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Core Courses

Language Arts (LA 7-8-9) Science (SCI 10-20-30)

Students will develop their skills in Students will gain a summary of general
verbal and written English literacy. knowledge regarding the main areas of
Social Studies (SOC 7-8-9) science (biology, chemistry and physics).
Students will explore the Social Studies Biology (BIO 20-30)
concepts with the context of current Students will deepen the understanding,
events. knowledge and appreciation of biology
Mathematics (MATH 7-8-9) including areas such as ecosystems and
Students will deepen their understanding the human body. Students will explore
of mathematical concepts. and experience concepts in biology
Science (SCI 7-8-9) through class lectures and lab exercises.
Students will explore the field of science Chemistry (CHEM 20-30)
in relation to everyday experiences; Students will explore and experience
laying foundation for Biology, Chemistry concepts in chemistry through in class
and Physics at the high school level. lectures and lab exercises.
English Language Arts (ELA 10-20-30) Physics (PHYS 20-30)
Students will continue to develop their Students will explore and experience
skills in verbal and written English concepts in physics through class
literacy. lectures and lab exercises.
Social Studies (SOC 10-20-30) Daily Physical Activity (DPA)
Students will explore the Social Studies Students will participate in activities that
concepts with the context of current help develop endurance, strength, and
events. flexibility.
Mathematics (MATH 10-20-30) Recreation and Fitness (RECFIT)
Students will deepen their understanding Student will participate in activities that
of mathematical concepts. promote cooperation and development of
Mathematics 31 (MATH 31) both individual and group skill. Students
Students will experience theoretical and will be encouraged to pursue a lifestyle
practical development of topics in the of healthy fitness.
algebra of functions, trigonometry,
differential calculus and integral calculus
up to a standard acceptable for entry into
all first-year programs in mathematics,
science, engineering and business.

Non-Core Courses
Art (ART 7-8-9-10-20-30) Choral Music (CHORMUS 10-20-30)
Students will develop skills in drawing, Students will develop musical
painting, printmaking, photography, knowledge and understanding
and sculpture that allows them to make pertaining to choral studies. Students
their visions a reality. Students learn will have opportunities to gain
how to observe and express their experience in performance. Course
opinions about their own artwork as Fee: $25
well as the artwork of others. Course
Fee: $25 (JH), $70 (SH) Cree (CREE 7-8-9-15-25-35)
Students will learn the Cree language,
Band (BAND 7-8-9) with a focus on language and culture
Students will gain musical knowledge acquisition, from a local Cree elder.
and skill, in a concert band setting.
Students will have opportunities to Digital Media (DIGMEDI 15-25-35)
gain experience in performance. Students will gain experience in
Course Fee: $75 (grade 7 start up), $50 graphic design, animation, audio
(gr. 8/9) production, video production,
photography and photo editing, and
Communication and Technology web design. Students will have the
Studies (CTS 7-8/9) opportunity to partner with NAIT to
Students will learn basic computing gain experience in how digital media
skills and begin to look at animation, can be used in marketing and
photo editing and web design. Course advertising. Course Fee: $50
Fee: $50 *Recommended to be taken
prior to Digital Media in high school. Drama (DRAMA 7-8-9-10-20-30)
Students will gain valuable experience
Career and Life Management in movement, speech, improvisation
(CALM 10) and explore the world of performing
Students will discover more about arts. Course Fee: $15 (JH), $45 (SH)
themselves and the world of work,
exploring and understanding the English as a Second Language (ESL
basics of career exploration while 7-8-9-10-20-30)
making connections between who they Students who are international
are and who they will become. students or refugees will be
Students will be encouraged to introduced to the English language
experience personal growth and and culture, and will be supported in
development (i.e. relationship developing the necessary English
building), expand career planning and skills to transition into regular
job search skills, and gain programming as soon as possible.
understanding regarding management
of personal resources and explore the
cost of independent living.

