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Roberto Duran Wife | Felicidad Duran |

Robert Duran vs Sugar Ray Leonard

Roberto Duran Wife

Today, we will discuss Roberto Duran wife. Felicidad is a Cuban actress, known
for Hand of Stone. The Cuban actresses Felicidad carry on her silent invasion of
Hollywood, with her character in the hands of Stone, and confessed to Efe that,
even though she had split second of edginess, now she is happy because, in the
end, the results arrive. Felicidad will come into view the first strip of the cast of
Hands of Stone, with Robert De Niro and Edgar Ramirez in which she plays
Felicidad Iglesias.

Full Name Felicidad Duran

Birth Date 1953

Nationality Cuban

Parents Unknown

Height 55

Her husband Net Worth $3 million

Her Husband Source of Income Boxer, Actor

Annual Salary Unknown

Sibling Unknown

Children Eight
Religion Non-muslim

Ethnicity White

Marital Status Married

Felicidad was for the fighter his point of support, his cable to the ground.
Happiness kept Roberto, the ancestors, the home, everything on his shoulder.
Duran had an immense attention from all above the country; it was the hope of
Panama. But Felicidad was carrying Duran and Panama because if he misshapen
she was the one who supported everything, he said. The actress said it was a
very passionate shoot and that the whole team left the soul and got involved in a
very individual way.

Personal Life

Talk about his own life, Felicidad has been married to Roberto Duran since 1968,
with whom he has Eight offspring.

About Her Husband

His full name was Roberto Duran. Duran rose from scarcity to become a famed
proficient boxer. Known for his punching power, his triumph globe championships
in four weight classes, however, his reputation took a hit with his no mas loss to
Sugar Ray Leonard in 1980. Duran stopped working from boxing in 2002 and was
chosen to the World Boxing Hall of renown and the International Boxing Hall of
Fame in 2006 and 07, correspondingly.

Early Years

His full name was Roberto Duran Samaniego. And he was instinctive on June 16,
1951, in the slums of El Chorrillo, Panama. His priest, Margarito, an American of
Mexican legacy, was stationed in Panama for the U.S. Army when Roberto was
intuitive but left soon after that.

Furthermore, Growing up in scarcity, Duran hustled for money by spotless shoes,

selling newspapers and dancing on the streets. He scholarly to box at the Neco
de La Guardia Gym, and twisted professional at the age of 16.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated $3 million.

Professional Career


Duran motorized his way up the position as a young fighter. On June 26, 1972, he
attained a 13-round TKO of Scotsman Ken Buchanan to maintain the WBA
lightweight competition. He endures his primary loss against 31 wins in a non -title
light welterweight fight against Esteban de Jesus that November, but afterward
retaliate that defeat by knocking out de Jesus en way to another 41 cons ecutive

In those days, Duran joint inspiring speed with a fearsome obstinacy and powerful
punches that earned him the nickname Manos de Piedra. Later than overwhelm
de Jesus again to add the WBC lightweight label to his collection, Duran
relinquish his belts in 1979 to move up to the welterweight class, where he rapidly
proved he could handle larger opponents with a triumph over former champion
Carlos Palomino.


The high point of his profession came on June 20, 1980, the Brawl in Mon treal
at Olympic Stadium. Facing the unassailable Sugar Ray Leonard, Duran scruffy
the former Olympic gold medalist more massive than 15 rounds to win the WBC
welterweight contest.
No Mas

Their replay on Nov. 25, at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana , finished
bizarrely; the usually persistent Duran suddenly quite near the end of the eighth
round, allowing Leonard to regain his label. The enduring legend is that Duran
solicits out of the fight by repeating no mas, nevertheless the boxer persevere
he never said those words.


Duran shifted up another weight class, and on June 16, 1983, his 32nd birthday
he congested Davey Moore in eight rounds to win the WBA light middleweight
label. He packed on additional pounds to fight unassailable midd leweight
champion Marvin Hagler in November, earning admire for pushing the champ full
15 rounds before taking the loss. However, there were fewer positive reviews
later than a subsequent defeat, an atrocious second-round knockout at the hands
of Thomas Hitman Hearns the following June.

