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Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Special events in
Dawson Creek:
4th Annual Winter

Holiday Skate

Community Christmas In Iceland, the holiday season officially kicks off with the delivery of
Concert the Bokatidindia catalogue of every new book published in Iceland.
Place at the Table Jlabkafl, or Yule Book Flood, originated during World War II
when foreign imports were restricted, but paper was cheap. Icelands
Soul Sisters Tribe
population was not large enough to support a year-round publishing
Rotary Christmas industry, so book publishers flooded the market with new titles in the
final weeks of the year.
Old Fashioned

Craft Fairs

Christmas in DC

Skate with Santa

and so much more!

The tradition of exchanging books on Christmas Eve, spending the

evening in bed reading and eating chocolate has become a cultural

Iceland might be the best place in the world to be a book lover. 93% of
Icelanders read at least one book a year and Iceland ranks as the third
most literate country in the world. In Iceland, one in ten people will
publish a book in their lifetime, and in 2011 Reykjavk was designated
a UNESCO City of Literature.

How do you pronounce jlabkafl?

yo-la-bok-a-flot, or listen here.
Literacy Now Community Newsletter
Knit Night every Thursday evening at Faking Sanity from 6:30 to 8:30pm.
Bring your knitting or any other craft and enjoy some great company!

18th Annual Place at the Table Christmas Concert at the First Baptist
Church. Presented by the Peace Songwriters. Hot apple cider, goodies, and
door prizes and lots of great music! Friday, December 1st at 7 pm Doors open
at 6:30pm. Admission is by cash donation with all proceeds going to the
Salvation Army for Christmas Food Hampers.

Knit Night
Community Christmas Concert at the South Peace United Church
Sanctuary. Saturday, December 2nd at 7pm. Admission by cash donation to
Food for Kids and the Churches Benevolent Fund.

KPAC's Nightmare Before Christmas Craft Fair and Program Exhibition.

Saturday, December 2nd from 11-4 pm. Enjoy a few performances, some tea,
and treats while you get some Christmas Sopping done. Vendors will be on
Q: How can you tell if hand.
Santa is a
KPAC is hosting the United Nation's Day of Persons with Disabilities Film
Festival. Sunday, December 3rd from 2-5 pm. Admission by donation.

A: Look for Santa KPAC presents The Nutcracker Ballet on Saturday, December 9th at
Claws! 7pm at Unchagah Hall. Tickets are $15 in advance, or $20 at the door.
Commemorative programs will be available for $10.

The Dawson Creek Choral Society presents 'Once Upon a December' Winter
Gala Concert. Friday, December 15th at 7pm at Unchagah Hall. Tickets are
$15 (children under 6 are free) available at Simple Pleasures and the Alcan

BP Art and Appie Night on Monday, December 18th from 8-10 pm.
Presented by the Dawson Creek Art Gallery. Christmas Decor Craft. Tickets
are $20 and are only available at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery 250-782-

Ladies Wine and Art Night at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery. Saturday,
December 16th from 7:30-9:30 pm. Come and enjoy a glass of wine in a fun
and relaxed atmosphere. Christmas Craft Dcor. Tickets are $20 each at the
Dawson Creek Art Gallery 250-782-2601.

The Dawson Creek Choral Society will be offering Kindermusik! Classes

starting January 8th. Register at KPAC at 250-782-9325.

Our Home Routes Concert Series returns in the New Year with Dirty Dishes,
a country-bluegrass-gospel trio from Ontario. Friday, February 9th at 7:30
pm at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery. Tickets are $20 in advance or at the
door. Check out their video Midnight Fire.
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Q. When does Christmas

come before

A. In the Dictionary!

Q. What did Mrs. Claus

say when she looked
to the sky?

A. It looks like rain


Click on the Peanuts Gang to open a

Christmas playlist for the office or home!
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Q. What do snowmen
eat for breakfast?

A. Frosted Flakes!

The Seniors Computer Club at the Coop Cafe will resume on

January 10th. Thank you to everyone who attened over the fall!

