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Eliot, a worker at the U.S consulate, calls Rymer very early in the morning. He tells him
that a dead man has appeared at the side entrance of the consulate, and he asks him
for help. Rymer goes there, and they both try to find out how the man ended up dead.
The dead man its really well dressed, but it has no shoes, and has a small capsule that
contains a liquid. Rymer takes the capsule for later analysis and enters the consulate.
A mysterious man, after listening Rymer and Elliot, smiles looking at Rymers hotel key.
The police arrives at the scene of the crime, and then an ambulance. Rymer goes back
to the hotel. In the way, he sees a mysterious woman in the cafe Los Pinos. Becouse of
the dead man, there is no one at reception. An old woman that speaks English chats
with Rymer. Afterwards, Rymer collects its key, but when he enters in his room a man
hits him in the back He breaks the capsule and then gets away through the fire exit.
Rymer writes down his car number, and calls Eliot. Elliot gives him a case with a note
containing the address of the car owner and a gun.
Rymer goes to the car owners house, a dangerous private investigator. He finds
Aguado dead, with a bottle of whiskey and two small glasses. He tries to discover how
has ended up dead, but hears a strange noise and exits the house. He goes to Plaza
Mayor and waits for Elliot.
A few meters for Rymer a man and a woman talk about killing Rymer, and the woman
reads a mysterious note.
Elliot and Rymer talk about the dead man and Aguado. Elliot says that the dead man
died of poisoning, but the analysis shows that the liquid wasnt poison. Then they
arrive to the conclusion that someone hired Aguado after finding out Rymer was
investigating. The killer realized a capsule was left on the body and sends Aguado to
get it. Aguado takes Rymers room key when he leaves it in the hotel and waits for
him. But how did the killer knew about Rymer investigating the crime? He probably is
accommodated in the room next to Rymers, and heard the conversation. But how did
Aguado returned Rymers hotel key? They suspect of Luis, the receptionist.
The 2 misterious people talk about going to the capital.
Rymer goes back to the hotel, and has a drink at the bar. He is in a bad mood because
no one in town recognizes the dead man. And no one noticed anything different the
night he died. He talks with Luis, and he tells him that he didnt see anyone like
Aguado. Rymer thinks that he tells the truth. Then he has a drink with Mr.Strelsky, and
asks her if she saw anyone suspicious the morning of the murder. She tells him about a
man, but he left the city earlier. Afterwards goes for a little walk, and ends up in the
Rialto cinema. Then he hears a loud noise.
The sound grows louder, and then a group of teenagers comes out of a green door.
The door is a side entrance of the Rialto cinema. He thinks how the dead man could
have watched a filmed, took of its shoes, get poisoned and got out of the cinema by
the side entrance, ending in the consulate. Rymer goes back to the hotel to check in
the newspaper if the cinema had any films the night of the murder, but it didnt.
Anyway, when goes to the cinema to ask for information. A worker tells him that there
werent any films, but that there was a theatre group practicing for their play in the
Elliot tells Rymer that the liquid in the capsule was glycerin, a harmless substance.
Rymer buys a night ticket to the capital to investigate the theater group. When
entering the train, he sees the girl of the caf looking shocked, the someone pulls the
blinds down. Then he finds out that they are on the same carriage. Rymer wonders if
the girl is part of the theatre group. Its name is triangle, so they participants would be
the girl, the person she was with and the director. He thinks about it and the goes to
When Rymer wakes up the couple had already left the train. He books a room and
goes to the hotel. He is about to leave for breakfast when he sees a leaflet of an Art
Festival. He discovers that the Triangle group is performing in 2 days at the Imperial
Theater. But the main actor is not from the group,it is a really popular actor that has
been invited.
Katrina and the other person plan on killing Rymer by locking him in the dressing room
and then shooting him. Katrina does not want to kill Rymer, but the other person says
its the only person that can prove they killed the man.
On Thursday Rymer goes to the theatre to see the play. He had bought the tickets the
previous day. Once inside, he takes the programme and sees Triangles act is after the
interval, so he goes to the bar to make time. After the interval the act starts. Katrina
appears in the centre of the stage and she tells the history of the play. Then Kratina
and the famous actor start a dialogue about her marrying him. In one point the man
throws his shoes. The play finishes, and Rymer thinks about the murder. The
mysterious liquid was fake tears and the dead man had no shoes because he took
them off during rehearsal. The poison was probably on the wine. But who is the
director? Rymer asks an agent if he could meet the director, and he gives him a note.
The note is from the director, and it says to wait for him till 12 oclock. At 12 oclock
Rymer enters the dressing room, but he hears someone lock the door behind him.
Katrina is in front of him, but then the lights go out.
Someone tells Rymer to not move. Rymer knows the voice, but doesnt whose it is.
Then the voice goes higher and the person appears, its Mrs. Strelski. She tricked Rymer
the whole time. The she tells what happened: Katarina, her daughter was in love with
Czerny (the dead man). But reading some letters, she finds out that Czerny has already
a family in Argentina, and that he is only with Katarina for the money. She tells her
daughter but she doesnt believe her. Then Strelski drugs him to sleep him so she can
prove he is cheating Ktrina. Then he dies, but they dont know until the next day. But
Aguado finds out first, and Strelski has no choice but to hire him. Then she heard
Rymers conversation and sent Aguado to the crime scene. Aguado found out about
the capsule, and attacked Rymerto get it back. Then he asks Strelski more money, and
she decides to kill him.
But Rymer knows that Strelski killed Czeny on purpose because the poison she used to
sleep him was deadly. He tells her that she killed Czeny because she couldnt stand
Katrina daughter marrying him and leaving her alone. Then Strelski tries to kill him, but
Katrina had taken out the bullets. Katrina knew her mother was lying because the
letter was not typed in Argentina, but in the city of Rosca. Then katrina takes the gun
and her mother starts crying.