Roberto comes back to importance later in the decade, outlasting Iran Barkley in
12 rounds to triumph the WBC middleweight title on February 24, 1989. He
mislaid a second time to Sugar Ray Leonard in a match for the WBC su per
middleweight title afterward that year and remained a diversion, yet diminished
contender over the next numerous years.

Super Middleweight

At age 49, Roberto triumph a 12-round decision over Pat Lawlor to claim the
super middleweight title from the fri nge NBA association. He mislaid the belt to
Hector Camacho on July 14, 2001, in what twisted out to be his last fight.
Additionally, Duran undergoes broken ribs and a perforated lung in a car accident
afterward that year, and formally retire in January 2002 with a professional record
of 103-16-0 and 70 knockouts.

One of the hardly any boxers to win sanctioned championships in four weight
classes and compete efficiently across five decades, he is careful one of the
greatest pound-for-pound fighters of all time.

In 2001, Duran journey to Argentina to endorse a salsa music CD that he had just
free. While there, he was complicated by a car crash and necessary life -saving
surgery. Later than that incident, he announced his retirement from boxing at the
epoch of 50.

Pronounce his retirement; Duran cited the weight matter of his friend, Argentinian
football legend Diego Maradona, as the incentive for getting back in shape,
stating as of now, I work out so that when the honors turn up the people will see
me in a figure.

Roberto five world title belts, which he triumph in four dissimilar divisions, were
stolen from his residence in Panama in 1993 throughout a robbery supposedly
staged by his brother-in-law, who gave them to memorabilia seller Luis Gonzalez
Baez, who will situate tryout for trying to sell stolen goods. Gonzalez Baez
purportedly sold the belts to undercover FBI agents. He asserts that Duran official
the sale of the five belts to him throughout the time that Duran was facing a
financial problem. On September 23, 2003, a federal judge in Florida well
thought-out the five straps returned to Duran.

His 70 triumph by knockout consign him in an elite group of boxers who have
achievement 50 or additional fights by knockout. He is rank number 28 in The
Rings catalog of 100 most punchers of all occasion. On October 14, 2006,
Roberto was introducing into the World Boxing Hall of renown in Riverside,
California, and on June 10, 2007, into the worldwide Boxing Hall of Fame in
Canastota, New York. Today he is the variety ambassador of Panama Blue,
Panamas most beautiful bud wase water. Duran is a license ultralight aircraft
pilot in Panama. He flew a Quick Silver MX model.

Out of the Ring

Roberto met his priest for the first time later than a 1976 clash in Los Angeles,
and they bogus a good relationship. Roberto remains vigorous as a boxing
advertiser later than diffident from the sport. He was introducing into the World
Boxing Hall of renown in 2006 and the worldwide Boxing Hall of Fame in 2007. A
film about his life, Hands of Stone, starring Edgar Ramirez as Duran; Robert De
Niro as his coach, Ray Arcel; and pop star Usher as Sugar Ray Leonard,
complete its premiere at the Cannes Film Fiesta in May 2016.

Is Roberto Duran Mexican?

Roberto Duran was instinctive on June 16, 1951, in Guarare, Panama. His look
after, Clara Samaniego, was a native of Guarare, Panama, and his priest,
Margarito Duran Sanchez, was from Arizona, United States, and of Mexican

Where does Sugar Ray Leonard live?

The future boxing winner was instinctive Ray Charles Leonard on May 17, 1956,
in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Leonard parents, Getha and Cicero Leonard, had
seven offspring. Leonard grows up in Wilmington, North Carolina, and Palmer,

What does it mean to live mas?

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What does Live Mas for Taco Bell?

