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Zareena Bi
Rise above challenges
You have the right to be the best you can be
and for that you will have to rise above the chal-
lenges that the world throws at you.
These were the strong words of encourage-
ment and motivation for the year 13 students of
Central College during their convocation night
on November 2 at the Sugar Cane Growers Hall
in Lautoka by Chief Guest the Senior Education
Officer Western Mereoni Matanitabua.
You may find that the world throws indif-
ference at you and you will find yourself facing
prejudice and intolerance.
You may even find that the world will laugh
at your dreams or that people will discourage
you from achieving your dreams, your goals and
your aspirations.
I am sure as young graduants of Central Col-
lege you will rise above these challenges.
Ms Matanitabua added that the end of high
school is also a time for reflection for the stu-
dents as up to this point in their lives most things
have been decided by their parents , teachers
and elders.
From now on it is up to you to choose so be
sure to make choices that are formed by your
heart and not about what others say or think.
Your contribution to the world will not be
measured by the money you make or the awards
and praises you receive tonight but rather by the
way your share your unique gifts with the world
and the only place to find those gifts is to look
within yourselves.
Remember to hold on to your values set by
your parents, your work ethics set by your teach-
ers and Central College as a whole and most im-
portantly your humility as it is these qualities
that will guide you further on your journey.
The Chief Guest also commended the staff
of Central College for organizing such a grand Chief guest Senior Education Officer Western Mereoni Matanitabua (middle) with Lautoka
function to ensure that for the year 13 students Central College Principal Arvin Prasad and School Head Boy Vilesh Deo (right) with Head Girl
high school ended on a very high note. Hannah Mario cutting the special cake during their convocation night. Photo: Sanjay Goundar
02 NEWS NOVEMBER 25, 2017

Prophet taught us respect Social media impacts students

for nature

Minister for Local Government Praveen Bala with the Dux of Lautoka Muslim
College Lepani Soroverata and his emotional parents. Photo: Sanjay Goundar

Zareena Bi sites in real time regardless of the geo-

graphical locations or distance.
The end of yet another school year One of the main issues that have
Senior members of the Maunatul Islam Association of Fiji with Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum at is a time of reflection for students, emerged is Corrupted moral values as
the Prophet Mohammed Day celebration at the Maruru Jame Mosque in Ba. Photo: Supplied parents and teachers on what has been there is increasing complains about the
achieved during the year and the strate- drastic changes in childrens behavior
Source: DINFO including an environmentalist through his deeds and gies to put into place to make the up- by parents and teachers.
we need to take care of our environment and give our coming year more productive. Students can now easily access dif-
Love and respect for Mother Nature was one of the nation the respect it deserves. During this years Annual Awards ferent materials such as pornographic
many great teachings of Prophet Mohammed. The AG was joined by special speakers of the Is- night at Lautoka Muslim College Chief videos and images that corrupt their
Speaking at the Maunatul Islam Association of Fi- lamic faith from India who highlighted the unique Guest Minister for Local Government, morals. Youths are very daring and
jis annual Prophet Mohammed birthday celebration bond that all Fijians share. Urban Development, Housing and En- will try to imitate everything they see
at the Maruru Jame Mosque in Ba on December 3, The peace and tolerance in a country like Fiji is a vironment Parveen Bala stressed to the on those social media networks.
Attorney General and Ministry for Economy Aiyaz blessing and I pray that this peace remains for eterni- students to move away from social me- The result is dangerous and unac-
Sayed Khaiyum reiterated the need for Fijians espe- ty, Maulana Ahmad Nakshabandi from Hyderabad dia sites like Facebook and concentrate ceptable habits and practices such as
cially those from the Islamic faith to live their lives said. more on their school work. prostitution and use of drugs that sig-
that mirror the life of the Prophet Mohammed. The people of Fiji are so welcome respectful that This call needs to be taken seriously nificantly affects their life. Social me-
We need to do away with many of our current the world needs to learn alot of things from your as the negative effects of social media dia has even caused suicidal behavior
practices of the many things that we need to change, country. sites cannot be denied on todays youth and the recent increase in the number
one of the most critical aspects is the love and re- The AG was accompanied by Minister for Tourism especially the students as they can of suicide cases amongst the youth in
spect for nature, he said. and Land Faiyaz Koya. now communicate and share thoughts the country is proof of this.
The Holy Prophet Mohammed was many things through the various social media web-


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Congratulations to Artika Kumar

Congratulations to James Fong for successfully graduating with
for successfully completing your Bachelor in Education Primary
Pre-School Education DIRECTORS
25 Balawa Street, Director: Alex Fong Mobile: 833 4049 P.O Box 4555, Lautoka
P.O Box 1519, Lautoka Email: Email:
Mobile: 9246938 / 9995688



LCC enforces Tobacco Control Act

Lautoka City Councils senior staff members with the Commitment to Business Excellence Award at LCCs Director Health Service Gyneshwar Rao receiving the award from Minister for
the 2017 FBEA at Sheraton Fiji Resort. Photos: Sanjay Goundar Tourism Faiyaz Koya at the 2017 FBEA.

Lautoka City Council officers after undergoing training by chewing tobacco, smoking in public place, failure to ensure toilet accessible by the public, any classroom, lecture room or
the Tobacco Control Unit have been authorized to enforce that no person smokes in a public place, failure to ensure that a lecture theatre,any area of the shop or retail place accessible by
Tobacco Control Act 2010 and Tobacco Control Regulations NO SMOKING sign is clearly and conspicuously displayed the public, any eating house, any designated no-smoking zone
2012. in a public place. in a tavern, bar or nightclub.
This empowers the officers of the council to issue fixed The law requires that no person shall conduct in the whole To date, Lautoka Council officers have issued about 20 fixed
penalty notice on offences such as distributing free sample of or in part, the business of selling tobacco products including penalty notices to offenders smoking in public place[ON
tobacco product, supplying tobacco to persons under 18 years SUKI by retail, or wholesale without first being registered. SPOT FINE-$200.00], sale of tobacco products in small quan-
of age, , not placing clear and prominent notice inside the retail The public places that are classified as NO SMOKING tities or loose rolls [ON SPOT FINE-$1000.00], failure to en-
outlet notifying the prohibition of sale of tobacco products to areas includes:- amusement center, theatre and sports stands, sure that a NO SMOKING sign is clearly and conspicuously
persons under the age of 18 years, failure to request document Hospital and Clinics, Lifts and elevators, Public service ve- displayed in a public place[ON SPOT FINE-$1000.00].
of identification prior to selling tobacco product to any person hicles, airport terminal building, eating houses, Bus stations, Members of the public are to take heed and adhere to the
suspected to be under 18 years of age, selling less than 10 ciga- Internet shops, water transport. provisions of the laws. Anyone found breaching the law will
rettes in package, sale of tobacco products in small quantities, The public places classified as SMOKE FREE areas in- be issued spot fines and will be liable for legal proceedings.
permitting the sale of tobacco products in small quantities, sale cludes:- any workplace accessible by public, any enclosed
of confectionery and toys resembling tobacco product, selling entranceway, foyer, lobby, stairway, passageway, elevator or


