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Professional Development Plan for Teachers

Name: Suad Taleb MST: Abeer Hajjo MCT: Khadija Mohammed.

School: Sama American private school. Semester four. Date: 30-8-2017

Rationale/Reflection of previous practice: _

Through last semester three, I see my MST and MCT when they come to observe me in my teaching. They said, I have two things I
need to change it to be better for next time I went to teach children through my teaching practice. first one, about time management
and the second one about creating activities based on my learning outcomes.
So, those two things I plan for this semester and I work hard to avoided those points and worked to achieve the goal.

Professional Learning Goal and Activities

Area Professional Learning Goal Strategies Evidence of Target Date Date Achieved
No. Progress Towards
1. Creating activities based on Select activities that When I teach 1-Nov-2017 Monday23-10-
learning objectives. matches the learning children the letter L. 2017
outcomes. I write the lesson
plan, I focus more on
the activity that fits
with my learning
outcome. As the
lesson plan, I did
about English letter L,
Science, and English.
2. Time management Follow the time line When I teach 1-Nov-2017 Monday, 30-10-2017
on my lesson plan. children the lesson
about letter O I
follow exactly with
wrote in my lesson
plan to achieve this