Taco Bell now requirements you to Live Mas. This slogan takes a faintly
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Appearance in Film

Roberto initial appearance in a film was in the 1979 film Rocky II as a lightning -
fast sparring co-worker for Rocky Balboa. Outside of this, Duran had the small
character in Harlem Nights. Durans life and boxing profession are told in the
documentary Los pornos de una nacion by Panamanian filmmaker Pituka Ortega -
Heilbronn. Roberto also comes into view very briefly throughout an interview fo r
the film. The Panama Deception in which he recounts his knowledge throughout
the United States assault of Panama. The biopic Hands of Stone luminary Edgar
Ramirez as Duran,

Robert De Niro as Ray Arcel and Usher as Sugar Ray Leonard, and was free on
August 26, 2016.


Roberto played the drug lord Jesus Maroto in Miami Vice term two, episode 19. In
commercial Warriors, the fourth incident of the second season of the hit American
offense drama CSI: NY,

Duran is talking about by the medical examiner while discussing a dead man
found to have bone grafts put in his hands to boost his punching control.


The song The Eyes of Roberto Duran by Tom Russell, as of the album The Long
Way Around,

encloses the lyric, Panama City its three in the morning; theyre talking bout the
Hands of Stone.

Roberto is mention in the third verse of Nas single demo for It Aint Hard to Tell in
the line: Metaphors of kill man, hitting like Roberto Duran, hold the mic in my
hand, my lifespan. The performer Jackie Leven records a song that discovers the
events of the second globe title fight between Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard.
Jazz musician Miles Davis, an avid boxing fan, evidence a tribute to Roberto
Duran titled Duran.

Hand of Stone

Hands of Stone are 2016 American biographical sports movie concerning the
profession of Panamanian former professional boxer Roberto Duran. It is heading
for and written by Jonathan Jakubowicz.

It stars Edgar Ramirez, Robert De Niro, Usher, Ruben Blades, Pedro Budu
Perez, Ellen Barkin, Ana de Armas, Oscar Jaenada and John Turturro. The movie
premiered at Cannes on May 16, 2016, where it was conventional with a fifteen -
minute standing applause,

and was at large on August 26, 2016, by The Weinstein Company.


The movie follows the life of Panamanian boxing legend Roberto Duran, who
completes his proficient boxing debut in 1968 as a 16 -year-old and give up work
in 2001 at age 50. Growing up in Panama, Duran is stick together by Chaflan ,
who educate young Roberto a few vital life lessons.

As he arrives at 20, an American renowned boxing coach Ray Arcel, who virtually
lost his life later than being attacked by a mysterious assailant in 1953 in New
York City and is now living with his partner Stephanie, notices Robertos raw
ability and punching power and takes the young fighter beneath his wing,
becoming his trainer. Not long later than, Roberto then meets a student,
Felicidad, with whom he later has five offspring.

Later than his fights through the 70s and 80s, rising throughout the divisions with,

the extraordinary achievement he challenges Sugar Ray Leonard, hail as -as the
Fighter of the Year.

However, Duran is impolite of Leonard, describing him as a clown and self -

assuredly forecast a knock out win for him.

Upon recurring home in Panama, he faces angry gripe. Roberto tells his partner
that he regrets letting them downhill and needs to go back in the circle to regain
his reputation and the compassion of his fans. Due to this occurren ce, Arcel is
discontinuing working from his training and tells Duran that Plomo will be
his trainer. In June 1983, New York City, the day of his fight against Davey

Leonard thankfully met Duran for the primary time since the rematch, saying that
he pardon Duran. He tells Leonard that he gives his confession to his partner.
Duran won via technical knockout, finally re-establish his popularity and pride by
the people of Panama.


Production on the movie began in December 2013 in Panama. Principal

taking pictures was over in March 2014.


In May 2015, The Weinstein Company attained allocation rights to the movie with
a 2,000 screen pledge. However, the film was agenda to be released on August
26, 2016,

in 800 theaters earlier than expanding to 2,500 theaters on Wednesday, August

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