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Surigao State College of Technology

1st Sem. A.Y. 2017-2018

Practice Teaching
6 units




A. Give the meaning and insights of the ff.:

1. Student teacher
A student who is studying to be a teacher and who, as part of the training, observes
classroom instruction or does closely supervised teaching in an elementary or secondary school.
Being a student teacher gives us time to experience all the aspects of being a teacher, from
reporting up to developing lesson plans. It may seem a little bit of hard to become one but its
not as long as you are dedicated to your profession use a combination of different methods and
techniques of teaching, and always think positive.

2. Student teaching
Student teaching is a college-supervised instructional experience; usually the culminating
course in a university or college undergraduate education or graduate school program leading
to teacher education and certification.
Student teaching is one of the most pre-requisite that a student teacher should acquire.
Student teaching prepares us to become a real teacher in the near future and also to become a
teacher we need to develop and use the relevant teaching aid.

3. Give and explain the duties and responsibilities of a teacher:

1. Prepare the children for the student teachers arrival;
2. Provides opportunities for student teachers to meet the principal and other school
3. Learns about the student teacher's background and legal status:
4. Reads the student teaching book;
5. Becomes aware of policies concerning student teaching and student teacher
6. Secures materials in evaluating student teachers;
7. Develops a plan for the student teacher's entry into teaching; and
8. Makes necessary arrangements for the student teachers in the different activities.
The teacher must do the following like: attend the morning assembly daily on time,
address the students on moral principles, social and environment issues, and maintain the
teachers diary regularly with the lesson plan. The teacher should also reach the class on
time for teaching the teacher must evaluate the students from time to time, teachers who are
also faculty in-charges will conduct regular meetings and discuss the methods to improve the
performance of students in the subject.
4. Objectives of student teaching.
Teaching as a profession need a much preparation. Its objectives are:
1. Apply the theories principles and techniques learned in the professional education
courses whenever needs an arise especially in
2. Acquire varied teaching classroom situations
3. Develop one's personality
4. Develop insights on the teaching' learning situations and way of evaluating them
5. Orient oneself to the school environment
6. Promote school-community relationship
7. Acquire first-hand experiences in dealing with the children
8. Develop a teaching philosophy
9. Acquire a unified perspective of teacher's role
10. Experiment working with the new principles and information.

5. Other committed duties and responsibilities of a practice teacher.

1. Sets clear purposes objectives of teaching;
2. Studies individual class and the community needs;
3. Makes effective plans and provides for a balanced program;
4. Makes content meaningful by using appropriate methods of teaching and instructional
5. Provides for individual and group work;
6. Evaluates learning from the beginning to the end;
7. Provides a good environment for learning; and
8. Maintains professional relationship.

1. Make a matrix of time management or 280 hours.
Month Day Activities
November ,2017 20-24 Lecture Activities Concerning
27-30 Practice Teaching
4 Midterm Exam
Submission of requirements prior
to Deployment
Distribution of Invitation
December, 2017 11-12 Letters/Programs to all
Cooperating Schools
Pre-Deployment Orientation
14-15 Ocular Visit to School Site
Enrolment for the 2nd Semester
Student Orientation by the School
January, 2018 3 In-charge
Protocol LGU Officials
14-27 Ocular Visit School Site
4-31 280 Hours practice Teaching
1-23 Schedule
February, 2018 1-10 Monitoring
26-28 Culmination by School
Preparation of Submission of
School Requirements
March, 2018
19-23 5
26-28 3
2-6 5
9-13 5
April, 2018 16-20 5
23-27 5
30 Signing Clearance
Rigid Daily Review of LET
May, 2018
14-18 Practice Graduation / Pictorials
25 Graduation Day

2. Make a sample of culmination program.

C. Draw and color a conducive classroom and explain that it will be a classroom management.