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This Agreement made on the ____ day of _______, 2017 By Cascade Access DBA Reliance Connects(ISP)

and ___________________________, (Customer) whose service address is

________________________________________ Whereas, the ISP desires to furnish DSL service to the
Customers at the Property.
*Whereas, the Customer desires to obtain DSL service from the ISP at the Property.
*Now, therefore, in consideration of the mutual covenants herein set forth, the parties agree as follows:
The terms of this Agreement shall be in effect for 6 months, and terminate on ________________ (termination date). Following the
completion of the terms of this Agreement, the Agreement will automatically renew on a month to month basis until either party
terminates the Agreement.
*For DSL service, the customer agrees to maintain a minimum of one standard telephone line with Reliance Connects for the term of this
*ISP agrees to provide DSL/BROADBAND service and Internet connection, speeds included in this package purchased may vary due to line
condition, distance from our office and internet destination site.
*ISP Agrees to provide the following hardware for the purpose of providing DSL/Broadband services to the customer. The customer agrees
to purchase or rent a DSL modem/Broadband Router Kit from the ISP (as required for DSL/Broadband service), as follows:
DSL Modem/Broadband Router Kit Monthly Rental: ____ $00.00 Customers Initials _____
DSL Modem/ Broadband Router Kit Purchase Price: ____ $80.00 Customers Initials _____
(DSL Modem/ Broadband Router, two DSL filters and Network Interface Card (NIC))
*If a rented DSL Modem/Broadband Kit is not returned, following the termination of this Agreement, the customer will be charged $80.00.
Customers Initials _____
*Customer agrees that they have received the equipment in good condition and will maintain the condition of the equipment in which it
was received. Equipment returned with damage due to negligence will result in the purchase price of the equipment being billed on the
customers next monthly statement. Customers Initials _____
*If the customer terminates the Agreement prior to the termination date, the customer agrees to pay the modem rental charge of $12.00
per month x number of months the contract was active. Further, if customer terminates this Agreement after thirty (30) days of service
and prior to the expiration date of the Agreement, the customer agrees to pay a DSL/BROADBAND Activation Fee upon termination if
DSL/BROADBAND Activation Fee of $125.00 was waived as a result of a promotional offering.
*Customer requested installation of a NIC from ISP will be billed at the standard On-Site Consultation rate currently listed at and hereby waives any warranty or claim for damages against ISP, as a result of this
installation except for damages caused by willful negligence. Further, ISP does not warranty new or old software on customer computer for
performance interruptions or compatibility with this service.
*Customer specifically understands and agrees that ISP is NOT an insurer and is not responsible for any loss or damages which the
customer may incur as a result of the malfunction of the DSL/Broadband. It is understood that the customer will obtain any desired
insurance coverage for such risks. The services provided by ISP are solely for the customers convenience with monthly charges paid to the
ISP for providing these services and do not take into account any assumption by the ISP of any responsibility. The fees and charges
imposed do not warrant the assumption of any risk of consequential or other damages to the customer as a result of ISPs negligence or
failure to perform, or due to any malfunction of the equipments, or line.
*ISP shall not be held responsible for damage by reason of failure, where such failures are the result of any strike, war, riot, insurrection,
civil commotion, fire, flood, accident, storm or any act of God or any other cause beyond the control of the ISP, including, but not limited
to, any Federal, State and or Local regulatory requirements now or hereafter in existence.
*This Agreement shall be governed under Federal laws and laws of the State of Oregon. Any section of this Agreement that is held illegal is
severable if it does not destroy the intention of this Agreement and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.
*VENUE: Sole and exclusive venue for any action brought in connection with this Agreement, shall lie either federal or state court in
Clackamas County, Oregon.
*Our network policy is available on our website
* Customers requesting to have their DSL/Broadband service put on a vacation service will be required to pay a $25.00
service fee.
* Monthly amounts listed below DO NOT include any taxes, fees or surcharges.

Customer Signature____________________________________ Date___________________ DL#______________

Customer Name_______________________________________ Telephone ________________________

Birthdate:_________________ Social Security Number:________________

10M/1M $39.95 12M/1M $47.95

WIRELESS 1 TIME FEE ACTIVATION $35.00_ ____ Wireless speeds are not guaranteed _____
* Bill Time for Fiber homes is not waived * Bill time is: $70.00 first hour $60.00 addt. Hr. *