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Thousands mourn
Vol 12; No. 18 FREE COPY DEC 1-18 , 2017


Personal Injury

loss of Golden Krust CEO

Family Law
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Since 2005
By Patrick Maitland

Street Hype Editor Call Now for Consultations
amaicans at home and aboard ADAM S. HANDLER, ESQ.
are mourning the shocking and
sudden death of the beloved 212-608-3734
founder and CEO of Golden Krust
Bakery & Grill, Lowell
Hawthorne, who reportedly took
his own life at the companys head-
quarters in the Bronx, New York.
Hawthrone, 57, died of a self-
inflicted wound to his head at his
production facility, 3958 Park Ave.,
about 5:30 p.m. Sat. Dec. 2, ac-
cording to law enforcement author-
ities. He reportedly left a note
News of the death of the well-
known Jamaican-born entrepreneur THINKING OF
and philanthropist who headed the
largest Caribbean franchise chain GOING NATURAL?
in the US sent shockwaves
throughout the community as col-
leagues, family members, political,
501 South 8th Ave, Mt. Vernon
business and church leaders alike
reacted with an outpouring of
glowing, heart-felt tributes.
While we all struggle for an-
swers that may never come, we
must use this time to lean into the
Lord and pray for the Hawthorne
family, said Mount Vernon Mayor
Richard Thomas. Losing Lowell
deals a devastating blow to the
heart of our business and
Caribbean community. Mount Ver-
non will be there for the family, as
we work to find the way forward
through this dark moment.
Jamaica's Consul General to
New York, Trudy Deans, says the
passing of Hawthorne, regarded as
of the most successful and dynamic
entrepreneurs in the Caribbean
community, has brought shock
and disbelief to the diaspora com- LOWELL HAWTHORNE
munity. Continued on page 4 CEO, Golden Krust Bakery & Grill
May 1, 1960 - Dec 2, 2017

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Lowell Hawthorne
An inspiration and mediator to many! HOMES
W e are joining our local
communities in
neurs who
Golden Krust fran-
became Hawthorne was in the
prime of life, and
Mr. Hawthorne was a
loving and caring man and Call About Our Fly & Buy Program
mourning the untimely pass- chisees. his acts and will be sadly missed for his No Credit, Bad Credit,
ing of the founder and CEO He and his deeds were philanthropic and entrepre-
of Golden Krust Caribbean family have also showing a neurial spirit. No Problem

Bakery & Grill, Mr. Lowell been among the Midas touch. Promoting good family
Hawthorne. most prominent He was an inspi- values, unity and cooperation Starting Price:
Those who have known supporters of Street ration to many. in business were among Mr.
his dynamic personality on Hype Newspaper over As a result of his Hawthornes mission as he
the business, educational and the years. In fact, Mr. visionary outlook and staffed the company with his

community platforms must Hawthorne from strategic business acu- siblings and other close fam-
have been shocked by his time-to-time would men, Golden Krust is ily members.
Florida AAA Action Realty Inc.
early and untimely death. send congratulatory now one of the largest We hope the family will
He was a thinker and a notes on specific fea- and most successful be able to carry on his legacy
brilliant businessman. ture or stories we car- Caribbean owned and op- as we pray for blessings and

Hawthorne was a mentor ried in Street Hype. erated businesses in the prosperity.
to several young entrepre- At age 57, Mr. United States. Patrick Maitland

yourself in

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A closer look inside New York City schools

s an educator for 52 years, I know that all competition. It is shameful when a school has
of our schools most important work hap- great things that are helping kids and doesnt
pens in the classroom. share those resources. Last school year, we
In my first four years as New York City tapped into that collaborative spirit and
Schools Chancellor, weve invested in our brought the co-located campus initiative to
classrooms through our Equity and Excellence 20 campuses across all five boroughs.
for All agenda our belief that every child, no Participating schools are on a single bell Publisher & Editor:
matter what zip code they live in or where schedule so all students on the campus can PATRICK MAITLAND
their parents were born, deserves a great edu- share AP and enrichment courses, increasing Consulting Editors
cation. access to more rigorous coursework. Teachers GLORIA BENT; PAULETTE GRANT
By any measure, our schools are the come together for shared professional devel- ANGELLA GOLDING; ANTHONY TURNER
strongest theyve been, with record-high grad- opment, there are family welcome centers to Business office:
uation rates, record-high numbers of students encourage all parents to get involved, and Street Hype Newspaper
going on to college, record-low dropout rates, there have even been campus-wide proms. By 329 Miller Place, Mount Vernon, NY 10550
Tel: 914-663-4972-3 Fax: 914-663-4972
and improving test scores. Were building on coming together, schools that would have been
this progress with 3-K for All, Computer Sci- siloed are sharing best practices and strength-
By Carmen Faria
ence for All, and Community Schools. Many ening campus culture and students are ben-
of our investments in classrooms across the efiting. Published by: JAMVISTA INC.
City particularly in training teachers and im- Schools Chancellor
proving classroom instruction are less
Last school year, we released a brand-
splashy and often overlooked, but are just as
new Social Studies curriculum, the Passport
critical to our vision of Equity and Excellence
to Social Studies. Im happy to say its now in
for All.
over 70 percent of our elementary and middle
Here are a few of those under the radar
schools, and Im excited to see that number
investments that are making an impact in our
grow as more schools focus on Social Studies.
Investments in middle school. If we get
80 minutes of teacher training. Nearly
middle school right, students can find hobbies
four years ago, one of the first things I did was
and passions, and start carving their path to
set aside 80 minutes at every school every
college and careers. We need to make the in-
week for teacher training. This is a game-
vestments to reach them and get them ready
changer for schools and the children and fam-
for high school, college, and beyond.
ilies we serve.
We now provide an after-school seat for
During the 80 minutes, teachers learn
ever middle-school student, and also started a
how to use new cutting-edge resources; plan
program called Teen Thursdays, where 7th-
for upcoming lessons; and look closely at stu-
grade students can visit many local cultural in-
dents performance on tests and essays to fig-
stitutions. Its not a given that kids and
ure out what theyre teaching well and what
families feel welcome at their local museums
they need to do better.
and cultural centers; programs like this con-
Passport to Social Studies. Since I was a
nect our students and parents with their City
child and my father read Spanish books with
in a new way. Were also homing in on middle
me about the history of Spain (his native coun-
school math through our Algebra for All ini-
try), Social Studies has always been my fa-
tiative making sure students get the math in-
vorite subject. Unfortunately, it was not seen
struction they need in 5th grade and middle
as a priority in schools, but it has to be. We
school so theyre ready to take on advanced
must prepare students to be thoughtful, pro-
math courses in high school.
ductive citizens, and they absolutely have to
Collaboration over competition. Ive al-
understand history, civics and current events.
ways been a believer in collaboration over