Competition enhanced school environment

Winners of the 2017 Lautoka Clean Schools competition with council staff members and invited guests. Photos: Sanjay Goundar

Sanjay Goundar

The clean schools competition organised by the Lautoka

City Council for the last seven years has played a crucial role
in enhancing the clean and tidy environment at several schools
in the district.
Speaking at the 2018 Lautoka Clean Schools Competition on
November 15 Divisional Education Officer Western Ratu Jo-
sefa Gavidi pointed out that the competition has really changed
the mindset of many schools.
Gavidi revealed that the positive outcome of the competition
is quite visible when his education officers enter the premises
of a number of schools.
Unlike before we now have many clean and tidy com-
pounds of all those schools that are part of this competition.
Schools are now putting a lot of emphasis in thoroughly
beautifying their environment as well through practising of the
3R concept.
I take my hat off to the Lautoka City Council as through this
program they have not only brought assistance to the schools
but they have also assisted the Ministry of Education in a way
that the schools are maintained now according to our require-
ments and standards.
Mr Gavidi revealed that the education office in the near fu-
ture will try to get the clean schools program implemented at
all schools not only in Lautoka but throughout the western di- Overall winners in the Urban Schools category Lautoka Arya Samaj with their spoils from Divisional Education Officer
vision. Western Ratu Josefa Gavidi
LCC Director Health Service Gyneshwar Rao informed that
early this year invitation was extended to 51 schools in the dis-
trict to take part in the competition and 31 chose to participate.
Mr Rao revealed that this is indicative of the commitment
and willingness of all stakeholders to replicate the good envi-
ronmental practices to our children and communities.
I applaud the joint partnership of Ministry of Education,
Department of Environment, management and teachers of re-
spective schools and staffs of LCC for the facilitation of the
I am optimistic that we will continue to expand this initia-
tive and make it a bigger and much anticipated event in the
calendar of all Lautoka Schools.
Meanwhile, Lautoka Arya Samaj Primary School once again
won the overall winners award in the urban schools category
while Sathya Sai Primary School scooped the rural schools ti-
Lautoka Arya Samaj was declared winners in the Environ-
mental Awareness and Composting categories while Tilak
High School won in the Recycling category for urban schools.
In the rural schools category Lovu Sangam won in the En-
vironmental Awareness category, Sathya Sai won the compost-
ing division while Drasa Primary School won the Recycling
Overall winners in the rural schools category Sathya Sai receive their spoils from Chief Guest Ratu Josefa Gavidi


06 NEWS NOVEMBER 25, 2017


Moce 2017! Bula 2018!

Its the end of another school year. This signals the count-
down to the end of another year and welcoming another.
As we bid farewell to 2017, we take this moment to reflect
on what has transpired in our daily lives for the last 365
Has it been a productive year for you? Have you taken
the right steps to achieve your goals? Did you step out of
your comfort zone, took risks to achieve something out of
the ordinary?
Have we secured a better future for ourselves and our chil-
They are more than 365 ideas running in our mind each
year as we try to better our standard of living through sac-
rifices and hard work.
Some may just move on with time and go with the flow,
while others are very particular with what they do for a liv-
ing each day and every year.
For a life of a student, each year he or she sets a target
to excel in school. Those in Year 9 and Year 11, they get
to concentrate solely on the mid-year and annual examina-
For those in Year 10, Year 12 and Year 13, they prepare
themselves accordingly for external examination.
With all these done and dusted, schools have rewarded
their students during the annual prize giving ceremonies
Year 11 student of Nadi Muslim College Kelemedi Gukirewa receiving the $1,000 cheque from USP Lautoka Campus Director
around the country.
Dr Pramila Devi for being the first runner up in the USPs regional essay competition. Photo: Supplied
Some have seen their hard work being recognised with
attractive prizes while others are still pondering what went It was a proud moment for year 12 student of Swami Vive- I spent a week to write up the essay and it was a quite in-
wrong. kananda College, Vanessa Mitchell, as she was awarded first teresting experience for me, being a first timer, Mitchell said.
While we may say that not all can be winners, it is ones prize winner of USPs Essay Writing Competition in category My dad was a great motivator, coming from a Journalism
paramount responsibility to review their academic work two, having competed with students from schools around the background, and I am thankful to him for his encouragement
each year and strive for excellence in the next sitting. region. and guidance.
It is important to gradually show improvement each year The 17 year old scholar was awarded an Acer laptop and The competition was organised by USP during its Open Day,
or in every examination if one is to stay in the race for top velocity package while her school received FJD2000. Mr in light of the universitys 50th Anniversary in 2018 and sec-
honours. Arunesh Chandra and Ms Siniva Laupepa, on behalf of USP ondary schools within USP member countries in the Pacific re-
To those that are preparing to begin their tertiary educa- Laucala, presented the prizes at the schools Annual Awards gion were invited to participate.
tion, it is beginning of another journey but in a new envi- Day event in Nadi on Thursday, 23rd November, 2017. The essay topic was How USP contributes to the sustainable
ronment. Mitchell, who is originally from Vanualevu said she was development of the Pacific region with examples and how you
Those that are heading for secondary school from primary thrilled yet surprised with her first-place win as she said a lot of see USP shaping the future of youths in the region. The com-
school, its just a step up from Year 8 but which will now her fellow students participated and worked hard for this com- petition was divided into two categories and Mitchell contested
involve more studying and an increase in workload. petition. the second category which had a 2000-2500 words criteria.
But for now, it is the time to wind down and prepare for She specially acknowledged her father, John Ross, and her Mitchells essay focused on how Fijis citizens could work
the festive season. younger siblings who are year 9, 10 and 11 scholars in the same together to help reduce pollution and address other issues faced
The celebration of the birth of the saviour, Jesus Christ, school, for helping her with the compilation of the essay. by the nation to make it better sustainable.
and the New Year. Amidst the merry making we should also

