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Teaching Practice Task 5: Guided Math

Lesson Plan Activity Description
(Describe how you will teach All got it! Most got it! Some got it! I need to
the guided math) Ready for reteach
the next
level up
Lesson 1: Each group will have They did the
[Enter an ice-cream cone. (LA activity in right
Date] and MA will have one way and all of
LO ice-cream cone and the groups finish
(E/D/M): one ice-cream cup, HA it, but the part of
will have two ice- write and draw
cream cone with the tree
different shape and Complications on
one ice-cream cup) A4 paper was
hard and need
Each group will have more time. So,
an ice-cream flavor. ( next them the
LA will have two will only write
flavors, MA and HA without drawing.
will have three

The students will

match each ice-cream
cone and cup with all
the flavors that they

They will write and

draw the tree
Complications on A4
Lesson 2: Each group will have a They did the
[Enter different t-shirt and activity in
Date] skits with different right way
LO colors. (all the groups but it toke
(E/D/M): will have three from them
different t-shirt color, more time
LA will have two skits because the
color, MA three skits numbers
color, HA four skits were larger.
color) Also, the
The students have to part of write
match all skits colors and draw
with each t-shirt. After the tree
that each students Complicatio
had A5 paper and they ns on A4
have to write the paper was
combination of the t- hard and
shirt colors with skits need more

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colors time. So,
next them
the will only
Lesson 3: Each student had a This
[Enter small hand that had activity
Date] (combination tree) so was very
LO the students had to successful
(E/D/M): write multiplication and easy
equation and the for them.
answer on the
LA (red hand) had two
different flowers with
three different colors.
MA (yellow hand) had
three different flowers
with three different
colors. HA (green
hand) had three
different flowers with
four different colors.
The students will
write the numbers of
the flowers and
multiplied by the
number of the colors,
then the will count the
combinations and
write the answer.
Lesson 4: Each group will have a It was very
[Enter multiplication difficult for
Date] equation and they them and
LO have to present this more
(E/D/M): equation using challenging;
materials in the however, HA
classroom or by did it in a
drawing. right way.
LA will have 2x4=.
MA will have 3x4=. HA
will have 4x4=. So, LA
can bring to different
books and different
pen colors.
Then they have to
draw and write the
multiplication tree.

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