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Flipped Lesson Plan

Lesson Title:

Subject: Math

Level: 4th Grade

Standard: MGSE4.MD.3 Apply the area and perimeter formulas for

rectangles in real world and mathematical problems.

Objective: Find the width of a rectangular room given the area of the
flooring and the length

Step 1: Students gain familiarity with new material before class

What instructional materials and resources will you use for students to
familiarize themselves with the content prior to class? The pre-class work
should set the scene for the in-class activity. Plan through how you will
communicate the new instructional ideas. Would students benefit more from
watching a video demonstration outside of class at their own pace and as
often as needed or would some other media type (i.e.: text, animation,
graphic) serve the presentation of instructional content more effectively?

Student Learning Resources at Home

Watch video Area and Perimeter at
Watch video Perimeter at

Step 2: Activities that motivate students to prepare before class

What kinds of activities will motivate students and prepare them for class?
What questions will I ask students? What should students be able to do to
prepare? Align & match these activities with the learning objectives. Identify
the kinds of incentives or motivations that will engage students in the new
instructional material and prepare for the in-class activity.

Student Learning Activities at Home

Watch the game tutorial Area and Perimeter and answer questions 1-10 at
Complete poll on Edmodo to determine understanding of area and perimeter (1. I
totally get area and perimeter or 2. I totally need a little more help)

Step 3: In-class activities that provide students opportunities to

deepen understanding

What kind of in-class activities will focus students to attain higher-level

cognitive abilities? Align & match these activities with the learning objectives.

Classroom Activities
Whole group: Review of area and perimeter. Teacher will utilize Legos
for demonstration.
Open question/answer forum
Break into small groups in which students will measure different size
candy boxes finding perimeter and area. Groups will take 5 to
compare and share their findings.
Introduce and facilitate discussion on class project: Build a Lemonade

Step 6: Assessment

How will you evaluate students learning and progress? Evaluation and
assessment are ongoing throughout the process. Plan how you will evaluate
the effectiveness of the flipped experience and assess student understanding
at all stages.

Informal observations of group activities
Online activity: area and perimeter quiz on Quizizz