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Spring 14 - White Day

As this will be the first white day, you will not be able to benefit from it if you are playing as a female.
Boys will give the female character gifts if the either were given one during the Winter Valentine's Day OR if they
have 2+ flowers. Neither is possible the first Spring unless you manage to start a new game + with the 10k
friendship boost and give the guys their favorite gift every single day. Players with the male character will be able to
give the bachelorettes sweets- in all likelihood they will need to be purchased from the General Store this first year.
Otmar will sell desserts (madeleines and soy milk cookies) just for this day so if you have some spare cash this will
provide a nice friendship boost.

Spring 15 - Horse
An event titled All Farmers Have Horses will start once you leave your farm and head toward the mountain.
Elise will charge up on a rather pretty white horse and nearly mow you over. Naturally this is completely your fault,
I mean, how dare you leave your farm right? Also turns out that you are not a real farmer without having a horse of
your own; what have you been doing calling yourself one, the nerve! Oh, wait; turns out none of the other farmers
have horses either. Yeah, Fritz having enough money for a horse... well, I think he would rather spend it on food.
Anyway, I digress; this event will obviously be leading up to you getting your own horse. Remember that list of
items earlier, those five milks? Well, this is when they will come in handy. Elise will request 5 milk in return for a
horse - not really that difficult. Not that her first plan was so generous... You cannot give her the milk today even if
you have it, you will have to wait until the next day at the earliest (it cannot be given on a Sunday). The event where
you hand over the milk will trigger as you enter her mansion, and it will be an event. Don't just give her the milk if it
doesn't trigger, she will accept it as a normal gift. Also, you cannot get the horse unless you have a barn- then again,
getting the milk would be a bit of a problem if you don't anyway, at least until you unlock multiplayer and requests.

Spring 19 - Livestock Expo

For Spring the expo is a Moo-Moo Festival, meaning cows. If you managed to upgrade your house on
Spring 7 and get the barn and Hanako the cow... well, the chances of actually winning are slim. Perhaps if you use
multiplayer to get some treats and craft the bell/pitchfork to care for her, she might have a chance of winning.
Hanako seems to always be the 'Level-Headed' personality, which is about average for friendship raising, but having
an 'Active' personality cow would be better. Even obtaining it later it should fairly easily surpass Hanako in
affection, which will boost your chances of a win, or even just placing. At optimum you might manage to have a
cow around 2-3 hearts which may win given enough luck and save-scumming. The first year is supposed to be the
'easiest' to win, but honestly you are much more likely to win your second year. If you want to give it a try, good

Spring 22 - Rent a Field

An event titled "Let's Rent A New Field!" will start immediately as the day begins. Veronica will visit and
ask you to go to the guild- and by ask I mean she will just take you there. Now, you may or may not have used up
every available plot on your farm already- if you have then you are probably the crazy sort like me who actually
does want more space. If not, well... those annoying roadblocks will be moved so you can finally explore around
those areas. Technically it is Sunday, so the guild won't be open for you to rent a field- however Veronica basically
forces you to do so, so go ahead and talk to her over the counter as if it were a normal day. Naturally everyone else
has already staked their claims on fields, so you are left with the only one available- the Root Crop field. So you can
plant more of the same crops you have probably already been growing, yippee! Once you rent the field and exit the
menu Veronica will explain the fields and show a map on the bottom screen. Your field is the southernmost area, just
go straight from your farm down the mountain path and it is the south field in that area. Pretty straightforward. She
will hint at a system to rent other fields which will be ready in Summer.

Meet the Nature Sprites

Once the barricades have been removed and the three public field areas branching off the mountain path
become available, you can meet the nature sprites. They will not be unlocked as characters fully until your second
year, but you do need to meet them all in order to unlock Dessie and them next year. You will know when you meet
them as an event titled "Nature Sprite Inspection" will begin upon entering the area. You do not have to rush to do
this or anything, but they must be met in a certain order. In the north-east area, with the orchard and tea field, you
will meet Flik (red) and Mora (yellow). In the north-west area, with the mushroom/honey and tall crop fields, you
will see Flik again and meet Pepita (pink). In the south-east area, with the root and leafy crop fields, you will see
Flik again and meet Gusto (blue). Finally, in the south-west area, with the grain and paddy fields, you will see Flik
once more and meet Torque (purple). Each sprite will send you a letter the day after you meet them.

