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The drug is a material mix of materials used tau early treatment, relief, preventer h's, or diagnose a one disease, physical abnormalities or symptoms in humans or animals, or in recovery, repair or conversion of organic in humans or animals. The drug can be a material that is synthesized in the body (for example hormones, vitamin D) or the chemicals that are not synthesized in the body. The fast-paced modern world has unwittingly changed most of the lifestyles, personalities, and ways of thinking of the people involved. As a result of many kinds of diseases that appear. Some can be cured with the latest tools and remedies, on the other hand, many diseases cannot be cured with the latest tools and remedies, although the time of treatment may heal for a moment. The purpose of this in benefit is to know people tend to prefer traditional medicine or drugs made from chemicals. The research was conducted using the qualitative method. The sample was a pharmacist and herbalist, the number of samples that there are two respondents.The data collected in the form of open interviews with respondents and videos to further strengthen as documentation.

Keywords: Traditional Medicine, Medicinal Chemistry materials, pharmacist and herbalist


Corresponding with development already modern era and technology increasingly advanced, of course, everyone needs What only want on fast and instant. we take an example that is Drugs. Maybe various kind of drug very much many but we know drug differentiated be two that is Medicinal herbal/traditional and drug chemical/synthetic. Of course the second drug that same aim that is for a treat, but is wrong on the difference. increasingly sophisticated science knowledge and technology have we feel the impact.

Impact positive not need to be denied again. Segi health no exception. Many tool and drugs used for treat disease symptoms could observe in body patients. Paced modern world fast on not realized has changed in part big pattern life, personality and way think the people involved in it. as a result of many varieties emerging disease. Some could heal with tool and drug to date, on the other hand, there are many diseases that do not could heal with tool and drug to date, although moment treated maybe healed moment. World commercialization has pervaded to in medical and houses sick, and they on conscious has ignored side potency patient premises n make use of to lay an patient will potency himself, so patiently depends on tools, medicine, and doctor that and money continues flowing from bag patient to bag healer while.

Plant drug has long been used by community Indonesia as the wrong one alternative treatment, either for prevention disease, healing, recovery health, and enhancement level health. There trend pattern life back to natural cause community more choose use drug naturally are believed no have effect side as drug chemistry and price more affordable of the drug synthetic. By because that researchers decide for make research with title "Perception pharmacist about comparison drug traditional with drug made chemistry ". For knowing community tend more choose drug traditional and drug made chemistry.


Pharmacology is the studied knowledge about history, nature chemistry and physics, composition, effect physiology and biochemical mechanisms employment, absorption, distribution, biotransformation, excretion and uses drugs. Pharmacology a subfield knowledge learned in field pharmacy as well medicine. In field medicine, science this restricted the goal of drugs could use on rational for mean prevention, diagnosis and treatment disease for security and efficacy the expected therapy. Use drug on rational intended is giving the drug to a patient something disease with type disease and dose and way its use because error giving drug could fatal and endanger soul patients. Error giving drugs often happen maybe caused by fault diagnosis or because less be observed dose and way usage appropriate medication with condition patients. this caused because the number drugs circulating now this particularly in Indonesia, while power remembers human especially a doctor or paramedical doctor have limited capacity for remember all type drugs circulating, so use drug sometimes only is test try. Character test tries this precisely will cause effect side adverse negative good for the patient as well for a doctor or paramedical doctor that itself. For reason mentioned above, need to be created a system can help diagnose disease and determine drugs will be given to the patient as action ongoing medical adopted. Determination drug in question here covers determination type customized medicine with condition patients. According to common sense. The drug can be defined as a substance that causes changes in biological functions through a chemical process. while definition complete, the drug is an ingredient a tau mix of materials used early treatment, mitigation, preventer h's, or diagnose a one disease, physical abnormalities or symptoms in humans or animals, or in recovery, repair or alteration organic functions in humans or animal.obat can be an ingredient that is synthesized in the body (for example hormones, vitamin D) or the chemicals that are not synthesized in body. supervision drug and food or health department, there are things that need to be considered include:

The condition of the drug is still good or has been damaged.

Note the expiry date of the drug.

