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Learning Assessment
Subject & Differentiation
Objectives Formative
Sandy 22,Oct ,2017 Resources
lesson Letter Mm Envelop Ask students High Attaining:
English To recognize Mm with object to write letter Aluminum foil
To learn and recognize letters and their sounds.
and to be able to Monkey Mm on the container children
write upper and Mango sand. have to stick ice-
lower case Mm Sing a song The Mulberry Bush. Mouse cream sticks with
Show them object that inside envelop Milk given letter.
Recognition of letter Mm and ABC song. Color
Ask students if they know the letter. Then who has a name beginning with Paper sheet Average:
the letter sound /m/. Paper
Circle Show flashcards having pictures and vocabulary related to letter m Wooden Paper sheet
Time Show how to write the letter on the lines with sample on board. stick with children have to
Use flash cards or objects to show that this letter begins with these objects. letter color object that
15 min. They can also look around the room and take guesses at things that begin Plastic plate start with letter M .
with (m).
Low :
Write letter M with
glue gun to make a
stamp. Give
children to dip in
colour and stamp
on paper as letter
Table 1 - Teacher will help Table 2 - Assistant will Table 3 - I will
children during activities time help children during observe all the
activity activities time tables and guide the
30 min
children during
activities time
Lesson Plan Reflection

My Teaching Childrens Learning (use

assessments of LO)
WWW What Went Well The method of lesson which I Children loved their activities
applied in fun style because I which were all about hands on
make for the children surprised I activity. They did it well and in
was used the envelop to put the the end they say one or two
object inside and let children words which starts with letter
explore what is inside the M.
envelop. In addition The
activities which I planned for
children of three levels well
good and they liked it so much.
Letter M picture coloring
activities develop their cognitive

EBI Even Better If Children were done the activity

I made activity which was about well but it took a lot of time for
aluminum foil and children have them to stick ice cream sticks on
to stick ice-cream sticks in it. the aluminum container so it
But as I guess the aluminum foil took lot of time to finish this
plate was not appropriate for it activity if I use cartoon for this
as when they stick it goes activity it was better for them .
scribble and I have to fix it
Next Steps Simple and sound activities are
(Identify which lesson this will I will improve the activities next good for children to do by
be seen in) lesson and makes it easy for themselves, which they have to
children as well as for me. do by themselves without much
help from teacher.