Spring 23 - Streetpass
An event titled "About Streetpass" will start off your day. Veronica will arrive at your house to tell you
about a new service- streetpass. You will have to activate it at the guild if you want to use it. Streetpass will not
really get you anything substantial, but you will be able to see other players' avatars and see a short profile about
their farms. They will walk around your town after you streetpass (or meet them in multiplayer) and you can interact
with them to view their information at any time. The players' info will be updated if you streetpass/meet them again.

Spring 26 - Multiplayer
An event titled "About Farm Tours" will start in the morning, with Veronica once again showing up at your
door. She will tell you about farm tours, the multiplayer activity. She will explain it briefly then give you some
options to ask for more detailed information. You can check my multiplayer section for more information, as well as
asking her. The important thing is that you can now exchange items with other players and help fertilize their crops
or have others help to fertilize yours.

Spring 28 - Listening to Requests

On Spring 28 or later you can enter the trade depot to trigger this event which will unlock vendor requests.
Note that this event will not happen if you have already seen an event that day, and it may not be able to be seen
after 18:00. If you are having trouble triggering it, try going there earlier on days when no events have happened and
it should trigger just fine. Jonas will stop you and talk for a minute before mentioning the requests from the
countries- he will have these requests available in his options when talking to him afterwards. You can have 10 open
requests at any time, and can view them from the shipping information (icon on bottom screen above diary), 'Note'
will replace the '???' in the options. There are two main types of requests, which are the normal green ones and the
special blue ones- the former will reward you random items common to the requesting country, and the latter will
reward you with a blueprint/recipe/pattern. You will earn money for the items as normal but to fulfill requests you
have to select 'Ship Requested Items' from the traders' menu.

Spring 30 - Harvest Festival

Ah, the first harvest festival. This you might actually have a chance to win (on your own) if you obtained
the seed maker early and have been judiciously fertilizing your crops. You can very well have 2.5 star turnips or
potatoes, perhaps even managing a bit higher. You will likely have to reset as your opposition and luck are big
factors in winning any competitive festival. If you manage to win, you will increase the brand for whichever crop
you entered, get a prize, and raise the friendship with the townsfolk a good bit. If you don't win, don't worry about it
too much, the game is only beginning- plus you will raise friendship just by participating so you won't walk away
totally empty handed... metaphorically speaking. Whatever crop you enter will be returned to your bag after the
contest. To enter you need any crop (not one for each category, you can only enter one) and it must be in your bag
when you talk to Veronica at the trade depot entrance.

My First Time Fishing

Walk into Otmar's shop on or after Spring 30, year 1, to trigger this event. You will run into Otmar-
literally- and he will give you a basic fishing rod. He'll take you to the river to teach you how to fish, which is pretty
easy. With your rod equipped, stand at the edge of any dock and press the 'A' button (rather than 'B' for swimming)
to cast it. When a fish bites an exclamation mark (!) will appear over your head- press the 'A' button repeatedly until
you reel it in. During the 'tutorial' you'll dredge up junk, but Otmar will take it off your hands. He will give you a
book and then leave you there at the dock. Happy fishing!
Summer - Y1 (TBA)
---Summary coming soon!

Items to Store - Summer Y1

5 Wool (see: Blueprints)
Fodder (see: conquests)
Some Bees & Giant Bees (see: Public Fields)

Birthdays & Festivals

05 - Fishing Tournament
06 - Lillie's Birthday
09 - Raeger's Birthday
12 - Giorgio's Birthday
15 - Fireworks Show
19 - Livestock Expo (Cluck-Cluck Festival)
23 - Veronica's Birthday
30 - Harvest Festival

Summer 1 - The Challenge Begins

As you begin your first Summer, Veronica will greet you first thing in the morning. She is gathering all the
farmers and takes you to the guild. Eda seems to be in the know, of course as she is the eldest and most respected
farmer it is only natural to assume that Veronica discussed things with her while planning all this. Veronica will start
by mentioning the public fields and noting how each has specific crops that grow well in them, then she will state
that the farmers will have to compete to earn the rights to rent other fields. Of course, Elise makes an offer,
thankfully Veronica is not after tons of money and turns her down. She explains the Conquest system- once a permit
on a field expires other farmers will be able to request to rent it and everyone interested will enter the competition.
After she finishes explaining she will, as usual, give you a book- but you will also receive books on some of the
fields that will become available soon. You will return to your house after this event.

Summer 2 - A New Merchant Arrives

Veronica will greet you immediately to tell you that a new country has come to trade- so long as you have
shipped a total of 200,000 G or more. If you have not met the requirement then you will not get this event until you
do. Jonas and Veronica will introduce you to Marielle, the merchant for Cabin Country. Cabin Country will visit the
day before and the first day that Silk Country visits- so you will now have at least one country around for three
consecutive days and only two days between visits.