Richard creates history

be mindful of what the festivities bring with it.
We should enjoy responsibly and be ready for what 2018
has in-store for us.
On behalf of the City Star Newspaper, we take this time to
wish all our valued clients, friends, well-wishers and read- Shalendra Prasad
ers a blessed Christmas and a productive and prosperous
New Year. Richard Ting was on cloud
nine after winning a four-
Maika Kasami night trip to Singapore with
Editor all expenses paid after break-
ing the world record by scor-
ing 18 out of 20 marks in the
PH: 9960 129 held at Westin Resort on De-
narau Island.
EDITOR : MAIKA KASAMI Mr Ting who is the sales
PH: 9189 779 and marketing manager of
Pan World Restaurant Na-
dis leading upmarket Chinese
eatery will fly to Singapore to
9322 621 participate in the WSET Level
2 certification course which is
T/A : WESTERN MEDIA ENTERPRISES the second step-up following
the initial academy certifica-
EMAILS: / tion. I would like to thank Mr
Bhupendra Patel and the en- Academy quiz winner Richard Ting of Pan World Restaurant is flanked by Motibhai Group ex-
tire team at Motibhai Group ecutive director Mr Bhupendra Patel and Treasury Wine Estates winemaker Mr Stuart Rusted.
Follow us on facebook with daily updates : CityS-
TAR-Newspaper for all the hard work and co-
ordination and for including added. Wolf Blass Wine Academy that I now have the knowl-
us in this academy, Mr Ting I am very happy to have in the country.There is a sto- edge to stand in front of the
OFFICE : 15 TUKANI STREET, said. won the special trip to take ry behind every bottle of wine customer and talk about the
LAUTOKA This academy means a lot this academy learnings to the a story which helps us bet- wine and what food pairing
to all of us and I am sure we next level but we all are win- ter understand what is inside will suit them best, Ms Lutu
POSTAL ADDRESS: PO Box 4230, will have learnt something ners in our own way today. the bottle and what food goes added.
Lautoka good today thanks to Mr Meanwhile Temalesi Lutu well with which particular Thank you for this holistic
Stuart Rusted and his compa- of Nandos in Suva while wine, Ms Lutu said. information with wine tasting
ny Treasury Wine Estates for delivering a special vote of The academy has actually which has been a real blessing
sharing their vast wine knowl- thanks said she was fortunate armed us with a lot of confi- for us today.
Printed by: Universal Print edge with us today, Mr Ting to be part of the first ever dence and I can proudly say


NOVEMBER 25, 2017 NEWS 07
King arrives in Suva
Shalendra Prasad

After patiently waiting for two-years, people of Suva and

surrounding areas are finally getting a taste of Burger King
the fastest growing hamburger chain in the world.
Standing out from the crowd with its unique taste profiles
and flame-grilled burgers, the international franchise started
operations in Fiji with its first outlet at the Nadi International
Airport departures lounge on November 16, 2015.
After receiving overwhelming support from customers and
establishing two other outlets, an additional one at Nadi In-
ternational Airport and the flagship restaurant at Martintar in
Nadis bustling suburb, Burger King opened its doors for cus-
tomers in Suva with its fourth outlet in Fiji and the first one for
the central division on Monday, November 13.
Located at Ganilau House in Edward Street (opposite Post
Fiji), the new Burger King restaurant has started to mesmerise
customers with its mouth-watering menu and exceptional cus-
tomer service.
Since opening the first Burger King Restaurant in Nadi, we
were inundated with the requests from people of Suva to open
a Burger King Restaurant in Suva and that time has now finally
come, Burger King chairman Kirit Patel said.
Were happy to open this first Burger King outlet in the
capital city and we are quite happy to serve the people of Suva
Staff members of the newly opened Burger King outlet at the Ganilau House in Suva. Photo: Supplied
and Fiji, Mr Patel added.
This is also a good opportunity for us to tell the people that We have invested close to two-million-dollars in this new
this is just one of the Burger King outlets in Suva and there are for the Fiji economy to expand to the benefit of all Fijians in outlet and with other investments planned for our Nakasi out-
few more locations that will be opening up by next year. the country. let, we expect our total investment in the central division to be
We will be opening a state-of-the-art Burger King restaurant Mr Patel believes that branching out into the central division close to five-million-dollars within the next six-months, Mr
with drive-through in Nakasi - Fijis most populous and fastest is a step in the right direction and should help Burger King Fiji Narsey said.
growing suburb within the next six months or so. The burgeon- in its efforts to reach out to many more customers. We have great pleasure in inviting customers from the
ing suburb of Nakasi is an obvious choice for our Burger King Plans are underway to expand more Burger King restau- greater Suva area to have their first bite of Burger King if they
outlet and that too with modern facilities, Mr Patel said. rants in Fiji over the next few years, Mr Patel said. havent tried one elsewhere to taste the difference.
He said Motibhai Group which is the parent company of We are overwhelmed with the response we have been re- As customer feedback is important, we look forward to
Burger King Fiji continues to invest and expand into new areas ceiving from the community in the western division and there working closely with our patrons to ensure total satisfaction
of the Fijian and regional markets reflecting its commitment to is no doubt we will get similar support from our patrons in the not only with the taste profiles of our menu but with customer
the continued development of our booming economy in line central division. service as well.
with the Fijian Governments vision for Fiji. Burger King general manager Akash Narsey said a total of The new Suva outlet was officially launched by children of
Mr Patel commended the Fiji Government for creating an 60 people have benefited with employment opportunities from Saint Christophers Home on Friday, November 10 and opened
environment that is enabling not only businesses to grow, but this new outlet in the heart of Suva city. for business on Monday, November 13.



