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Lesson Plan for Math (Number 4) the Eight lesson I taught the


Name of Student Teacher: Fatimah Omran Al Ali

Date & Duration of lesson: Number of students: Age Range of students:
Date: 25-10-2017 (Wednesday) 20 students 4 5 years
Duration: 45 min
(15 min in circle time/20 min
grouping time/10 min closing time)

Learning Outcomes: (Link to the Early Learning Goals from the Resources: (for each activity)
UK EYFS curriculum document.)
Personal, Social and Emotional Activity 1:
Wooden clip.
o Works as part of a group or class, taking turns and sharing The different flash card that
fairly. includes the different object.

Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy

o Says number names in the order in circle time. Activity 2:
Different shapes of sponge.
Physical Development: Color paint.
o Moves with confidence, imagination and in safety when White paper.
they do activity 2.
o Demonstrates fine motor control and coordination. Activity 3:
Flash card that has worm
Creative Development: shapes.
o Explores color, texture, shape. Flash card that includes
apple shapes and written
number 4 on the up.

Supporting activities differentiated to three ability levels: (where possible)

Connected activity using previous lesson plan
Monitored by: Students teacher. Monitored by: Students teacher.
Learning Outcome(s): Learning Outcome(s):
Write number 1,2,3
Identify number 4 Make number 1,2,3 using different shapes
Count four objects. of sponge.

Description of activity 1: Description of activity 2:

I will give each student flash cards that have four This is an art and fun activity that teach the student
objects and I let the students count the object using to count in a fun way. The students will take the
their finger. Also, the flash card is written at the beautiful shapes and print the number that teacher
bottom three numbers so the student recognizes told them such as number 1,2,3.Then they write the
number 4 and put a wooden clip on it. number at the bottom of paper using a pencil.

Differentiation for high level:

Differentiation for high level: I will let this group print number 1,2,3.
I will let them recognize the different flash card.
Monitored by: Teacher students.

Description of activity 3:
In this activity, I will let the students to take one
flashcard that have apple and written at the up
number 4. Then, I will let the students to take a
worm from baskets and put in in the apple. The
student put the 4 worms and count from one to

Differentiation for High ability:

I will let them to dram 4 things in a paper and
write number 4 under it.

Differentiation for Low ability:

I will let the high students in group to help him.
The Structure of the Lesson
What the teacher does What the children do Comments:

Circle time

o I will sing students good o The students sing

morning song. (good with me and feel
morning, good morning to happy when they
you, I am very happy to see sing.

o Review with student number o Let each student

from 1 to 3 and how they can write it on the carpet,
write it on the whiteboard. air, and whiteboard

o Teach the students how they

can write number 4.
o The students listen to
the teacher and her
o I will explain the activity in instructor.
the circle time and let and
divide the students into three

Grouping time

o The teacher will give each o The students will try

group their activity and let to solve the activity
them to do individually. and they raise their
hands if they need

o The teacher encourages o The students feel

children by say a good job happy and encourage
and put a sticker in their to do the best.
hands when they write

o I observe each group by o The students feel

going to each group and ask confident and try to
the individual student how do their best.
they are doing.
Closing time

o The teacher will count, jump, clap The students change the
with students from 1 to 10. And routines and feel happy
review with them how to write because they learn in a
the number 4 on the air. different way.

o She sings with students clean up The students sing with the
songs. teacher and clean the table.

General Comments: (including documented evidence of learning; comments from MST, MCT and/or
TA as appropriate)

In this session, my lesson was short because it was the last period and I teach them only 20 min. The
students learn the basic thing and I do with them a grouping activity. My MST like all the activity and
she tells me I learn to do the activity for you.

Connected activity

The students learn better in connected activity and they learn to count when they press the sponge in the
paper then write the number.For example, when the teacher says to then make 3 four using a sponge,
they count each time they press the sponge. Then, they write the number.
Recommendations / future personal targets / areas of focus for next week:

Next lesson I will review with students a 1,2,3,4 and a prepare a perfect lesson plan and I will
concentrate to assess the children.
My Reflection

My Teaching Childrens Learning (use

assessments of LO)
What Went Well In my teaching, I do well I do well explain the activities in
when I explain how we can circle time so the students when
write lesson plan. Also, they move to grouping time they
when I monitor the student know what they should do.
during the grouping time.

EBI Even Better If It will be better if use my Better if I do the one activity for all
flash card in circle time to students in group and let them to
demonstrate the number share to develop their social
better. domains.
Next Steps Next step, I will teach the Next steps, I will concentrate in one
(Identify which lesson this will be student all numbers 1,2,3,4. group and teach them step by steps
seen in) because one group are weak.

My Reflection