Summer 3 - My First Area Edit

Veronica will greet you first thing wanting to thank you for drawing more countries to the town- this event
will only occur after you unlock Cabin country. Thanks to some praise from Gunther, Veronica wants to give you
editing rights to some areas in town. At first you will only be able to edit one small area, but as you unlock more
countries you will earn the rights to edit more. This is an optional activity in Story of Seasons- you will not really
gain or lose anything by editing the areas. So you can steal the items to help with the last two country unlock
requirements, or you could actually decorate them- you can even ignore them completely if you want. She will take
you to see the area, right below the second staircase in the main part of town, the small rectangular space with the
three shrubs. You will return to your house after Veronica finishes explaining things.

Summer 5 - Fishing Tournament

Ah the fishing tournament - an event that relies 99% on pure dumb luck. If youre lucky, you could walk
away a winner on your first attempt. Yeah. Well, if you have average luck then you are in for a bit of annoyance.
Save before entering & prepare for some resetting. There are two categories to this competition & you could win
either one or both of them - they are most fish caught & largest fish caught. As this is your first Summer you will
only have the Basic Rod available, making you more likely to win the most fish caught category. It is possible to win
either category this year with the basic rod & without using bait. Bait can help you, but it needs to be placed on the
water before entering the tournament. You will be able to use one of three docks to fish- the dock by the bridge, the
dock by the grain field, or the dock on Eda's farm- you do not get to choose; the other contestants will magically
poof to their spot and you will have to run around and find the single free location. All I can say is... good luck!
Autumn - Y1 (TBA)
---Summary coming soon!

Items to Store - Fall Y1

Downy Tufts (see: Blueprints)
Gold/Platinum (see: Blueprints, Always)

Birthdays & Festivals

03 - Corona's Birthday
04 - Concert
05 - Gunther's Birthday
06 - Iris's Birthday
08 - Pet Promenade
11 - Mistel's Birthday
13 - Eda's Birthday
19 - Livestock Expo (Hoppy Festival)
22 - Maurice's Birthday
25 - Cooking Exhibition
27 - Marian's Birthday
30 - Harvest Festival

Winter - Y1 (IP)
The first winter will begin on a somber note. It may get a little difficult to see and it will get dark earlier.

Items to Store - Winter Y1

Snowballs (see: Why not?)

Birthdays & Festivals

02 - Angela's Birthday
08 - Witchie's Birthday
10 - Jonas's Birthday
11 - Margot's Birthday
12 - Lutz's Birthday
14 - Valentine's Day
19 - Livestock Expo (Fluffy Festival)
22 - Elise's Birthday
24 - Starlight Gala
28 - Melanie's Birthday
30 - Harvest Festival
31 - New Year's Festival

A Sad Day
The very first day of Winter the first year, tragedy will strike in an event titled 'Eda's Illness'. Veronica will
arrive at your house frantic about Eda, and take you to her house. Eda is lying in bed with Marian and Otmar there,
and you realize that she is dying. Perhaps you noticed how she rarely left her house that past Fall, how Angela would
stop by to check on her frequently. Eda had laughed it away, but... maybe she knew all along that her time was fast
approaching. She will try to comfort you. Though you have only known her for three short months, she wants to
pass her farm onto you. Veronica agrees to make the arrangements, and Eda tells you how happy you have made her,
how great this last year has been and how loved she feels with you all by her side. Then, Eda will die. There is a
funeral and the whole town will be there to say their farewells- Eda is buried on the little flowery bit of land the juts
out slightly into to river in the lower left corner of her farmland. You can place bouquets on her grave and talk to her,
and try to console yourself with the fact that she was happy.
This event will end on Winter 2 at 6:00 (6am). Eda's farm will be cleared off (your four plots will be safe)
and you can begin using it whenever you want.
Farm tours are the main multiplayer feature- you will unlock them on Spring 26 the first year. You can use
multiplayer from the title screen, and can either play it locally or through the internet. Both types are the same, local
is just better if you are actually near the people you want to connect with. Up to four peope can connect- the tour
host and three visitors. If you host a tour, you must select 3 items to give out- items can be given in stacks, though
the amounts vary based on the item. The item a visiting player receives is chosen at random, so to guarantee the
player will receive the correct item you would need to put the same thing in each slot. A visiting player only needs to
select 1 item to give, and the host will receive it. Each visiting person will only receive one gift and the host will
always have to select 3 to give, even if only one person connects. The host will get the item from each visitor. Items
that are not given will remain in your inventory.
During multiplayer, players have a wand and they can use it on crops, animals, and even each other. The
wand will fertilize crops, lower an animal's stress, or enable players to 'float' within the multiplayer session. You use
the wand just like a tool; white dotted lines will appear on plots that you haven't wanded yet, and you just stand next
to an animal or player to wand them. Don't forget that players can grow on and use both the original farm on the
right and Eda's farm on the left. You can and should visit both areas to help the host out- afterall that is rather the
point of multiplayer.
Despite Veronica's warning about losing items, you can actually have up to 30 items ready to be picked up
at a time before the oldest ones start getting deleted. This means you can use multiplayer thirty times without having
to pick your gifts up. You pick up gifts at the guild- select multiplayer options and 'accept gift' and it will be placed
in your rucksack; if you do not have room, you cannot accept the gifts until you make room.
Tip: As with anything, you could give out junk or you could try to give out something nice when you
connect. That choice is yours, but if you do try to give out nice stuff, then perhaps people would want to visit your
farm and help you more. In the beginning some spare iron or gems could be nice, or even some slightly fertilized
crops. If you don't have those, perhaps some cooked dishes or just ordinary crops or products. Once you get farther
in the game it should be fairly easy to spare some high-ranked seeds (or the crops themselves) or some other
valuable goods.