Successful literacy program

NOVEMBER 25, 2017

Zareena Bi ceived in total. maries was $30 cash prize with a

The schools that were a part of certificate and movie tickets and as
Reading opens minds, encourag- our program was Dreketi Sangam, consolation prizes students received
es students to become more creative Viseisei Primary and Shri Ram Go- two movie tickets each.
and imaginative and have a broader vind Primary school. We presented the prizes during
outlook of life. The response from the students the annual prize giving function at
Soroptimist International (SI) have been very encouraging as the the individual schools to encourage
Lautoka club encouraged the aspect summaries that we received are very more students to participate in such
of reading story books through their creative. programs in future.
literacy program this year by donat- In fact we had encouraged stu- We are very thankful to the
ing story books to three rural Pri- dents to highlight their write ups school teachers for coordinating this
mary schools during library week in with diagrams and make it as color- program with the club and we will
September . Through this program ful as they wish and it was great to be coordinating this program again
students were encouraged to read witness the artistic skills of the stu- next year at different schools.
and submit summaries and were in- dents. Meanwhile, Mudaliar informed
formed that the top three summaries The President informed that ini- that the kind donors who made this
from each school will be rewarded tially the club had decided to reward program possible was the Oceania
by the club. the top three summaries from each Water Group Fiji, Western Alu-
According to SI Lautoka Presi- school but looking at the number of minium Joinery Limited, The CITY
dent Ranjini Mudaliar the response summaries instead of nine students STAR Newspaper and individual Consolation prize winner Sherani Devi (year 5) of Viseisei Primary with
from the students was very good a total of twenty students were re- donors including SI Lautoka club SI Lautoka member Kriti Fong and Principal of Jasper Williams High
as around 200 summaries were re- warded for their efforts. members. Mrs Vikashni Sharma. Photos: Sanjay Goundar
The prizes for the top three sum-

Students of Dreketi Sangam school with their teachers and SI Lautoka members after being Literacy program prize winners of Viseisei Primary school with teachers and SI Lautoka
awarded with the Literacy program prizes members

Top book summaries prize winners of Shri Ram Govind Primary school during their Annual Students, teachers and SI Lautoka members during the story books presentation at Viseisei
Prize giving event at the school Primary in September

FAIYUM FURNITURE & JOINERY Your total joinery solution provider

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Lot 3, Carreras Road, Votualevu, Nadi Phone: (679) 6721 579 Mobile: (679) 9244 711 P.O Box 10693, Nadi Airport
Salutation to the
great Prophet
All praises are due to Allah Subhan Wa Ta ala. Peace, bless-
ings and salutations to The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).
The month of Rabee ul awwal in the Islamic calendar has
its special value. In this auspicious month our beloved Holy
Prophet (peace be upon him) was born, through whose grace
the entire creation came into existence. The whole world cel-
ebrates the birth of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) with
utmost love and respect in their own different ways, to show
their gratitude to the Almighty Allah Subhan Wa Ta ala for
blessing us with the greatest and most extraordinary Prophet,
Muhammad Sallal laahu Alaihi Wa Sallam. People celebrate
this day by lighting up the streets, decorating their houses,
sending durood o Salaam on The Holy Prophet (peace be upon
him) or by praising Him in the form of poem or prose. And
we at the Aastaana Aaliya Saifiya in Velovelo, Lautoka, Fiji
Islands celebrated this special occasion by hosting a prominent Head Priest of the Aastaana Aaliya Saifiya, Mufti Hafiz Riyasat Gul Saifi laying the foundation of their new Madrasa in
Islamic scholar of India, namely, Allama Ahmed Naqshbandi Velovelo, Lautoka. Photo: Sanjay Goundar
Junaidi sahab who mesmerized the attendants with his heart-
alluring speech. In fact we are still celebrating and will con-
tinue to do so till doomsday.
Additionally, the foundation laying for our madrasa was
done in this blissful month under the distinguished guidance
of Hazrat Allama Peer Saiyad Imroz Dean Nawshbandi Hanafi
Saifi (Alaihir Rahmah). Hence, requesting the humanity to as-
sist us in any possible way in this endeavor. It will be a means
of reward in this world and salvation in the hereafter. Wishing
each and everyone a joyous Prophet Muhammads (peace be
upon him) Birthday Celebration specially the Government Of
Fiji for giving us a Public Holiday.


LAAHU ALAIHI AS SALLAM MUBAARAK TO ALL. Prominent Islamic scholar from India Allama Ahmed Naqshbandi Junaidi sahib (5th from right) with members of the Aastaana
Aaliya Saifiya upon his arrival in Fiji.

. . . . .
For All Your Wedding, Parties, Corporate Functions, Conference needs
Chairs Tables Pots Tents Generators

2 Vesi Cresent, Waiyavi Industrial Sub Division, Lautoka Ph: 9992726

Opposite Coca - Cola Factory
10 NEWS NOVEMBER 25, 2017

Lack of preparation invites disaster

Sanjay Goundar

Students of a densely populated semi urban school were re-

cently reminded that lack of preparation makes a coward out
of everyone.
Speaking at the Gandhi Bhawan Primary Schools annual
prize giving day in Lautoka on November 23, Senior Educa-
tion Officer Lautoka, Yasawa and Nadi Pateresio Tunidau told
both the award getters and non-award getters that if they fail to
prepare then they prepare to fail.
Mr Tunidau stressed that courage comes only with planning
and practice.
If youre not studying well enough you will become natu-
rally scared of your upcoming test, resulting in your scoring
poor grades.
Or if you didnt do your homework or assignment you will
become naturally scared of your teacher the next day.
He also reminded the students that they can only achieve
success with the right attitude. If you dont have the right
mind-frame and energy or the right plan or attitude no matter
how hard you try you will never achieve because you have
started on the wrong path.
Whilst he commended the prize getters for their tireless ef-
fort and dedication Mr Tunidau urged all non-prize getters to
use their shortcoming as a motivation in the academic years
He emphasized that not receiving an award is not the end of Special recognition award winner Krish Krishant Lal of Year 5 with his parents Sanjay Arvin Lal and Shivanjani Lal.
the world as students can always try again next year in their Photos:Sanjay Goundar
new school with a much motivated approach. famous physicist, Albert Einstein who was dyslexic. Anoth- Chand of Year 8 while Shreya Shimal Lal also of Year 8 re-
Remember, the famous British Prime Minister during er is Microsoft founder, Bill Gates who dropped out of univer- ceived the Dux Award.
WWII, Sir Winston Churchill had earlier failed his college ex- sity at Harvard.So, the message here is even in failure there Year 5 students Krish Krishant Lal scooped a special recog-
ams prior to entering the military academy. is hope after it but only if you learn from your earlier mistakes nition award for topping in four different subjects along with
Another famous person who failed his exams was the and you must keep on trying and never give up, he reiter- scoring 100 percent in numeracy in the Literacy and Numeracy
ated. Meanwhile, Student of the Year Award went to Manshika Assessment.

