rat. lings. piss removed from the game by Elias is
about a thing down here? You're sorely captured, then interrogated and the enemy
mistsk'n. This down here.. This's my gang suers -1 reputation, and ranomdly
Hive.. I'm it's spire, welcome to the new loses d6 to their stash.

Precinct 1" - Elias Vaughn, Arbites Inspiring Presence- Friendly models within
Proctor. 2 get +1 to leadership and CL checks.

Gang activity is increasing on Necroumunda in the form of turf skirmishes,

and power shifts, but the real reason for Eliass arrival on world and taking
his seat as a the head of the Hive precincts is due to a more serious
concern. It seems there is a production and harvest for a drug unique to
Necromunda that is seeing o world transport. Local gangs have no
knowledge of the nefarious eects of Spook a drug made from decayed
remains of a food source that is the decayed remains of human beings, it
has been transformed into a green powder after years of contact with
mutant fungus. The Arbites are often used as eyes and ears for the
Inquisition. There is a new sheri in town, and Elias is that man. He is going
to get to the bottom of what is really going on in hive, and run the show his
way, or die in the process.


Proctor 5 3+ 4+ 3 3 2 4+ 3 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+
Enforcer 5 4+ 4+ 3 3 1 5+ 2 9+ 5+ 5+ 6+

Precinct 5 4+ 3+ 3 3 2 4+ 2 4+ 4+ 5+ 6+

A player may take a Precinct captain in place of A recommended base point line for a Leader
a special character Proctor as a leader. If this is is 280 credits, and 160 credits kitted out. The
the case then use the 280 pt profile before background for a special character and
skills example is on page 4.


Adeptus Arbites by Andy Chambers
Necromunda: The Game of Underhive Battles August 2014 Community Edition Compiled by C.
Stubelt in August 2014, and modified Nov 2017 by Nate Moran and members of the Necromunda
WorldWide Facebook Group. Special thanks to Piotr Sklodowski, and others. Arbites image by
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