Crop Fertilization
Multiplayer has advantages over using fertilizer. It can be done as many times as you want in a single day,
fully grown crops can still be fertilized, and it takes no in-game time or stamina. It does take more actual time to use
multiplayer than fertilizer though, and it requires others to be using it at the same time within your region (Japan /
US & Canada / Europe / Australia). As time goes on and the game grows older there will be ever decreasing
amounts of people using multiplayer, so you would need people you can communicate with to reliably connect. (Or
local connection- though that rather goes without saying!)
You can actually use the wand on plots with grass or lumber trees growing- as they have no star rank this
seems rather pointless, though when dried grass does have a star rank. This is being tested.
Wanding gives approximately 3 FP each time, if you want to compare to the fertilizer rates in the crops

Rank .5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 Max

Wanding Per Rank 0 2 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 8
Total Wanding 0 2 12 22 32 42 52 62 72 82 90
Sessions (1 visitor) 0 1 6 11 16 21 26 31 36 41 45
Sessions (2 visitors) 0 1 4 8 11 14 18 21 24 28 30
Sessions (3 visitors) 0 1 3 6 8 11 13 16 18 21 23

You will first be able to activate streetpass on Spring 23 year 1, and can activate/deactivate it at the Guild.
The Streetpass functionality in this game is pretty simple and basic. You won't get anything from the player you
pass, but their character will shop up in your game. If you interact with them you can see information about them,
such as their current year, most shipped, top current growing crops, and some other information. Afterwards they
will wander around your town, the guild, and the trade depot where you can view the information at any time. This
can be neat, but if you streetpass a lot it can feel a little crowded.
When you connect with someone in multiplayer they will appear in your town as well, just like the people
you streetpass with.