Gandhi Bhawan Primary School Head Boy Jalesi Bacaivalu and Head Girl Manshika Chand Most Outstanding Student Manshika Chand received her award from Senior Education
with their spoils Officer Lautoka / Yasawa and Nadi Mr Pateresio Tunidau

Krish Krishant Lal receiving his special recognition award from Chief Guest Kartik Pillay receiving the Best Scouts award from Mr Pateresio Tunidau during the annual
Mr Pateresio Tunidau prize giving day

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NOVEMBER 25, 2017 NEWS 11
Need for positive learning environment
Focus on quality results

Duxs from different levels of Lautoka Andhra College with the school staff and Chief
Guest LCC chief executive officer Jone Nakauvadra
Dux of Viseisei Primary School Krishali Nand receiving her awards from her school manager
Veer Chand and chief Guest Principal of Jasper Williams High School Vikashni Sharma Zareena Bi real challenge of teaching is to make the
weakest child progress in life.
There should not be any ifs in our parent- One of Lautokas prominent high schools This is one school where we never send a
Zareena Bi has set their goals towards achieving quality child home or reject him or her due to poor
hood, simple message is why cant we do less
correcting and more connecting with our chil- marks so that more of their students qualify marks.
Parents play a vital role in their childrens Singh also informed that they have ac-
dren. for the national toppers scholarships.
education in this new education era and they
Sharma congratulated the award recipients Speaking at Lautoka Andhra Colleges an- commodated students who had discipline
need to provide a positive learning environ-
and encouraged the rest of the students to work nual awards night on November 21 school problems from other schools who enrolled
ment for children to prosper.
harder to achieve success in future. Principal Mrs Aruna Singh informed that through Ministry of Education.
While officiating the Annual Prize giving We took up the challenge and molded
She also reminded the year eight graduants their greatest challenge has been to work to-
function of Viseisei Primary School Chief
that secondary school is another important wards quality marks and in line with this the these students in such a way that similar dis-
Guest, Principal of Jasper Williams High
chapter of life and the pathway may not be school has introduced the concept of award- cipline situation does not arise at our Col-
School Mrs Vikashni Sharma reminded par-
easy at times but it will be their positive atti- ing dux prizes individually from year nine to lege.
ents that one of the most important gifts they I salute my dedicated staff for the job ex-
tude, determination and the strong desire to be year thirteen.
can offer young children is a positive view of
successful that will make a difference in their We are indeed proud to note that six of cellently done.
themselves. The Principal reminded students that life
lives. our students received scholarships this year,
Without this gift they will flounder through-
Her message for the upcoming school holi- four for National Toppers for Bachelors pro- is full of challenges and it just does not
out life and be constantly seeking reassurance
days was for the children to listen to their par- gram at the University of the South Pacific hand you things so you have to be dedicated
from others, as they cannot see it from within.
ents and guardians. and MBBS program at UniFiji and two for and committed and make things happen for
Good or bad our children need to be
Please follow instructions of parents so you Hampton Rotary Club of Victoria Australia yourselve.
equipped for these experiences and having a For excellent results keep the four key
do not fall victim to any unwanted acts. for Bachelors Degree at Fiji National Uni-
positive view of themselves will be paramount words in mind and work accordingly: devo-
Devote your time to reading story books versity.
to them succeeding in this rapidly changing
and engage yourself in productive activities. Team Andhra strongly believes that the tion, hard work, sacrifice and right attitude.


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PH: 6701453
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Congratulationsour Customers
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Nadi Soccer a Happy
& Families
Team for Diwali
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the 2016 Prosperous
& a Happy New Year




Bank of Baroda embraces technology

Newly appointed chief executive officer Fiji Operations of Bank of Baroda Sudhansu Sekhar Bank of Baroda new Fiji operations chief executive officer Sudhansu Sekhar Khamari
Khamari (4th from left front row) with his Fiji head office staff and staff members of Bank of Baroda (2nd from right) with banks Lautoka branch manager Sabita Raj (right) and corporate
Lautoka branch. Photos: Sanjay Goundar customers during the annual cocktail in Lautoka

Sanjay Goundar of celebrating with our customers.

At the same note we are there to assist customers during their difficult days as well.
Bank of Baroda is now a fully technology driven commercial bank in the country. We have also rolled out so many financial products so whenever any need is there we are
Speaking at the annual cocktail and customer greet function of BOB Lautoka branch on always available to assist our customers.
November 22 banks newly appointed chief executive officer Fiji Operations Sudhansu Sekhar He urged corporate customers present at the cocktail to continue their support to the Lautoka
Khamari revealed that they are now introducing new technologies at all their branches in the branch to ensure that both parties grow together.
country to provide customers hassle free banking service. Lautoka Chamber of Commerce and Industries President Pyara Singh applauded BOB for
Mr Khamari informed that keeping in line with latest technology they have already intro- making banking services much convenient for customers now.
duced new measures and more advancement in IT at their banks will be seen in the future. Mr Singh pointed out that the bank has entered into a very cordial relationship with its cus-
He stressed that Bank of Baroda is there to stand behind customers both during good times tomers for the last several years and every year this bonding becomes even stronger.
and tough times as well.
Whenever good times come we are there to celebrate with customers as we have a tradition


