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Nicky Barnes, New York Gangster, Mr.

Untouchable, Court Trial

Nicky Barnes is famous as Mr. Untouchable. He is from America and also the
most prominent drug dealer of America in 1970s. The complete name of Nicky is
Leroy Nicky Barnes. Our article has also based on Nicky Barnes.

So, if you want to know about Nicky Barnes then doesnt need to go anywhere.
Stay with me in this article and continue reading about the drug lord of America.

Nicky was born on 15 October in the year 1933, in New York City. He is famous
with the title of Mr. Untouchable, Leroy Nicky Barnes one of the most notorious
drug traffickers in New York during the 1970s.

He assists in generating a criminal corporation which is identified as The

Council, which holds a massive split of the citys heroin traffic. In March 1977, he
was captured by police, sanded to jail, and fortunately released into the Witness
Protection Program in 1998.

New York Gangster Nicky Barnes:

Organized crime personality was born on 15 October 1933 in New York City.
Sometimes called Mr. Untouchable, Leroy Nicky Barnes became one of the
biggest drug dealers in New York City during the 1970s. He helped to create a
criminal group of people which is known as The Council. That organization
makes strategies to traffic a significant amount of citys heroin business.

According to Barnes biography, he has begun trading drugs at an early age.

While he was in association with a gang in his early age, Barnes introduced a new
taste of heroin. After the passage of time, that taste became the addiction of the
generation. Unfortunately, in 1950, he had captured for the allegations of the
hypodermic needle. After that, he had caught for the possession of burglary tools,
and after that infringement into cars. These all cases are enough to run a trial on
him. So, the court allows him three years punishment behind bars. He had sanded
to the Manhattan House of Corrections, more brightly acknowledged as The

After completing his punishment he was released in1954, Ni cky Barnes again
started doing criminal activities on the streets. In 1959 he got arrested by the
police on a drug charge and had punished for five years at Green Haven State
Prison. While in prison, Barnes met with another drug dealer identified as mob
figure Matty Madonna. Both had involved in the drug trafficking, and apparently
shared information on their banned trade. In 1962, Barnes had released from the
jail and wanted to expand his subversive business.

The trouble with the Law:

Barness dream of creating a considerable drug empire was interrupted in 1965.

He had arrested for possession of more than $500,000 worth of narcotics,
according to a report in The New York Times. The article indicated that the police
considered Barnes one of the biggest distributors of narcotics in Harlem and the
Bronx. At this time, it had estimated that about 50 people served for Barnes in
his drug trade. Barnes claimed that he had set up with the authorities on the
possession charge in his biography.

In 1966, Barnes got a 15-to-20-year sentence and transferred back to Green

Haven State Prison. There he impressed by Islam and learned law journals. Also
during his time at Green Haven, Barnes made friends with reported Mafia crime
boss Crazy Joey Gallo.

Back on the Streets:

In 1971, Barnes filed the request for release in court and eventually succeeds to
get bail from the court. As he has too much inspired by Italian Mafia. So he
played a significant role to collect African and American drug dealers to work
together in The Council.

The Council tackled such kind of business matters as what drug dealers to use
and how to face any tricky situations or the public. However, Barnes has the
power to check, add or kicked out someone from the organization. Also, he can
take any decision in the business. In that organization, there are also many
people who have the veto power such as, Ishmael Muhammed, Frank James,
Joseph Jazz Hayden, Guy Fisher and Thomas Gaps Foreman. The slogan of
the organization is, according to Barnes, deal my brother as I deal myself.

With the help of illegal business Barnes earn too much money that is why he is
famous to live a luxurious life. Barnes visits many time nightclubs, also had a
massive number of girlfriends and also relations with call girls. Barnes has also
married and cheats his wife many times.

