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Lesson Plan Template

Name of Student Teacher : Moza Jasim School: Ishbiliasch School

Please note: You need to refer to the MOE/Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) curriculum
documents for the Cycle 1 learning outcomes and explanatory notes, where there are
ideas for activities. You will note that some examples have been added to this lesson plan

Date & Duration of lesson Number of Students Grade & Age

15\10\2017 28 Grade 3 \ Section 2
Sunday Age : 8 years old
Personal Learning Aims:
By the end of this lesson students will be able to use their imagination to write paragraph about
what you want to be in future
Subject: Strand:
English. Unit Four.
The lesson about ( Write paragraph )

Learning Outcomes (refer to MOE/ADEC Resources

Learning Outcome: (ADEC) Opening
Students will be able to Picture for the classroom rules.
The student can write paragraph with Reward system.
all the standards. Picture about jobs.
Activity 1 Activity 2
No Need for any Picture about job.
resources Sticky note.
because the
teacher will use
the board.
Activity 3 Activity 4
Small Paper. No Need for any
Supporting activities based on grouping considerations ( See MOE/ ADEC document)
Opening: Engage and teaching part. Time: 1o minutes
(consider prior learning, motivation, overview and the presentation of the learning outcome)

The teacher and the students they will put the classroom rules together by showing them a picture such
as (eyes, mouths and hand) then the students they will say what they should do. And if they didn't and
misbehave so they will put the punishment.
The teacher will show them their reward system and she will explain it for them.
The teacher will put the picture about the different job on the board and she will ask the student what
you see, so the teacher will choose random students to write their answer under the picture on the
Then the teacher will teach them what the standards to write the paragraph. (Teaching part).

Practice Activities (use groupings as required) Time: 25 minutes.

Describe the activities and what the students will be doing. Consider differentiated activities.

Activity 1 Activity 2
So to teach the student how they can write that first they The teacher will give each group a picture of different job and
for each student a sticky note to write their answer and a
should do the brainstorm to help them so the teacher will
keyword if they want in 5 seconds, then the teacher will ask
ask the students. What would you be in the future? and them to put a sticky note on the picture to discuss together.
then the teacher will draw a brainstorm in the board for
the student imagination about job. Then the teacher and
students will discuss the answer that in a brainstorm.
Activity 3 Activity 4
The teacher will give each student a small paper to write a The teacher will do this activity in peer so each student will
paragraph about jobs using a sticky note that they put it discuss about the topic jobs then each student will write own
under the picture in activity two. paragraph after finish they will read for each other the
paragraph that they wrote it. Then the teacher will ask the
students how want to share in front of the students.
Closing/ Conclusion: Time: 10 minutes.
Consider a review of what the students did during the practice activities and ensure that all students
are assessed for learning.
For the closing activity The teacher will let the student write a small paragraph then she will collect the
book and will check if their answer is correct or not.

The Process of the Lesson

Teaching Strategies Individual work I Choose this strategy in my teaching to
Group working change the routine and the traditional
way of teaching and each strategy has an
impact on the students such as I do the
group work to help each other and to
develop their communication skills. And I
did the individual work to make sure the
students understand the lesson.
Classroom Management Bell To be able to control the students in the
Strategies Pausing classroom or while the teacher teaching
the student she or he should follow some
strategy in which not follow the
traditional way so what I do that I use the
bell and pausing and it's so effective on
my classroom.
Transitions Count down The teacher needs a strategy to move
Timer from activity to other or area to another
area so what I do in my classroom to
move from activity to other two things
the first one is a countdown to remind
them about the time and to be able to
finish the activity and that teach the
student how to be at the time. The
second strategy is using a bell to get their
attention but both of the strategy
effective by using bell more effective
because it's their sound and strong sound
and this get the student attention.
Assessment Strategies Asking question One of the teachers responsibility that
during the activity by makes sure the students understand
(can you see for me the lesson or the instruction that she
what we should do gives to the student while they do the
or how you get the activity. What I do with the
answers). Assessment strategy that I ask the
student a question while they doing
the activity or before they start to
doing the activity, so, I think its
effective because if the students not
with me, I will get their attention by
asking them what should we do in this
General Comments
The first part of the lesson was good and the strategy when I put picture The job on the board and ask
the student what you see so this is a part of the open-ended question to let all the student involved. So
in the next part of the lesson is practice activities went well The students were active But I faced some
problem. Such as The student was a low ability and they dont know how to spell some words so this
take a time to let them know how to spell the word specially the low ability student and I focus on them
but in this listen I didnt make a lot of hands on activity in the closing like how the ending The listen by
checking on them especially the lower ability notebook because The listen by checking on them
specially the lower ability notebook because if they Understand I will put special planned for them to
develop their skills. I note from the student they dont know the spelling of the word they asked their
friend about it and they help them its Good idea I develop their communication skills with a friend.
Recommendations / future personal targets / areas of focus
Next time when I teach the English lesson I would to do a lot of hands on activity Because that make
the students feel active And differentiation the activity.