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Choose the best answer for each question below

The immune system serves three basic functions: to recognize foreign cells and attack them,
to develop antibodies to recognize foreign invaders in the future and to send white blood cells
to the location of an injury to accelerate healing. Chronic stress can suppress the functioning
of the immune system, so that just by being stressed for a long period of time, we can actually
weaken our immune system and fall victim to an illness that we could normally fight off with

1. The topic of the paragraph is .

A. The consequence of chronic stress
B. The functions of the immune system
C. The basic immune system
D. The weakening of the immune system
E. The development of antibodies
2. What can accelerate be best replaced by?
A. Suppress
B. Speed
C. Enlarge
D. Assist
E. Continue
3. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the immune system?
A. The immune system functions best when a person is under continuous
B. There are three main functions of the immune system
C. When the immune system is weak a person can become ill easily
D. The main function of the immune system is to help the body in fighting all

The next hormone is epinephrine, or adrenaline. This hormone is a natural secretion of the
adrenaline glands in the human body. Its primary function in the human body is to assist the
body in the coping with sudden surges of stress. When a person unexpectedly finds himself in
a stressful situation filled with fear or anger, a large amount of epinephrine is released into
the blood and the body responds with an increased heartbeat, higher blood pressure, and
conversion of glycogen into glucose for energy to enable the body to deal with stress.
It is possible to extract epinephrine from the adrenaline glands of animals or to
synthesize it chemically in order to put it to further use. It is used in the treatment of severe
asthma, where it relaxes the large muscles of the bronchi, the large air passages leading into
the lungs; it is also used in cases of severe allergic reaction or cardiac arrest.

4. The paragraph preceding the passage most probably discuses

A. A further use of epinephrine
B. The treatment of cardiac arrest
C. A different hormone
D. The primary function of epinephrine
E. The secretions of adrenal glands
5. What is the topic of the text?
A. Epinephrines natural functions and further applications
B. Various effects of epinephrine
C. The hormone in human body
D. Causes of sudden stress
E. Epinephrine and Adrenaline

6. What is another name of epinephrine?

A. Adrenal gland
B. Bronchi
C. Stressful situation
D. Adrenaline
E. glycogen

7. Which of the following is not mentioned as a result of the release of epinephrine in

the blood?
A. Severe asthma
B. Higher heartbeat
C. Glycogen
D. Increased energy
E. An increase in the blood pressure

8. The passage implies that the increased heartbeat

A. Harms the body
B. Causes the release of epinephrine into the body
C. Is helpful in combating the stressful situation
D. Is useful in treating asthma
E. Enables body to deal with stress

9. Epinephrine is used in the treatment of all of the following, except

A. Asthma
B. Serious allergic reaction
C. High blood pressure
D. Heart problems
E. Stress

10. What are the bronchi in the passage?

A. A large muscle
B. Lungs
C. Cardio
D. Air passages
E. Part of the heart
Manic depression is another mental illness that mainly affects mood. A patient who suffers
from this disease will alternate period between periods of manic excitement and extreme
depression, with or without relatively normal periods between them. The shifts in mood
suffered by a manic-depressive patient go far beyond the day-to-day mood changes
experienced by the general population. In the period of manic excitement, the mood elevation
can become so intense that it could result in extended insomnia, extreme irritability, and
heightened aggression. In the period of depression, which may lost for several weeks or
months, a patient experiences feelings of general fatigue and hopelessness, in serious cases,
may contemplate suicide.

11. The paragraph preceding the passage most probably discusses .

A. When manic depression develops
B. How manic depression can result suicide
C. How mood are determined
D. A different type of mental disease
12. The topic of the passage is
A. Various psychiatric illness
B. How depression affects the mood
C. The intense period of manic depression
D. The mood changes of manic depression
13. A manic depression patient in a manic phase would be feeling?
A. Highly emotional
B. Listless
C. Unhappy
D. Relatively normal
14. The passage indicates that most people .
A. never undergo mood changes
B. switch highly from highs to lows
C. experience occasionally shifts in mood
D. become highly depressed
15. It in line 5 refers to
A. the general population
B. insomnia
C. mood elevation
D. heightened aggressiveness
16. The passage implies that .
A. changes from excitement to depression happen frequently and often
B. only manic-depression patient experiences aggression
C. the depressive phase of this disease can be more harmful than the manic phase
D. suicide is inevitable in cases of manic depression

