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ENGL 3155

Article Review Rubric

Criteria Exemplary (4) Effective (3) Minimal (2) Unsatisfactory(1)

In depth and well Content is adequately Content is minimally Content is not organized
organized content organized and organized Length requirement is not
Content of Meets length requirement comprehensive Length requirement is not met; poor content
Review with quality content Length requirement is met met; minimal content Incomplete analysis
Excellent analysis with adequate content Basic/pedestrian analysis Evidence of plagiarism
Adequate analysis
Relevant to disciplinary Relevant to disciplinary Minimal relevance to Not relevant to disciplinary
Appropriate interest interest disciplinary interest interest
Topic Article content exceeds Article content meets Article content fails to fails to meet content
requirements expectations meet all requirements requirements

Article has great Article has some Article has little Article has no significance
significance significance significance Summary does not meet
Significance to Student analysis exceeds Student analysis meets analysis meets minimal minimal expectations
average peer perspective project expectations expectations No understanding of
and understanding Some understanding of Little understanding of articles relevance
interest in
Student displays articles relevance to the articles relevance to the
specialized field understanding of articles field field
relevance to the field
Articulates your thoughts Brief mention of thoughts, Do not write any of your Draft is completely devoid
Your thoughts on the article in clear but did not elaborate. No own thoughts or ideas of your thoughts about the
manner. Discusses what mention of learning from about what is discussed in article and its relevance to
you learned from reading reading the article the article. the field.
the article or ideas you or
other scholars can take
away from the article.
Clear articulate writing Minor edits needed. Further Major edits needed. Draft fails to meet
used. One or two minor proof-reading will improve Document needs major undergraduate level
Writing edits needed to be a the document investment in revision. expectations of writing
perfect paper! Keep up the
great work!
Well organized thinking Minor jumping around on Major jumping around on No organizational thought
that reviews the article, points. Could be better with points made in review. demonstrated in writing of
discusses the major points few minor moves. Major organizational edits review, major points
Organization of in an order that makes needed to articulate clearly discussed in the article, or
Writing sense, and closes with your your thoughts and ideas.
thoughts on the value of
the article for other
Display of article includes Display of article includes Partial documentation of No citations
correct citation correct citation article Does not follow APA style
APA style is Perfect Minor edits needed Major edits needed. Learn Inappropriate article
Citations Appropriate article follow the details of APA the details or consult selection
selection guidelines and further the details of APA
specifications. guidelines and