Read and follow the information listed on the drug or instructions for drug

use. Side effects (effects arising, adverse effects)

Dosage of medication

How to store medicine


BKO is abbreviation from Chemical Drugs, the usual term used by world pharmaceutical Indonesia for substances drug conventional /synthetic mixed into the herbal medicine. Already secret general that community wanted the drugs consumed have good efficacy, and fast effect (coupling). Drug chemistry is a drug derived from chemicals, certain that can be used to reduce pain and slow the growth of the disease. Medicinal Chemistry is drugs that have mix ingredients chemicals that are not synthesized in the body. As yes ng drug circulating in the store and pharmacy. Characteristic features drug chemical:

Palliative, meaning this drug will cure the disease, but if the drug occurs

deposition would be a dangerous toxin. Symptomatic, meaning this drug is only intended for the disease alone and

only relieve the symptoms. Manufactured using a tool changing and of course mixed with other

chemicals. Only cure an acute illness.

Have side effects that web the stomach, liver, kidneys, etc.

Weakness Drugs Chemical :

  • 1. Effect side. There are side effects of chemical drugs that can be either direct or indirect side effects or accumulated. This happens because chemicals are inorganic and pure while the body is organic and complex. So chemicals are not materials that really fit the body. The use of chemicals in the body is regarded as inevitable and of limited use which is acceptable and tolerable by the body.

  • 2. Often less effective for certain diseases. Beber a pa diseases have no cure, there are medications that only symptomatic and must be taken for life. Some diseases have not known the cause. Many patients routinely go to doctors without significant improvement and even worse.

  • 3. Prices which expensive because of import. Almost all the chemical drugs we use are from outside. This happens because to produce medicine we need high technology, usual high investment and long research time. Another reason da r i import the drug is drug production need trustworthy. Until now, the belief is mainly in some countries that are known to the drug producers. Expensive expensive materials consist of finished medicines, raw materials of drugs, packing materials, technology, equipment and machinery, experts and skilled workers. High prices occur because imports use foreign

currencies that fluctuate according to the exchange rate and also make uncertain availability.


Traditional Medicines Is ingredients or ingredients in the form of plant materials, animal materials, mineral materials, sari preparations (Jelinek) or a mixture of such ingredients that are down and down has been used for experiential treatment. Traditional medicine are medicines that are traditionally processed, hereditary, based on recipes of ancestors, customs, beliefs, or local customs, whether they are magic as well as traditional knowledge. According to the present study, traditional medicines are beneficial to health , and now intensified its use because it is easier to reach the public, both price, and availability. Traditional medicine is widely used at this time because according to some penne Litian does not cause side effects because they can be digested by the body. which defined as a natural remedy is the dosage, either in the form of traditional medicine, fitofarmaka and pharmaceutical, can be botanicals (ingredients fresh or dried), extract, group of compounds or the pure compound derived from nature, and specifically in this paper is with natural medicine is the medicine of origin plant.

Traditional medicine can also be defined as drugs of natural origin, without engineering or artificial, can be a drug commonly used traditionally, but how to make hypermodern. When the drug is intended for the animal is given a natural remedy ket moans "for the animals". In the table below can be seen a list of some medicinal plants that have potential development prospects.





Wild Ginger (Curcuma xantorrhiza oxb)

Hepatitis, artritis


Turmeric (Curcuma domestica Val)

Hepatitis, artritis, antiseptik


Garlic (Allium sativum Lynn)



Teak Netherlands (Guazuma ulmifolia Lamk)

Leaves Anti hyperlipidemia


Celery (Apium graveolens Linn)

Leaves Hypertension



Antiseptic Leaves


(Piper betle Linn)



Spinach (Amaranthus tricolor L)

Leaves and roots Anemia, dysentery, renal failure


Lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swiqk)

anti cough fruit


Bay leaf (Syzygium polyanthum (Wight.) Walp.)

Whole Plant Diarrhea, Maag, Diabetes, Drunk alcohol


Galangal (Alpinia galanga, Linn., Willd.)

