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Balmaceda 1

Jessica Balmaceda

Professor Moore

English 1301

21 November 2017

Effective Communication

What I have learned about effective communication this semester is that research is an

important part in creating an effective essay. After I have done the research needed for my

papers, it is important for me to analyze what I have read, and then put things into my own

words. I do this by first encoding the message by actively reading it to truly understand the

message, and then decoding the message in my own words, and in a clear and precise way so that

my readers can understand my intended message. At the end of my essay, I must then give credit

to the author by citing my sources in chronological order.

An area I feel that I have improved on is significantly reducing the amount of trash words

that I use in my papers. In the beginning of the semester, I had a difficult time learning to write

without using words such as I, me, my, and ours. It had been a long time since I last took an

English course so it was difficult for me to figure out how to write my papers without using first

person sentences. It took a lot of practice, but I have improved tremendously. It no longer takes

me hours to figure out how to eliminate first person words; I can now do so in half the time that

it took me before.

Areas I feel I need to improve on are paraphrasing, and using the right punctuations in

my sentences. In the past, I have made all the common punctuation mistakes such as comma

splice, run-on sentences, and fragments. Although I am getting better at reducing the number of

mistakes, I still have trouble creating the perfect sentence, and choosing the right punctuations. I
Balmaceda 2

get stuck between deciding if I should use a semicolon, comma, or period in my sentences.

Paraphrasing another obstacle that I am trying to improve on. When paraphrasing someone elses

ideas, I tend to spend a lot of time getting my sentences right without copying the authors words.

I will continue to practice the writing techniques that I have learned in English 1301, and I am

hopeful that one day I will significantly improve to the point that I will no longer struggle with

these areas in writing.