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Detailed Lesson Preparation Guide

Elementary Education
Name: Whitney Illing

Title: Needs vs Wants

Grade: Kindergarten

Concept/Topic: Needs and wants

Time Needed: 40 minutes

Note: A detailed lesson plan is specific enough for another teacher to read and teach
effectively. There should not be any question regarding what to do or how to do it.

Backward Design Approach: Where are you going with your students?
Identify Desired Results/Learning Outcome/Essential Question:
The students will be able to define a need and a want and specify the difference
between the two. I will ask questions about why certain items are needs or wants. I will
ask students what some of their wants are. This fosters inquiry as well as transfers the
learning outside the classroom.

Ensuring Lesson supports district and state goals

NCSCOS Standards:
Social Studies:
K.G.2: Understand the interaction between humans and the environment
K.G.2.2: Explain ways people use environment resources to meet basic needs
and wants

Language Arts:
With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

Assessment Plan:
The students can correctly identify wants and needs. They accurately answer questions
about wants and needs. The students can correctly complete the independent activity.

Meeting the student where they are:

Prior Knowledge/Connections:
The students will have been introduced to needs and wants. This lesson connects to
students by having to choose between items they need versus what they want. I will ask
the students to explain needs and wants.

Lesson Introduction/Hook:
I will read the book Those Shoes by Meribeth Boelts to the students. This will help
students to be engaged and start to think about needs and wants.

Heart of the Lesson/Learning Plans

To ensure all my students needs are met, I will reinforce vocabulary and provide visual
aids. I will read aloud directions. I will model to the students how to complete tasks. I
will ensure my student on an individualized behavior chart reaches his goals by
redirecting his behavior in a positive way.

Lesson Development:
I will start by reading Those Shoes by Meribeth Boelts to the students. After discussing
the book and starting to think about needs and wants we will then do a t-chart on the
smartboard. The students will come up to classify objects into needs and wants. After
classifying the objects, I will explain to them the independent activity they will be
completing. The students will be planning for a trip by choosing five items they want to
take with them and deciding whether it is a need or want. I will show the students an
example of the five items I would take on my trip and explain how I know if they are
wants or needs. The students will then work independently on what they will take on
their trip. If time allows, each student will share what items they would bring on their

Specific Questioning:
I will ask the students what they already know about needs and wants. I will ask them
about what the boy in the story needed versus what he wanted. I will ask the students
for examples of needs and wants. I will ask them whether certain objects are needs and

New Vocabulary:
Need: require because it is essential or very important
Want: have a desire to possess

These definitions will help students distinguish between a need and a want. It will also
help the students explain how they decided that an object is a need or a want.

Concluding the Lesson/Closure/Debriefing:

The students will share what five items they chose to take on their trip and whether the
item is a need or a want.

Those Shoes by Meribeth Boelts

Teaching Behavior Focus:

My teaching behavior focus is to provide clear directions. I will provide clear instructions
for the independent activity to ensure students know my expectations.

Follow-Up Activities/Parent Involvement

The students can categorize objects at their house into needs and wants.