Fashion (FASHION 15-25-35) Instrumental Jazz (INSTJAZZ 15-25-

Students will learn about fashion, 35)
fashion design and apparel and textile Students will develop musical
design technology. Students will knowledge and historical
explore history of fashion, research understanding pertaining to the
current fashion styles and trends, musical genres of jazz, Latin, and
analyze fibers and textiles, design blues, in a jazz ensemble setting.
clothing and accessories, utilize Students will have opportunities to
technology in fashion design, and gain experience in performance.
explore career options in apparel and Course Fee: $45
textile industries. Course Fee: $50
Instrumental Music (INSTMUS 10-
Foods (FOODS 15-25-35) 20-30)
Students will gain knowledge and Students will develop musical
experiences in nutrition, food safety knowledge and historical
and sanitation, kitchen work centers, understanding pertaining to the
meal preparation, table service and various musical eras (baroque,
etiquette, and nutrition-related classical, romantic, modern), in a
careers. Students have the opportunity concert band setting. Students will
to use the skills they learn in this have opportunities to gain experience
course to contribute to the operation of in performance. Course Fee: $50
the school store/cafeteria. Course Fee:
$75 Leadership (LEAD 7-8-9-15-25-35)
Students will gain the experience
French (FREN 7-8-9-10-20-30) needed to develop into confident and
Students will learn the French competent leaders by taking on tasks
language, with a focus on language such as Student Council, fundraising,
and culture acquisition. Summits, and Peer Engagement.
Students will be involved in public
Home Economics (HOMEC 7-8/9) speaking, class discussions, prayer
Students will be introduced to the groups, school spirit and community
basics of food safety, meal preparation service. Course Fee: $40
and fashion studies. Course Fee:
$75 *Recommend to be taken prior to Mission (MISSI 7-8-9-15-25-35)
Foods or Fashion studies in high school. Students will learn what it means to be
servant-leaders through formal
Industrial Art (INDUSART 15-25-35) teaching on ministry principles,
Students will gain experience in the student committees, fundraising,
areas of woodworking, metalworking, public speaking (Toastmasters
small gas engines, technical drawing, International), mentoring and mission
and welding. Course Fee: $100 trips that provide a practical
application of servant leadership.
Course Fee: $10

Musical Theatre (MUSTHE 15-25-35) Students will gain experience in the

Students will gain experience in the areas of Lighting, Audio, Carpentry &
disciplines of voice, acting and dance Set Building, Paint, Props, Costume,
as they prepare to perform in the Make-up, Front of House Management,
yearly musical production. Course Fee: and Stage Management. Course Fee:
$190 $75

Robotics and Programming Worship Arts (WA 15-25-35)

(ROBPRO 15-25-35) Students will learn how to express
Students will learn about the design, themselves musically and understand
engineering and programming of that music is an important avenue of
robotics as well as the basics of communication, both with God and
computer programming. Course Fee: also to others about God. Students will
$60 gain experience in their journey to
become young worship leaders with
Shop (SHOP 7-8/9) superior musical skills, Biblical
Students will be introduced to WHIMS knowledge and deep character after
and work safety, carpentry and basic the heart of God. Course Fee: $100
mechanics. Course Fee:
$40 *Recommended to be taken prior World Religion (WR 15-25-35)
to Industrial Art in high school. Students will gain knowledge of world
religions, with focus on eastern
Sports Medicine (SPORMED 15-25- religions, and will be challenged to
35) explore how their faith interacts with
Students will gain basic understanding the faith of others.
if the area of sport injuries, first aid
care, training room management and
career opportunities related to sports
medicine, nutrition, anatomy and
physiology. Course Fee: $50

Study Hall (STUHAL 7-8-9-15-25-35)

Students have the ability to work either
on the own or with a teacher within a
designated quiet space. *This is not a
spare, students taking this option will be
marked for attendance at study hall

Technical Theatre (TECHTHE 15-25-