Rheumatism, Lymphatic Pain, Sex Passion, Appetite, Bronchitis; Morbili, Panu


Ginger (Halia) (Zingibers officinale Rosc)

Analgesic Tubers. Antipyretic, antiinflammatory


Sambiloto (Adrographis paniculata Nees)

The whole plant leaves Antiseptic, diabetes mellitus


Papaya (Carica papaya Linn)

Gum Leaf Seed Source papain


In addition to the need for clothing, food, shelter, and education, health is also one of the basic human needs, because, with good health conditions and excellent body condition, humans can carry out the process of life, grow and run their activities properly. In the event of an illness or health problems, then the drug will be a part of an active role pe in noting pe efforts recovery these pain conditions. So far, health development has laid the science of Western medicine (modern) as the basis of the national health system, as well as the more numerous regulations and policies concerning modern medicine. On the other hand, referring to Eastern medicine's philosophy, human existence is not separate from the elements of the universe, which includes water, fire, earth, and air. The existence of humans in the midst of life must be viewed holistically. When humans are disturbed by their health, the harmony of their lives is disturbed. It is at this point that man needs medicine to restore his health.

Talking about natural medicine, its use can be traced sources of culture and the concept of health of some of the principles of view of which Ayurveda, Chinese, and Unani-Tibb (Wijesekera, 1991). The growing Ayurvedic system in India and the Southeast Asia region embraces the concept of restoration of health based on restoration and maintains the balance of the body under normal circumstances.The Chinese system, which develops in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, essentially

emphasizes the return of dynamic functional relationships between organs of the body. While the Unani-Tibb system that developed in the Middle East especially Egypt and Turkey, based on the concept of a systematic therapy. In Indonesia alone, the scientific basis of the concept of traditional medicine has not been systematically documented, but its benefits have been felt mainly by people living far from modern medical facilities.

The use of medicinal plants in the community is very broad, ranging from flavoring ingredients to industrial raw material medicines and cosmetics. In the public health system, however, the role of natural medicines is not yet fully acknowledged, although empirically the benefits of these natural remedies have been proven. As one example is the use of herbs as a powerful medicine, pain medication, preservation of limbs, pain reliever in the coming months and others, implies the very wide use of herbal medicine in the community. It is realized, that the production of herbal medicine has not been much touched by the results of research because among others due to the herbal manufacturers in general still cling to the ingredients that are passed down from generation to generation. As a result, until now traditional medicine is still an alternative medicine in addition to modern medicine.

Given the monetary crisis that plagued Indonesia and continued into a prolonged economic crisis, the impact of soaring prices of modern medicine drastically because more than 90% of raw materials depend on imports. Traditional medicine, which is the potential of the Indonesian nation, can therefore contribute to solving this problem and at the same time obtain and utilize the opportunity to act as an element in the public health service system, especially with the policy of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in 1999 to develop and utilize indigenous medicinal plants of Indonesia for pharmaceutical needs in Indonesia. The strong tendency to use treatment with natural ingredients is not only applicable in Indonesia, but also applies in many countries as these methods of treatment apply back to nature or back to nature that is believed to have fewer side effects than modern medicine.

Given the natural drug opportunities of taking part in the public health service system is large enough and to be an element of this system, natural medicine needs to be further developed in order to can meet the requirements of safety, efficacy, and quality.

Excess Held Traditional Medicine:

1. No side effects if used at normal doses. This happens because herbal medicine is composed of complex organic materials. In other words, herbal medicine can be considered as a significant food materials consumed in order to repair damaged organs or systems. Excess herbal medicines used certainly cause side effects as well as excess food. As a result, as the key, the

recommended dose for the use of herbs is dose traditional and slightly deductible.

  • 2. Effective, even for diseases that are difficult to treat medically. Based on written and oral hereditary experiences, and then studied from various

aspects such as botany, chemistry, and pharmacology.The approach in the use of herbs emphasized pad pharmacological aspects that are a function of these herbs in the treatment process.

  • 3. Low price and can be grown alone. Especially if we can plant ourselves by

making a family medicinal plant (TOGA) which includes plants for the treatment and maintenance of health. Price Will increase if the herbal medicine is obtained in the form of dried simplicia.Will increase again if consumed in the form or capsule. It will even be quite high if in extract form.

