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Super Star Artists!

Lesson Plan for Art 2,

Prepared by Ms. Wilkins


Challenge students to explore the aesthetic decisions artists make and step into their skins.


AII.2 The student will make critical and reflective choices to create works of art.

AII.8 The student will employ elements of art, principles of design, and a variety of media to express
meaning in works of art and design.

AII.12 The student will identify historical and contemporary works of art and artistic developments.

AII.15 The student will identify common characteristics of works of art and design that are presented as
a series or sequence.

AII.20 The student will define and practice ethical behaviors when responding to works of art and

AII.23 The student will demonstrate the ability to reflect on and analyze personal responses to works of
art and design.

AII.24 The student will describe personal responses to aesthetic qualities found in works of art and


1. Students will research one or more modern artists.
2. Students will demonstrate their knowledge through a painting and presentation.


1. Chrome books/laptops
2. Acryllic/Watercolor Paints
3. Heavy-weight painting paper 12x16 or canvas
4. Drafting materials


Steps to check for student understanding

1. Students will be expected to present their finished works to the class with information about their
artists and examples of their work.


Day 1: Introduction The class will be shown some examples of Paul

Giovanopouloss thematic grid paintings.

Together as a class we decide on a common

imagery for the subject of each painting.
Want to pick something that was indicative to our
state? Something simple and basic that everyone
could relate to.

Draw an artists name from the a paper bag.

Students should research to discover what

movement the artist was connected with, what
colors they would have used in their palette, and
the techniques they would have utilized to apply
pigment to their surfaces.

Day 2: Students sketch their painting on copy paper and

get approval to paint.

During this day students may add finishes to their
hand project that they worked on previously

Day 3: Final Sketch

All painting should be started

Day 4: Students should be painting and thinking of ways

to present their work.

Day 5: Assessment: Presentation of work and artist