14 NEWS NOVEMBER 25, 2017

Christmas delight from Prouds Grog Masters do charity work

The Grog Masters charity group during their food supply visit to the
Vitogo District. School Photo: Supplied
Maika Kasami Our official sponsor is PAC
group of companies and we are
A charitable organisation has at- thankful to them for their kind-
tracted a strong fan base since it ness towards this worthy cause,
Prouds Christmas promotion week one winner from Lautoka Shereen Ismail receiving her prizes from Prouds was formed in August this year. Kumar said.
Lautoka Branch Manager Pranita Nand The social group known as We had distributed food to Saru
Sanjay Goundar selves wines, Whittakers chocolates, Vera May Shoes Grog Masters recently distribut- MGM School during Childrens
and Handbags. ed food to close to 400 students at Day on November 15. At Vitogo
Fijis leading duty free outlet Prouds is making the fes- Fourth week winners get Pandora bracelets and se- Saru Mahatma Gandhi Memorial District School we also gave food
tive season more special for the locals with their lucrative lected design beads. Play station 4 1TB Slim Console School on the outskirts of Lautoka to the students after following the
Christmas promotion. and a game is in stake in the fifth week. and to Vitogo District School. itaukei protocol of presenting our
Its Christmas every week at Prouds promotion which The final week draw will see seven lucky customers The group is spreading its sevusevu to Tui Vitogo.
started on November 22 and will culminate on January 2 winning themselves 32 inch Sony Bravia TV and Sony wings to assist mostly rural based Kumar said they are delighted
next year with seven lucky customers walking away with Home Theatre System, he informed. schools and those children and to have launched this new ini-
attractive prizes every week. After the culmination of the first week of the promo- families that need assistance. tiative of helping people and they
According to Prouds Advertising and Marketing Man- tion Jainesh Prasad was the lucky winner from Prouds Grog Masters Founder Amol would also be active when the
ager Peter Narayan there will be a total of 42 winners in MHCC, Tevita Navda from Sigatoka, Nimit Nadan was Kumar said their main objective is new school year starts in 2018.
the six weeks promotion. the winner after shopping at Prouds Nakasi, Irshaad from to help the poor regardless of col- We have also requested the
Mr Narayan revealed that customers get a chance to Prouds Damodar City, and Shereen Ismail became lucky our, race and religion. head teacher of Vitogo District
win Oakley sunglasses, backpack and toy hamper in the after shopping at Prouds Lautoka branch. Our group was formed in Au- School to advise us in January the
first week while His and Her perfume hamper and OPI An elated Jainesh Prasad revealed that he is a huge gust and since then we have 9400 number of students whose parents
Nail Polish is up for grabs in the second. Oakley fan and to win the branded sunglass from Prouds members and counting on our Fa- are poor so we can supply books
The seven lucky winners in the third week win them- is the best Christmas gift for him. cebook account. and other things, he added.

SHAGUN Location: 77 Vitogo Parade, Lautoka.

Specialised: Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Skirts, Tops, Cosmetics, Trousers,
Baby Wear, Ladies Fancy Skirt Tops, Shirt, Children Wear, Cotton
Prints, Tatron
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Sulu Chamba, Party Dress, Skirt & Tops

Merry Christmas & a Prosperous

New Year to all our Customer, Friends
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Saweni Maunatul
team celebrates
Maika Kasami
The date October 29 will go in the history books of Saweni
Maunatul Islam Sports Association (SMISA) as the day when
they recorded its first ever tournament win beating the highly
fancied Lautoka side 8-7 in the final.
Saweni, laced with no big names but own players from their
community hoisted the Late SM Koya Trophy in the final of
the Maunatul Islam Sports Association annual tournament at
Churchill Park.
The surprise win brought about a sense of jubilation which
turned emotional as the Men in Green could not believe what
they had achieved.
SMISA president Mohammed Rafiq said the win was sweet
as this was the first tournament win for them after more than
It has been a dream of our forefathers to one day win the
tournament and we are delighted that this crop of players have
achieved that. Its a dream come true for us. But one thing is
for sure that we had realty prepared well for it. We prepared
for four months and the players have deservingly won it for
us, Rafiq said.
And fittingly the SMISA organised a march through Lau-
toka City to commemorate the historic win on November 18.
And later on in the evening a presentation night was organised
where the players and officials were handsomely rewarded.
The players received T-Shirts, medals, certificates and cash
for bringing fame to the people of Saweni.

(Top Photo) The Saweni Maunatul Islam soccer team with the
Late SM Koya trophy during the march through Lautoka City

The Saweni Maunatul Islam soccer team show their jubila-

tion during the float procession. Photos: Sanjay Goundar

Westwood Boxing
Open 24 Hours Daily back in business
Open 6-days a week. Monday Saturday
Opening hours 7am-6pm
More Spacious Restaurant with Ice Cream Parlour now Open

Chairman Boxing Commission of Fiji Bulutani Mataitawakilai (left) with Westwood Boxing Promoter
Praneel Dass. Photo: Supplied.

Maika Kasami
Westwood Boxing Promotions is back in business and will hold its third ever programme in
Fiji on February 3.
Westwood promoter Praneel Dass says he has seen interest growing in boxing now ever since
he began the revival of the sport four-years ago.
Boxing has progressed really well after Westwood revived it four-years ago and its great to
see quality promoters coming in to further assist in the progress of the sport, Dass said.
My two programmes in Fiji were held in a space of three months and I was also fortunate
to be the first promoter from Fiji to be given the green light to hold a programme in Auckland,
New Zealand.
Dass confirmed his programme in February will be held in the Central Division with current
golden boy Sebastian Singh being the main attraction.
Its been a while the people of Central division have hosted a programme. Its been like
eight long years. I have staged my programmes in Nadi and Labasa and its time for Suva. I
always promise to deliver something new to boxing fans.
For now, I can confirm that golden boy Sebastian Singh will be fighting and defending his
overseas title which in itself should be the biggest fight of the year in Fiji, added Dass.
For telephone orders contact us on: Mobs: 8387970 / 9160189 Singhs last fight was when he stopped the Razor Junior Farzan Ali in Nadi earlier this year.