  • 4. The application is simpler. If the diagnosis is clear then treatment can be

done at home with the help of other family members.Doctors' help is needed for correct diagnosis based on laboratory data. Therapeutic recommendations may be given by doctors who are also herbalists, but the treatment can be at

home by family members


  • 1. Research Design

  • 2. This study uses a qualitative method. This method is very effective to use in the search for responses and be r Intersection because the view directly, so that research is more subjective and f descriptive and interpretation of information can date it in depth. While the design used in this study is a case study. The case study to the investigation phase of a study for men deep Lankan survey and process history as the path for causal explanation (causality). Nonetheless, the case study method is only a method of research and can not be used to describe or test a problem.

  • 3. Sample Tif quality Research has 2 respondents, pharmacist at the pharmacy Baraka and one respondent herbalist. M they have been selected for work in the world of pharmacology.

  • 4. Data collection Researchers then collect the data needed by using interviews and open interview, I nterview made one ti ap respondents during the week. Data collected ber j b Untuk asked a wab and video to further strengthen as documentation.


  • C. Respondents consisted of 2 persons, 1 pharmacist from a barock pharmacy and 1 herbalist from



Last education


Responden 1

Annisa/20 Tahun

D3 Farmasi


Responden 2




Question 1 : Comparison of the use of chemical drugs with traditional medicine according to society’s view?

Responden 1 : Traditional medicine treatment longer, Traditional medicine does not have BPOM average so people have more confidence with chemical- based drugs, but better efficacy with traditional medicine Responden 2 : the chemical drugs society in the view of the results more quickly because of the reaction of chemical-based drugs faster.










traditional/chemical medicine?




Responden 1

: Medicinal chemistry mostly female consumers are more likely

to adulthood

Responden 2 : Consumer traditional medicine most women aged 40 or older

Quetion 3

: For the price issue between traditional medicine and cheaper chemical which one?

Responden 1

: Most chemical drugs cheaper compared to traditional medicine.

Responden 2

: Obat tradisional dan obat kimia lebih murah


Question 4











traditional/chemical medicine?


Responden 1

: Effect of chemical drug side effects to the stomach and kidneys, more have a higher risk than traditional medicine

Responden 2

: Side effects of traditional drugs are safer than drugs made from chemicals

The information in d apat of two respondents that the comparison between traditional remedies with chemical-based drugs, people tend to mostly

prefer taking medication t traditional as well as easy to obtain nor does it have harmful side effects such as chemical-based drugs According to the pharmacist of drugs made from chemicals faster reaction than traditional medicine and the public trust the drug because a chemical than own BPOM, but more properties good traditional medicine than chemical drugs.

Consumers rat a drug chemically average adult woman, and for traditional medicine mostly elderly who consume it, and the price is relatively cheaper compared to chemical-based drugs made from traditional medicine. The side effects of chemical drugs have an effect on the stomach and kidneys, chemical-based drugs have a higher risk than traditional medicine and traditional medicine proved to be safer compared to chemical-based drugs.

  • D. CONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATION 1. Conclusion The drug is a material mix of materials used early treatment, mitigation, prevention, or diagnosis of a desease, physical abnormalities or symptoms in humans or animals, or in the recovery, repair or alteration of organic function in humans or animals.obat can be a synthesized material in the body (eg: Hormone, vitamin D) or are chemicals that are not synthesized in the body. Traditional medicine can also be defined as drugs of natural origin, without engineering or artificial, can be a drug commonly used traditionally, but how to make it in modern. Drug chemistry is a drug derived from chemicals, certain that can be used to reduce pain and slow the growth of the disease. Consumers of medicines made up of the average female adult, and for traditional medicine, most elderly who consume it, and the price is relatively cheaper chemicals compared drugs made from traditional. The side effects of chemical drugs have an effect on the stomach and kidneys, chemical-based drugs have a higher risk than traditional medicine and traditional medicine proved to be safer compared to chemical-based drugs. According to the view of pharmacists and herbalist traditional medicine is more safe to consume than chemical drugs, because traditional medicine has no side effects and can easily be in the community. In addition, traditional medicine is also a greater benefit in the appeal of chemicals.