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Sebastian Marroquin Net Worth | Sins of My

Sebastian Marroquin is a Colombian based architect and author. As well as
known as a son of murdered Colombian based drug lord named Pablo Escobar. It
is known that police traced, imprison, and later slain Pablo Escobar when
Medellns greatest infamous unlawful did one phone call to his son.

Full Name Sebastian Marroquin

Birth Date 24 February 1977

Nationality Medellin, Colombian

Parents Pablo Escobar (Father); Maria Victoria Henao (Mother)

Height N/A

Parents Nadereh Samimi And Esmail Beiraghdary

Net Worth $3o million

Source of Income Architect, Author

Annual Salary $4 million

Sibling Maneula Escobar

Religion Catholic
Ethnicity White

Marital Status Single

Escobar was traced because of his tremendous telephone uses. As well as he

was experiential by one open window, discussing on a telephone. Because of
police together with this that building in which he was thumping in Medellin. The
unshaven Escobar escaped to the rooftops, and here he was gunshot dead by

This fundamentally comprises reveal of his prior name; moreover, he is too

staunch to separate himself from Medelln Cartel, as well as the unlawful type of
drug trade going in Colombia.

He finished graduation from college through a structural design degree and

currently resides in Palermo Soho, situated in Buenos Aires along with his wife as
well as an offspring, and also serves up as a designer.


In 1991, Escobar offered to become an authority if he was allowed to build his

prison. Surprisingly or not, Colombian officials agreed. The result was the
luxurious La Catedral. The structure included not only a nightclub, a sauna, a
waterfall and a soccer field; He also had phones, computers and fax machines.

However, after Escobar tortured and killed two members of the cartel in the
cathedral, the authorities decided to move him to a less prosperous prison.
However, before he could transfer, Escobar managed to escape in July 1992.

Date of Birth and Place

His Full name was Sebastian Marroquin. He was instinctive on 24 February 1977,
in Medellin, Colombian.
Family Back Ground

Pablo Escobar wedded Maria Victoria Henao Vallejo in the year 1976. At the age,
Pablo was 26 years old while Maria Victoria Henao Vallejo was a 15 -year-old. The
couple had two offspring, Juan Pablo, and Manuela. Pablo Escobar was famous
for having a numeral of mistresses and constant affairs. Alt hough of the odds
Maria Victoria Henao Vallejo stood by her. He was married to Maria until his

How much is Sebastian Marroquin Net Worth in 2017

The net worth of Sebastian Marroquin, familiar as an architect and novelist from
Colombia is $32 Million US dollars as of 2017. When he was of the age of 22 he
was formerly a millionaire by the act of kidnapping decision-making as well as rich
wealthy Colombians, afterward asking ransoms of as high as $100,000 on their

When he was of 26 he was net worth $3 million and in progress making cocaine
smuggling based operation between Panama and Colombia, applying gainful
recognized smuggling ways to introduce remedy in U.S.

In the year 1989 Forbes permitted Pablo as one amongst the topmost 20 richest
men in the world, similar to his fortune as $3 billion.

It is exposed that he is thought to have grossed minimum $60 million every day
from illegal behavior, causing in yearly earnings of much more $22 billion.
Sebastian Marroquin worked will in his profession path by being an author and
designer, having authored many well-read books as well. Unlike his father, he
worked lawfully in his career to build up himself.

Who is Pablo Escobar?

He is the father of Sebastian Marroquin. Escobar was looking upon as the r ichest
and most victorious criminal in the world the past. Forbes publication rated him as
the seventh richest man in the humanity in 1989,

with an estimated individual destiny of $25 billion.

Also known as the king of Cocaine, Escobar entered Colombian politics

offering to pay a national debt of US$ 10 billion. He slaughters on December 2,

1993, in Medellin Colombia due to a gunshot. Some certain it was a suicide, while
on the other hand, information state that,

he was gunned down in an come across with the Columbian Police.

Mother &Son Were Arrested in 2000

It was almost accurately six years to the day after the murder of Pablo Escobar,

that his wife and son were under arrest in their secret home in Argentina. They
had cuffed and taken the business district in doubt of money laundering.

The police affirmed that they had been monitoring the familys home in the
middle-class district of Nunez,

on the thought of money laundering for weeks before the capture. Although they
do admit that they wished they could have monitored them longer. The timeline of
the capture had pushed forward

when an all the rage television show reported the familys occurrence in the

The President of Argentina, Carlos Menem, spoke out to the people of Argentina,

after the capture citing fear of drug lords creation their way into Argentina. He
thought that examination had necessary to make sure that there had no drug
activity caught up with the familys presence. They were not at large for over a
year despite no confirmation of bad behavior.

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Sins of My Father Documentary

Before the release of his 2014 written memoirs Pablo Escobar: My Father
Sebastian Marroquin helped create a documentary film at liberty Sins of My

In the film, Marroquin visits the relations of the people his father killed, or had
snuffed out and apologized for this offense.

The documentary was heading for by Nicolas Entel, a n Argentine-Colombian

filmmaker. It all begins right after Escobars elimination when the family fled,
finally hallway in Argentina. At this point, there a $4 million cost on each of their
heads. Approximately one full decade after Escobars termination hi s wife and son
speak about their relations life.

Marroquin then visits Colombia to make amends for the crimes of his father,

especially the assassinations of Luis Carlos Galan and Minister of fairness

Rodrigo Lara Bonilla. A lot of filmmakers left the yout hful man before finding
Entel; this manager was the one who conveys apologies into the mix. The film
was meant to make the statement that the violent behavior had defunct with the
preceding generation.

Sebastian Marroquin Believes Escobar Killed Himself

While doing interviews to encourage his book, Marroquin declares that he is

absolutely certain that Pablo Escobar slaughter himself,

before the Colombian police and central agents were abl e to. In this interview, he
also blames the coroners for faking the autopsy report that bare police had shot
Escobar dead.

Marroquin stated that it had always been Pablo Escobars plan to off himself
before anyone ever had the opportunity to do so.
Another reason that Marroquin believes his father was the one who put the
important, the bullet into his own head is that Escobar describes him on the
phone only 10 minutes before he passed away.

Before this day Escobar had been too doubtful to call the boy. But this phone call
marks the fact that Escobar no longer felt he needed to hide.

Lastly, Marroquin claims that the drug kingpin took his own life to save his family,
from revenge or else being taken, hostage.

In this rough interview, Marroquin also states that the US administration bought
cocaine from Escobar, so maybe he was just trying to make headlines.

Sebastian Marroquin Wrote Pablo Escobar Book

In 2014 Sebastian Marroquin at large a book entitled, Pablo Escobar: My Father

where he bears much of the softer side of murderous drug lord Pablo Escobar.
There were many stories characteristic in the biography that no one had ever
heard before. For example, Pablo Escobar was a Boy Scout who did community

Escobar alike to camp on the weekends and watch cowboy movies, with his
friends before he got into being a conman. Marroquin description in his book that
Pablo Escobars first try out in crime began in school, with his cousin Gustavo
Gaviria and that the two loyal crime side by side awaiting both of their untimely

While in school, the young boys would steal the answers to their examination from
teachers and then sell them for income. After their achievement conning the
school the two in progress stealing cars, robbing movie theatre ticket booths, and
stealing memorial to resell them.

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