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My Personal Credo

As a student, I will always aim to give my all to my education. I will work every day to learn
something new as well as teach and guide those around me. I will be only the strongest and most
reliable leader, and never doubt my abilities. My creativity and thoughts will always be respected
and encouraged to grow. Never will I put my education and future on hold for menial things. And
most importantly, I will never give up when times get hard.

As a woman, I will always encourage and empower other women. Never will I speak ill of another
woman, her accomplishments or her failures. It is my job to thrust positivity onto those I meet,
stranger or friend. I will let other women inspire me and push me to do better in life, as I strive to
do the same for them. I will recognize that all women are beautiful, and will forever strive to ensure
they feel this beauty within themselves.

As a consumer, it is my job to try my best to have the smallest possible impact on the environment.
I will never endorse any brands that harm the earth or use unethical means of production. I will
always recycle, and support companies that strive to make a positive difference in our world
regarding the environment. I will remain resilient in my beliefs about how we should treat the earth
and will promise to learn more and more everyday about how I can help save it. It is my duty to
teach others about the impact they have and influence them to change their harmful ways.

As a copy-editor, I will work hard to produce only the best work possible. I will remember that
speed does not equal accuracy, therefor I will take my time with my assignments and not rush
them. The news will become my best friend, as I research new topics and ideas for my future
writing and to hone my skills. Others opinions and works will only serve as inspiration and ground
for new lessons. When working, I will remain independent and only produce work that is created
solely by me. Honesty and transparency will be incorporated into my work daily, since I expect
this from my peers as well. I will understand that I am not perfect and will make mistakes, but will
use these mistakes as lessons to help improve my skills overtime.

As a human being, I will remain compassionate and empathetic to those around me. If I am in
contact with an unethical situation, I will remain moral and do what is right. I will strive to be kind
and positive to those around me, and treat people with the utmost respect. The leaders and moral
figures in my life, such as teachers, family, and friends, will be my guides. I will seek truth and
understanding through them. Only the truth will leave my mouth. I will continue find inspiration
in everything around me and pursue my passions. I will treat my hardships as battles only to be
won where I come out stronger. I will give myself the love I deserve as well as give it to those
around me. Never will I succumb to negative thoughts; however, I will view criticism as a friend
and not a foe. Most importantly, I will believe in myself.