Seniors Game Time at the Dawson Creek Public Library, the

first Thursday of every month from 10:30 until noon. Join
Literacy Now for the next games time on December 7th light
refreshments compliments of the library.
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Did you know?

Early illustrations of St.
Nicholas make him out to
be a stern symbol of
discipline rather than the
jolly fellow that children
know today.
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Q. Which one of Santas

reindeer also works
on Valentines Day?

A. Cupid!
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Paul McCartney earns

nearly half a million
dollars every year from
his Christmas song,
which many critics
regards as his worst
song ever.
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Q. Why do mummies
like Christmas so

A. Because of all the

Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Q. Why are Christmas

trees bad at knitting?

A. They always drop their


The tradition of putting

oranges in Christmas
stockings started in the
12th century when
French nuns left socks
full of fruit and nuts at
the houses of the poor.
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

The Christmas Candy Cane

originated in Germany
about 250 years ago.
According to the story, a
choirmaster in 1670 was
worried about the
children sitting quietly
through the long
Christmas nativity service,
so he gave them
something to eat to keep
them quiet. Because he
wanted to remind them of
Christmas, he made them
in to the shape of a
shepherds hook to
remind them of the
shepherds who visited the
baby Jesus.
Sometime around 1900
the red stripes were
added, and they were
flavoured with
peppermint or
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Q: Whats the best

Christmas present?

A: A broken drum. You

just cant beat it!

Q: How much did Santa

pay for his sleigh?

A: Nothing! It was on the

Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Write a letter to Santa

at the address below!
Make sure to include
your return address so
Santa can write back!

Santa Claus
North Pole
H0H 0H0

Note: letters to Santa

do NOT require
postage. We're
honoured to help Santa
respond to his mail and
proud to help teach
children valuable
literacy skills.
Courtesy: Canada Post
Literacy Now Community Newsletter


Many people know of

Saint Nicholas being
the basis of Santa
Claus, but the
practice of stocking-
stuffing can be
traced back to his
charitable donations
in the 4th
century. Beyond St.
Nick, the practice
can be traced back to
countries that still
held their Pagan
beliefs. Children
would leave their
shoes full of carrots,
straw, or other
similar foods for
Odins mythic horse,
Sleipnir. When
Sleipnir ate the food,
Odin would leave
candy or other treats
in their place.
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Christmas pudding has

its roots in medieval
English sausages, when
fat, spices and fruits (the
best preservatives of
their day) were mixed
with meats, grains and
vegetables and packed
into animal stomachs
and intestines so they
would keep as long as
possible. The first
records of plum
puddings date to the
early 15th century,
when plum pottage, a
savory concoction
heavy on the meat and
root vegetables, was
served at the start of a
meal. Then as now, the
plum in plum pudding
was a generic term for
any dried fruitmost
commonly raisins and
currants, with prunes
and other dried,
preserved or candied
fruit added when
available. By the end of
the 16th century, dried
fruit was more plentiful
in England and plum
pudding made the shift
from savory to sweet.

The Dawson Creek Public Library will be hosting a

Family Christmas Event on Saturday, December 9th at 2 pm.

Come and enjoy an afternoon of kids crafts, Christmas carols

with Barb Munro and refreshments.
There will also be a special guest all the way
from the North Pole.
Please come and join the staff for an afternoon of
Christmas tidings and good will.
Literacy Now Community Newsletter
Clark Griswolds
disappointing Jelly of the
Month Club bonus is worth
about $177 in the 1989
comedy National
Lampoons Christmas

Its a Wonderful Life

grossed $3.3 Million during
its movie theatre run in
1946-1947. Pretty good
except it cost $3.7 Million
to make!

The Polar Express never

reveals the name of the
main character
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Have you been naughty?

According to tradition,
naughty children receive
coal in their Christmas
stockings. In 2014, Canada
produced 69 million tonnes
of coal. Thats a lot of
naughty Canadians!

Canadians purchased
5.3 Million litres of eggnog
in 2014.