A fan of ostentatious cars, he flocked around in luxurious vehicles such as

Citron-Maseratis and Mercedes. Barnes had frequently tracked by authoritys
observation teams and enjoyed important them on wild goose hounds. Barnes
also wants to look perfect, and handsome. So, he has approximately 100 pairs of
shoes, 50 leather coats, and 300 custom-made suits.
Mr. Untouchable Nicky Barnes:

In 1974, Barnes began afoul of the law many times. In May, he had captured in
the link to the murder of Clifford Haynes. Guy Fishers girlfriend run away from
him and also stole some of The Councils money. Clifford Haynes was the brother
of Guy Fishers girlfriend. Haynes had murdered in taking some information from
Barnes about his sisters whereabouts.

In the same December, Barnes had arrested by the police. Those police officers
who arrested him they state that we found more than $130,000 cash from his car.
And also reports that Barnes wants to bribe them. In the cour t, Barnes found
acquit in the bribery trial and also found not guilty of the murder. One more time
he had arrested in 1976 on the cases of having illegal weapons, and now some of
his assistants are also captured by the law enforcement agencies.

For a time, Barnes can flee the long limb of the law received him the nickname
Mr. Untouchable. But in March 1977 his luck run out from his side when he had
captured on narcotics allegations charges along with many of his acquaintances.
Barnes had also charged with supervising a continuing criminal trade. Before his
hearing started, Barnes seems on the wrap of The New York Times Magazine.
The supplementary blogs had titled Mister Untouchable. President Jimmy Carter
reportedly read the article and put force on prosecutors to convict Barnes and
send him to the jail.

Trial and Imprisonment of Nicky Barnes:

Barnes and his co-schemers, as well as Guy Fisher, went on court trial in
September 1977. Barnes case had presented in the court by the United States
attorney Robert B. Fiske Jr., And the attorney states that we noticed that from
Harlem garage they passed roughly $1 million worth of heroin per month.

An operation had organized on a massive scale by the law enforcement agencies

to collect substantial evidence against Barnes. And the trial run more than two
months and in the last of the test, all of Barnes assistance find guilty including
Barnes. But Fisher had not found guilty on the charges.
On 19 January in the year 1978, Barnes had punished to life in jail without parole.
And thrown to the Marion Federal Penitentiary in Illinois to provide his time.
Eventually, Barnes determined to give evidence against some of his previous
acquaintances, as well as Guy Fisher, in an endeavor to cut down his sentence.

In a combined interview with competitor drug kingpin Frank Lucas in New York
Times magazine, Barnes clarifies that he became a federal eyewitness after
sentiment deceived by his acquaintances, as well as Guy Fisher. When I went to
the cooperative, I provided Guy Fisher a lady of mine and informed him to gaze
out for her, pay attention to her, Barnes said. But he had furious to study that
Fisher had gotten lovingly concerned with her as well.

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Nicky Barnes Starting a New Life:

After some Barnes had transferred to an additional ability with an unusual

spectator defense unit and checked that can he provide evidence in many cases?
In 1998, he had got released from jail. Barnes penetrated the central Witness
Protection Program and begun a new life with another identity. In 2007, he
published his autobiography, with the help of co-writer Tom Folsom, and decided
to take the title of the book Mr. Untouchable.

The New York Times takes an interview with Nicky Barnes at that time when he is
publishing his autobiography book and described his new life. In that interview,
Barnes states that I live within my pay. I get up on time every day and go to
the job and be a respected man of my society I do not see in the stern view
reflect to see if anybody is shadowing me anymore.

A short film on Barnes, Mr. Untouchable, had published in 2007. The tale of his
competitor Frank Lucas also made it on to the senior in the crime play series
American Gangster. Denzel Washington plays the role of Frank Lucas, and
Cuba Gooding, Jr. played the character of Barnes.
After his release from prison, he is still out of difficulties. Barnes sometimes
thought about his previous days as a crime boss. Barnes explained in an
interview that he misses his earlier days as a lord of the drug industry. There had
attractive women, money, glamour, and influence. I didnt have any monetary
worries, and I do have them now Read More nicky barnes/