This game works with fields and crops in 3x3 'plots'. This means that each seed will give 9 crops. To make
a plot, use a hoe on your farm- you will know you can use the tool by the white-dashed square that appears. Equip
your seeds and press 'A' to plant them; you will only plant seeds in an available plot so there is no need to worry
about accidentally using them elsewhere. You can water by pressing and holding 'A' and either standing in place or
walking across your plot- typically the plot will be watered once you walk from outside one edge to the end of the
plot so you can move among your fields watering. Upgraded tools will take less stamina and be easier and faster to
use than the 'old' tools obtained at the start.
There are quite a lot of crops in this game, some that are familiar and some new to the series. Most crops
even have golden counterparts, giving farmers even more to work with. To fetch the best price when shipping your
produce there are several factors to consider. First is the freshness- a fresh crop will sell for more (+7G) than an
ordinary crop; you can see if a crop is fresh by its name. Crops will stay fresh for 3 days normally, but there is a
special Mario crop that can extend that time. Another factor is what products the vendors themselves are paying
more for, and finally you can increase your 'brand' with a certain crop by winning a harvest festival, thus increasing
the value for that crop and anything made with that crop.
Golden Crops are more valuable than their ordinary counterparts, however they are also more difficult to grow. Each
time the plant reaches a new growth stage (seeds -> sprout -> plant -> etc) it has a chance of wilting. Using special
fertilizer, a certain Mario crop, or an unlockable item/blueprint can help.
When trying to raise the star rank of your crops, it is more productive to focus on a single plot of each crop at a time.
If you try to fertilize everything you would likely run out of fertilizer before making much headway on raising the
crops' quality. If you focus on a single plot and use the seed maker to dry the crops and turn them into seeds, you
will have 9 plots of the higher quality crop for the next planting. As the game keeps track of the fertilization points,
and as using the seed maker can give a slight boost to those points, you should always fertilize every day even if you
do not see much of or any improvement. Note that you should harvest the crop being fertilized by itself and store it
or convert it to seeds before harvesting any more of that type of crop- this is because if the star rank of the crops is
the same they will stack together even if the fertilization points were higher for one; the stack will average out those
points, which will negate some of your effort. (This will only happen if the harvested crops have the same star rank,
so if you know that they do not then there is no harm in harvesting everything at the same time.)
Trees, regrowing, and slow growing crops are the exception to the single-plot fertilization rule. As these crops will
be alive and able to be fertilized for an extended period of time, you are able to boost their quality quite a bit. Still
you may want to just make a couple of these a priority, especially if you have a lot to fertilize each day. You can
even fertilize mushrooms growing on the trunks in their field. To fertilize the hives you need to use perfume instead
of ordinary fertilizer. Also, 'Special Fertilizer' can only be used on Golden crops and it decreases their chance of
This has been tested and seems to follow the pattern from 'A New Beginning'. More tests are being run, such as
maker and combo benefits. Abbreviations are PPF (points per fertilizer) and FPR (fertilizer per rank)- the latter
applies to how much fertilizer you needed to use to reach the specified rank. Note that because star points can be
affected by the seed making process (positive) and by storms (negative), your actual fertilizer uses may vary. (The
'max' rank still needs some testing, tweaked around the numbers a bit and may have derped a bit. Sorry!)
Stars Points PPF FPR Total
.5 0-4 5 0 0
1 5-34 5 1 1
1.5 35-64 5 6 7
2 65-94 5 6 13
2.5 95-124 5 6 19
3 125-154 3 6 25
3.5 155-184 3 10 35
4 185-214 3 10 45
4.5 215-244 3 10 55
5 245-274 1 10 65
Max 275 N/A 29 94

The Greenhouse & Ferris Wheel

The blueprint for the Greenhouse can be purchased in Spring of year 2 or later. The greenhouse allows you
to grow crops out of season, but you can only water them once a day so they will take the max amount of time to
grow. You can have numerous greenhouses on your farm and each has space for 15 plots. A seasonal sun stone will
need to be placed within the greenhouse and can be bought from Sakura Country once you own the greenhouse
blueprint. Any crops that you can grow on your own farm can be grown in the greenhouse, including trees. You can
fertilize the crops inside as well. If you place a greenhouse back in your inventory, all the crops growing within will
be destroyed, so keep that in mind if you decide to move it.
The blueprint for the Ferris Wheel can be purchased in Autumn of year 4 or later so long as you have built a
greenhouse. The wheel features 6 miniature greenhouses that contain space for 4 plots each, and sun stones can be
set separately in each box. Crops planted in the Ferris Wheel will not wilt and will grow twice as quickly, making
them ideal for those stubborn golden crops. Crops planted in the wheel do not need to be watered and their quality
will naturally raise a little each day.

Seeds will only grow in their specific season or in the greenhouse (with the appropriate sun placed). Only
crops of the specified type can be grown in the specific public fields; however a lot of them can be grown on your
own farm. Crops grown in the public fields will grow more quickly than normal, typically by a few days. If you
water your crops early in the morning you can water them again in the evening to have them grow faster; this is
optional, and once you get a lot on your plate you may not find time to water twice. There is an edit combo and
some accessory combos that may help, refer to the appropriate sections.

Fruit Tree Seeds

Trees can be planted in the tree field or on your farm. They can grow year-round and will not die unless you
chop them down with an axe. They will only bear fruit in their specific season. To harvest the fruit, press 'B' to jump
and press 'A' in the air, then just pick up the box as normal.

Other Seeds
Unless otherwise stated (grows column), these can be grown in their specific fields or on your farm. Tea
leaves can grow year round, but only produce leaves in the Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Grass will live for about
one month and then it will die and need replanting. Mushrooms can be harvested twice before the spores need to be
spread on the mushroom logs again.