Click Me
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Since classical
antiquity, the wreath
has been used as a
symbol of power and
strength. In Rome and
Greece, kings and
emperors often wore
laurel wreathes as
crowns a practice they
themselves borrowed
from the Etruscans, who
predated them. The
Greeks and the Romans
connected the laurel
wreath to their sun god,
Apollo, and considered
the crown to embody
his values. Harvest
wreathes the
predecessors to our
modern decorations
were used in rituals for
good harvests, and
predate even written
history. Ancient
European animists often
used evergreen in their
wreathes to symbolize
strength and fortitude,
as an evergreen will live
through even the
harshest of winters.
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Q: What do you get

when Santa stops

A: A Santa Pause

Q: What kind of bug

hates Christmas?

A: A humbug
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Mistletoe is a parasitic
plant which perches on a
tree branch and absorbs
nutrients from the trunk
hardly one of the most
romantic forms of life. But
it has been inspiring people
to go at it for generations.
Mistletoe has a large
mythological background
across many cultures.
Mistletoe was believed to
carry the male essence,
and by extension, romance,
fertility, and vitality.
Its use as decoration stems
from the fact that it was
believed to protect homes
from fire and lightning. It
was commonly hung at
Christmas time only to
remain there all year until
being replaced by another
sprig next Christmas. The
process by which mistletoe
became associated with
kissing is currently
unknown, but it was first
recorded in 16th century
England as a very popular
practice. Mistletoe carries
a pretty good legacy, for a
parasite of a plant that
causes diarrhea and
stomach pain when
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Q. Why is Santa good at


A. He has a black belt!

Q. What do you get if

you cross mistletoe and
a duck?

A. A Christmas Quacker
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Q. What is a parents
favourite Christmas

A. Silent Night

Q. Why was Santas

helper depressed?

A. He had low elf-


Q. Why was the squirrel

upset at Christmas?

A. He received NUT-in
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Judge: What are you

charged with?
Prisoner: Doing my
Christmas shopping early
Judge: Thats not an
offense. How early were
you doing this shopping?
Prisoner: Before the store

Q. What do you get if

you cross mistletoe and
a duck?

A. A Christmas Quacker

Q. Why is Santa good at


A. He has a black belt!

Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Q. What do you call

Santa when he has no

A. Saint Nickel-less

Q. What did one candle

say to the other?

A. Im going out


Calling all girls.. Explore the Magic of YOU!
We will create a nurturing environment for you to discover the beauty of being you.
Through sharing, mindfulness, guided meditation and an introduction to the yogic
lifestyle we will explore worry and stress, where it hides in our bodies and tools to
help us manage and move with it. We will introduce the concepts of self-care and
self-love and together gently discover the power behind these actions. We live in a
world of constant stress and judgment and it is our hope to provide you with tools and
knowledge to get through your days with confidence and grace. We are offering
groups for girls 9-12yrs and another for teens 13yrs+.
Please join us! To register contact Angela or Krystal
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

Q. What kind of bird

can write?

A. A pen-guin

Q. Why did the turkey

join the band?

A. He had the
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

The origins of eggnog in the

U.S. are older than the
country itself. The first
batch was made at Captain
John Smith's Jamestown
settlement in 1607. It's said
the colonists called their
mixture "egg and grog," the
latter being a then-
common term for any drink
made with rum. The name
was eventually shorened to
"egg'n'grog" and later,
eggnog. The adult version
of the beverage contains
milk, sugar, beaten eggs,
some kind of liquor
(brandy, rum or whiskey
are common) and spices
such as ground cinnamon
and nutmeg.

Q. What do you get if

you cross mistletoe and
a duck?

A. A Christmas Quacker
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

The worst gift is a

fruitcake. There is only
one fruitcake in the
entire world, and
people keep sending it
to each other.
~ Johnny Carson

Q. What do you get if

you cross mistletoe and
a duck?

A. A Christmas Quacker
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

The two most joyous

times of year are
Christmas morning and
the end of school
~ Alice Cooper
Literacy Now Community Newsletter

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