Tiger wants Sniper next Nadroga, Namosi hold

rugby trophies
Maika Kasami

Nadroga and Namosi are the two holders of the major tro-
phies at the end of the 2017 rugby season.
The champion Nadroga rugby team maintains its grip on the
Skipper Cup while the Jo Savou coached Namosi side pulled
off two surprise wins in domestic rugby to lay their claim on the
prestigious Farebrother Sullivan Cup.
The Esala Nauga coached side successfully defended the
Skipper Cup title this year but lost its grip on the HFC Fare-
brother Sullivan trophy
The Stallions lost the Farebrother title to Suva at home who
later gave the title away to Namosi in only its first defence at
the ANZ Stadium.
Namosi proved too strong for Rewa winning 41-29 in the fi-
nal challenge to retain the coveted trophy.
But the story of the year was surely the protest lodged by
Nadroga Rugby Union (NRU) after they had lost the title to the
Capital City.
NRU claimed that Suva players in Kini Douglas, Eroni Tu-
isese and Meli Kurisaru were not part of Suvas campaign in
Abhay Chand (second from right) has issued a challenge to fight Sebastian Singh before he retires from boxing. the Skipper Cup but featured for the side against Nadroga in the
Photo: Sanjay Goundar Farebrother challenge.
This violated the rules and regulations of the competition.
Maika Kasami early hours of Sunday morning November 12.
FRU chief executive officer John OConnor in a media report
I want the Sniper to fight this Navosa Tiger. This is an
said both parties reached a Gentlemans Agreement for Suva
Navosa Tiger Abhay Chand has laid down the challenge open challenge to you, Chand told Singh who also later en-
to defend the trophy against Namosi.
to fight young Sebastian Singh The Sniper before hanging tered the ring to lay down his claim.
Fiji Boxing Commissions Usman Ali said they were ready We had analysed the facts and evidence and I met with both
his gloves.
the presidents of the unions to communicate the decision on the
Chand, who has been in rich vein of form lately, made to sanction the fight between the two.
If any promoter wants to have them in their programme protest. FRU had upheld the complaint lodged by Nadroga and
the announcement following his third round TKO win over
in terms of the rules and regulation, Nadroga would be declared
(back from retirement boxer) Tevita Ligaitukana during the we are ready to sanction it.
If the Abhay versus Sebastian fight does take place then the winner and as such had the right to defend the trophy against
Kiran Boxing Promotions programme at Tilak High School
it should draw huge interest and bring together a bumper Namosi, OConnor said.
hall on November 11.
However, in the pursuing of the discussion on the gentle-
Chand made easy work of his latest victim, Ligaitukana, crowd worth every penny, judging from the pairs reaction
mens agreement I must commend both I commend Nadroga
with some heavy hits in the second and third round of their immediately after the informal announcement was made.
Chand, meanwhile, will travel to Vanua Levu in December for bringing such issue into light to highlight the importance of
contest fight to force the nippy Naitasiri slugger throw in the
games compliance and after the agreement, I am happy to report
towel before the start of the fourth round of their 10x3 min- to feature in the Southern Boxing Promotions fight at Subrail
Park in Labasa as announced by co-promoter Simon Nau- that Nadroga has decided Suva will keep the Farebrother trophy
utes main bout.
and they will also keep the prize-money.
I want Sebastian Singh next, echoed Chands voice in the shad.

FREE DELIVERIES Deliveries to Lautoka and Nadi every week

Abid wins third
Lautoka Open
Maika Kasami

The ever improving Abid Hussein was again at the top of his game
claiming the 2017 the Geotech Drilling International Services and Is-
lands Electric Wholesalers sponsored 86th Lautoka Open Golf Cham-
pionship title on November 18.
The Nadi based golfer has now won the annual tournament which
boasts a rich history. He carded 107 over 27 holes at the Golf Links
Husseins first two wins was a back to back victory in 2013 and
LGC captain James Krishna and Ollaf Allen Jnr were tied on 108
2017 Lautoka Open winner Abid Hussein (second from left) with tournament co-sponsor Geotech Drilling Internation with Munesh Prasad and Asish Chand on 109.
al Services managing director Gary Barnett (left), overall net winner 13-year-old Andy Low and Mrs Barnett Denarau golfer Andy Low, 13, played out an outstanding 96 nett to
win the overall nett title.

Islands Electric Wholesalers

A total of 14 professionals, 14 ladies and juniors participated in this
years Lautoka Open and this was acknowledged by LGC chairman of
trustees Raymond Singh.
The professionals battled for a total prize-money of close to $4000.
10 Marine Drive, P O Box 3317, Lautoka Fiji Tomasi Tuivuna of Suva took the out the Professionals category on
Phone: (679) 6668188, 6668444 Fax: (679) 6668190 Email: 3 under par 66 and a purse of $830. Waisake Vatu finished second on
an even par 69 ($650) and Anasa Seruvatu collected $450 with a score
WARRANTY AND BACK UP SPARES Shalen Sharma recorded 114 1st gross over 27 holes in B- grade
while Lawrence Benjamin took Ist nett 99.5.
TRY THE EXPERTS WITH QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND SERVICE C- grade 27 holes 1st gross was grabbed by Arvin Pillay on 124 and
SEE OUR RANGE OF TOP BRAND QUALITY PRODUCTS 27 holes 1st nett was taken by Avinesh Dutt on 101.5
Over 122 golfers from around the country took part in the 27 holes
stroke event at Lautoka Golf Club, the biggest in the club history.
Club president Chong Lee thanked sponsors Geotech Drilling In-
ternational Services Limited and Islands Electric Wholesalers for the
The response for this years tournament was overwhelming. Its
the first time for the professionals to play in the annual Lautoka Open
Championship and we take this time to thank the contribution of the
FPGA (Fiji Professional Golfers Association) and Golf Fiji).
Singh also acknowledged co-sponsors Geotech Drilling Interna-
Bussmann Fuses tional Services continued association with LGC and in particular their
vision of sponsoring minor sports like bowling and hockey in the
Fluke country.
It was good to see the big field in this years Lautoka Open and we
are proud to be part of it. It was also nice to see the interest amongst
the young upcoming golfers. I must congratulate all the winners and
hope all have thoroughly enjoyed, said Geotech managing director

Omron Range
TESLA Products

LED Lights

Gary Barnett (right), managing director Geotech Drilling Interna-

tional Services presents Abid Hussein with the Lautoka Open Cham-
pionship trophy. Photos: Maika Kasami.




