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BREAD OF LIFE REFRAIN Very stow (d =a. 54) copes: (D) (m7) (D) (Emm) (Dy m7) (Em7) “w F GmiF OF Gmi/F F Dm? Gm? c Melody of life, hope of the world, —Je-sus Christ, ___ our Harmony Bread of life, hope of the world, Je~sus Christ, our broth = er: @) (Em7/D) [Gsusz) (a) Oo) (Em7/D) F GmVE Csus2C F Gail (a) Fine feed us now give us life, feed us now, give us life, Ah ) (Em7/D) o) (m9) (Em7) F Gm7iF F Dm9 Gm7 1. As we pro-claim your death, as we re- call your life wet - 2. The bread we break and share was scat-tered once as_ grain: just as 3. We cat this liv - ing bread we drink this say - ing cup: sign of 4 Hold us in u- ni. ty, in love for all to see; that the 5. You are the bread of peace, you are the wine of joy. bro - ken (Asus) (A) (Bm) (maj7/A)— G) (Gore) (©) (Em7/D) Csusd Dm Fmaj7/C Bb BborD FF Gmi/F De. SS 1, mem - ber your prom - ise to re-tum = a-- gain. 2 now it is gath - ered, make your peo - ple one 3. hope in our broken world, source of last - ing love. “E world may be - lieve in you, God of all who live. 5. now for your peo - ple, poured in end - less love. Test and muse: Beradete Fal 1957, © 182, 17, Bernadette Fel Pubthed by OCP. Al ight eee BAB Boas