17. . Grover Cleveland was the first president _________ in the White House.
(A) got married
(B) to get married
(C) has got married
(D) was married
18. If cauliflowers __________ from extreme temperatures, the heads get discolored.
(A) were not protected
(B) are not protected
(C) are not being protected
(D) will not be protected
19. The first nuclear power reactor was designed _________ in 1942.
(A) by Fermi
(B) through Fermi
(C) with Fermi
(D) to Fermi
20. Greenland is the main source of cryolite. _________ soft mineral used in the
production of aluminum.
(A) that is a
(B) which is a
(C) it is a
(D) who is a
21. _________ is the science of making artificial replacements for parts of the human
(A) Prosthetics
(B) Prosthetic
(C) A prosthetic
(D) The prosthetics
22. Rice is the staple diet of_________.
(A) a large amount of Asians
(B) much Asians
(C) most Asians
(D) number of Asians
23. William Byrd was the owner of_________ library in colonial times.
(A) the most large
(B) a larger
(C) a largest
(D) the largest
24. Exobiology is the study of life __________.
(A) in other planets
(B) at other planets
(C) on other planets
(D) to other planets
25. The Declaration of Independence, _________ the Constitution of the United States,
was drawn up with the help of Benjamin Franklin.
(A) and
(B) also
(C) as well as
(D) so too
26. It was from the Lowell Laboratory that _________.
(A) Pluto was sighted 1930
(B) Pluto in 1930 was sighted
(C) Pluto was in 1930 sighted
(D) Pluto was sighted in 1930
27. The rodent, comprising of the mouse, rat, guinea pig, and porcupine, __________
with incisor-like teeth in both jaws.
(A) are mammals
(B) is a mammal
(C) is the mammal
(D) are the mammals
28. __________ into oceans and rivers is a serious form of pollution.
(A) Having dumped sewage
(B) Being dumped sewage
(C) Dumped sewage
(D) Dumping sewage
29. Products which are made from natural earths and are__________ are known as
(A) being subject to high temperatures
(B) subjected to high temperatures
(C) subject to high temperatures
(D) having been subjected to high temperatures
30. __________ called melanin protects the underlying layers of skin from sun rays.
(A) A color pigment
(B) A colorful pigment
(C) The pigment
(D) A pigment
31. Oranges are a __________ source of vitamin C.
(A) well
(B) better
(C) good
(D) very

32. Walt Disney was used to make numerous visits to Disneyland to find out what the
needs and interests of the public were.
33. If James B. Connolly would not take part in the first modern Olympic Games, in
1896, he might have graduated from Harvard.
34. Margaret Sanger made the people to see the need for birth control.
35. If we continue to exploit nature, there should not be enough resources left for future
36. I have not learned cycling as I have been afraid of falling and hurting me.
37. It is imperative that all processed food be approving by the Food and Drug
Administration for hygienic standards.
38. Not much scientists have the time or the verbal skills required to become
literary writers.
39. Although coal has to been in use since prehistoric times, it is only since the
18th century that coal mining has become a major industry.
40. Although it started life as an apprentice to a soap boiler, William Colgate was to
become immortalized in toilet products.
26. The kinds of trees that shed their leaves in autumn are known as deciduous trees.
27. The plants make their own food through a process called photosynthesis.
28. Science has transformed the planet but literature has not paid
enough amount of attention to how scientists have lived and worked.
29. The prime meridian which passes through Greenwich, in England, is the same
the Greenwich meridian.
30. There is usually no charge for using a library but however or overdue
charges and certain specialized services.

Irrational anxiety Situation

however American .defined

specific erythrophobia

diagnosed embarrasment

Phobic Disorders

A phobia is defined as an fear that produces a conscious avoidance of the feared

subject, activity, or. The affected person usually recognizes that the reaction is exessive
Phobic disorders can be divided into 3 types: social phobia, phobias, and agoraphobia.

The Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,

Fourth Edition (DSM-IV)1 and its subsequent Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR) defines social
phobia as a strong, persisting fear of an interpersonal situation in which can occur and
specific phobia as a strong, persisting fear of an object or situation. Agoraphobia is ... as
the fear of being alone in public places (eg, a supermarket), particularly places from
which a rapid exit would be difficult in the course of a panic attack. At least 75% of
patient with agoraphobia experience panic disorder as well.

Social phobia, now called social anxiety disorder (SAD), has been described as far back
as Hippocrates, when it was called , which is a fear of blushing in front of others.
Social disorder is now considered a disorder distinct from other phobias. In the first 2
versions of the DSM, social phobia was not conceptualized as a stand-alone diagnosis;
starting with DSM-III-R, the disorder could be separately in the presence of multiple
social fears and other comorbid conditions.


(Based on your group role play, answer the following question!)

Who are the characters in your group role play?
What health problem does the main role suffer from and what are the symptoms he/she
How do people or family member react to the health problem when the main role suffers
from it?
What treatment do the medical employees give to save the patient?
What tips in Health Promotion does the patient get from the medical employees in order
to live more normally like other people do?