Quality, Reliability & Service is our Tradition
Demick Giblin (left) Gaffar Ali (middle) and Anil Prasad with their
prizes during the 2017 Club Championship






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Programme Target Group Duration Fees

Caregiver Fundamentals Homecare workers or those pursuing a career in caregiving/ 7-9 weeks $900
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CISCO: 1-4 Those employed or aspiring a career in networking 10 weeksPer stage $900
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Certificate II in Professional Development Training Those in workplace wishing to refine their personal and work 8 weeks $1100
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skills and can be delivered
We will reach out and deliver in your community.
Please contact Babita Sharma; email:; tel: 6666800; fax: 6667133


Expression of Interest for Enrolling in 2015 CCNA Course
CCNA Routing and Switching V5 focuses on network infrastructure, mainly Routing and Switching, but it also includes Wireless access, Security and Connectivity to branch
offices using WAN.
Students from Basic networking to more complex enterprise and theoretical networking models later in the curriculum.
Target Group: This specialized training is suitable for fulfilling the career aspirations of those either employed or seeking a career in networking in a competitive environment
during this era of rapid technological advancement.

Module Key Concepts Duration

CCNA-1 TCP/IP Suite, Application Layer, Transport Layer, Internet Layer, Network Access Layer 10 weeks
Introduction to Networks
CCNA-2 Switch Network Device, Switch Network Configs, Routing Protocols (OSPF), 10 weeks
Routing & Switching Configuration (IPV4 & IPV6)
CCNA-3 LAN Redundancy, Etherchannel, Advance OSPF/EIGRP, (IPV4 & IPV6), 10 weeks
Scaling Networks Trouble Shooting
CCNA-4 Hierarchical Network Design, 10 weeks
Connecting Networks Connecting to the WAN,
Point-to-Point Connections,
Frame Relay, Network Address Translation for IPV4,
Broadband Solutions

Venue: USP Lautoka Campus - Saturdays only from 9am to 4pm.

Fees: $900 per module
Placement: Only 20 places are available so it will be offered on first come-first served basis.
To obtain enrolment form and for further information, contact: Babita Sharma,
tel: 6666800; fax: 6667133 or email: or enquire at the USP Lautoka Campus, Western House, corner of Vidilo Street, Lautoka.



Nadi, Lautoka wins west Chow Games
NOVEMBER 25, 2017

Maika Kasami

Team Nadi for the girls and Lau-

toka Maroons for the boys took out
top honours during the 2017 West-
ern Chow Games at Churchill Park
on November 18.
The Jetsetters raked in a total of
11 gold, 6 silver and 9 bronze ahead
of Team Lautoka and Nadroga who
both finished second and third re-
The Maroons scooped 16 gold,
12 silver and 9 bronze to stand tall
in the boys division. Nadroga and
Team Ra settled for second and third
The best female athlete award
went to Unaisi Tagabale of Nadro-
ga. She had won gold in the 200 me- Team Nadi and Team Lautoka Maroons shared the spoils in the Under 12 Team Lautoka Maroons being presented the Overall Boys title award from
tres, gold in the 100m and silver in grade in the girls division. Mr Ganeshwar Mani FMF Sales Manager West
the 4x100m relay Under 14 grade.
Ratu Alipate Vuiwakaya of the
Maroons picked up the best male
athlete award following his gold
medal wins in the 200m, 100m
and setting a new record time with
his 4x100m relay team in the U13
In the combined medal tally count
for both males and females, Nadi
finished third with 18 gold, 13 sil-
ver, 16 bronze. Nadroga second with
18 gold, 23 silver and 18 bronze
while the host Lautoka Maroons ac-
cumulated 25 gold, 30 silver and 20
bronze for a total of 75 medals to
become the overall winners.
The best dressed team and best
discipline team award went to Na-
darivatu. Team Nadroga won the Under 9 grade in the boys division Overall Girls winners Nadi receiving their award from guest Lautoka
Magistrate Mosese Naivalu.

Soroptimist International Lautoka treasurer Zareena Bi presents the best male athlete award
to Ratu Alipate Vuiwakaya of Lautoka Maroons during the FMF West Chow Games 2017.
Photos: Sanjay Goundar



Fiji 7s make slow start

NOVEMBER 25, 2017

Maika Kasami

Fiji Airways Drua reps Eroni Sau and John Stewart have
mixed in well with the seasoned sevens reps showing some
flashes of brilliance despite finishing fourth best with the na-
tional side in Dubai in the start of the 2017/2018 HSBC World
Sevens series
The pair are adapting well to the sevens code and given more
game time they should produce a winning performance.
Sau, a strong runner with the ball has been warned that he
needs to focus more on his defensive game and be more disci-
plined with his tackles.
This follows his yellow card he received for a high tackle on
a Scotland player in their 35-24 win in the quarterfinals. Sau,
a policeman by profession, scored a hat-trick of tries in the
match but this was overshadowed by the time he spent on the
naughty chair on the sideline.
He was forced to sit out the semi-final match against the
South Africa and England in the playoffs.
Stewart, making a return to the sevens fold after some time,
is slowly adapting to the abbreviated code which first brought
him to the limelight. He had admitted finding the sevens train-
ing programme tougher compared to the fifteens game. But he
has taken the opportunity with both hands and ready to do the
country proud.
Meanwhile, national sevens coach Gareth Baber will need to
work on his sides defensive organisation which came to light
on the deserts in the Emirates.
The national sevens team may have got the scoreboard ring-
Fiji Airways Fiji 7s captain Jerry Tuwai tries to get away from the Australian defence during the pool match at the Emirates
ing with tries but have also conceded some soft ones which
Dubai 7s. The national side reached the semi-final stage before losing to England in the third and fourth playoff.
should be a concern for Baber.
Photo: Supplied.
Fiji will need to work on cracking open the opposition in
crucial and tight matches which they failed to do so against The national side prevented the series defending champions
South Africa and England. from scoring in the second half and left it till late to narrow the
The Jerry Tuwai captained side reached the semi-final stage deficit with a converted try to Tuwai, but ran out of time.
before being bundled out of the main competition by eventual The national side finished fourth at the Emirates after they
winners South Africa by 7-12. also went down to England in the playoffs for third and fourth.
Fiji could not contain the fast thinking and elusive Boks side Fiji sevens team headed to Cape Town where they faced Sa-
who ran in with two tries to lead 12-0 at the break. moa, Wales and Canada.

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