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Will my ex stop stalking me

Native has had a breakup. She wanted to know what was the relationship like.

Day/night time chart

This is a day chart because sun is in 12th house.

Lordships: Mars = 1/6 L, Venus = 7/12 L, Sun = co-significator of Man

Planet A Planet B Aspect Effect

Moon (24 Mercury (19 Sextile Separating
deg 14) deg 26)
Moon (24 Saturn (2 deg Square Separating
deg 14) 2)
Mars (20 deg Saturn (2 deg Square Separating.
54) 2)

Planet Sign Sign Triplicity Term Face Dignity Almuten Comments

Lord House
Moon Virgo Merc Venus Mars Merc Venus 11 VOC. Peregrine.
debil, Jup
Jup Libra Ven Sat Jup Sat Saturn 11
Sun detri
Mars Virgo Merc Venus Sat Merc Venus 10 Peregrine.
debil, Jup
Sun Libra Ven Sat Mars Jup Saturn 12 Peregrine.
Sun detri
Ven Libra Ven Sat Jup Sat Saturn 11 Strong. Sun
exalted, burnt.
Sun detri

Planet/Sign AntiScion Contrantiscion Comments

Mars (20 deg Mars (20 deg 54) Mars (9 deg 6) Lib
54) Vir Ari
Ven (13 deg 46) Ven (13 deg 46) Ven (16 deg 14) Vir
Libra Pisces

Void Of Course Moon: Yes

Cazimi: No planet

Combust: No Planet

Sun Beams: Jup, Venus - under sun beams

Critical degrees: No relevant planets on critical degrees.

Transition degrees: Sun on 29 degrees

Nodal degrees: No planet

Via Combusta (15 Libra to 15 Scorpio): Venus, Sun

Fixed stars: No Planets

Planets in Joy: Mercury

Retrograde planets: No planet

Fast/Slow or in station planets: No planet

On one of the nodes: No planet

Besieged by rays: No planet

Moon increasing/decreasing by light: Decreasing

Opposition to sun: No planet

House exchange: Mercury and Mars exchanged houses.


Result: There was no strength in relationship. Lot of skepticism.