CIN LECTURE SERIES: (l-r) Gloria Messam of JAMPACT, Dale Todd, President of JAMPACT, Stephen Hill, CEO of CIN, Diana McCulay, CEO of JET, Trevor Munroe, Ex-
ecutive Director of NIA, Tassie Scarlett and Michael Williams huddled for a group picture at the 13th Annual CIN Lecture held recently at the Schomburg Center, New York City.

Thousands mourn loss of Golden Krust CEO Murders in the City down 17%

Continued from page 1 utive at Tower Isle Foods and a longtime
He remained committed to Jamaica and friend of Hawthorne. He extended his sym- New York City: is on track to have fewer than 300 murders
made gratitude the hallmark of his life and pathy to the family and noted Hawthornes or the first 11 months of the year, the for all of 2017 in a city of 8.5 million peo-
could be relied on to give back to our com- contribution Jamaica's cultural brand. city has recorded its lowest number of ple.
munity, Deans said. Its a sad day for us! I Everald Woods, a Golden Krust em- murders since the 1950s. In terms of shootings, there have been
can say on behalf of all Jamaicans in the di- ployee since 2003, said he loved working for Murders are down 17 percent com- 723, compared to 933 shootings last year at
aspora that he was a true son of the soil. May Hawthorne. pared to last year at this time, according to this time. That's a reduction of 22 percent.
God strengthen and bring comfort to his fam- He was a nice boss, a wonderful guy, police reports. The police commissioner and mayor
ily at this time. One love Lowellwalk said Woods. He's the kind of guy you want As of December 1, there were 259 mur- are expected to talk about the statistics and
good. to work for that long. He takes care of his em- ders. Last year, there were 313. New York other crime issues in the coming days.
Jamaica Prime Minister Andrew Hol- ployees.
ness on his Facebook page also expressed his Woods noted that he was stunned to
condolences to the friends, family and em- learn that Hawthorne had taken his life. I
ployees of Hawthorne. didn't believe the news when I heard it at
Bronx Borough president first. I don't know if the pres-
m- Ruben Diaz. Jr said in a tweet sure of running the business
that Hawthorne was "a good was too much, but I'm
friend, and was always ready to shocked.
help my office whenever we He was a good boss,
needed him. He will be sorely humble and a good business-
of missed. Our thoughts and man, added Pete Tee, 27, a
prayers are with his family, former employee, as he stood
friends and employees during outside the factory after the
this difficult time. Saturday night incident. He
Aaron Golding, a Golden never seemed sad. This is just
Kurst franchisee, said terrible news right now.
Hawthrone was a stalwart of LOWELL HAWTHORNE The founder of the
Natural &Organic
the business community who CEO, Golden Krust Caribbean food empire was
gave many entrepreneurs like May 1, 1960 - Dec 2, 2017 also the chairman of the Amer-
& Caribbean
himself the opportunity to suc- ican Foundation of the Univer-
cessfully launch their own business. sity of the West Indies (UWI). Meals, Grocery
This is a great loss, and we have to keep his Hawthorne has been the recipient of nu-
legacy alive as we move forward. He was merous awards both in Jamaica and in the Juice Bar & Catering
like a friend and a brother and will be dearly United States for his philanthropy and his en-
missed, Golding said. trepreneurial genius. In 2000, he won the
Former Jamaican Consul General coveted Entrepreneur of the Year award
Genevieve Brown Metzger said she wants to from the accounting firm Ernst & Young, and
Open Monday - Saturday
acknowledge Mr. Hawthorne, for his com- over the years he has been celebrated in nu-
mitment and support for the community. He merous newspapers, magazines and televi-
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
was loved by the entire community not just sion shows for his accomplishments.
Jamaican but everybody who knows him, The Jamaica beef patty empire now has
she added. more than 120 restaurants across the United
It hit us hard as he was one of the lead- States. It also produces more than 50 million 3565C Boston Road
ers in the Diaspora that contributed signifi- patties a year for retail stores and supplies
cantly to the Jamaican and other communities them to about 20,000 outlets across the coun-
Bronx, N.Y. 10469
over the years, said Beverley Nicholas, CEO try, according to the New York Times.
of Beverley Home Care Inc. Hawthorne opened the first Golden Krust
"Mr. Hawthorne is a huge success story store on E. Gun Hill Rd. in 1989. Fax 718-653-5499
in the Jamaican Diaspora, and we are all Mr. Hawthorne is survived by his wife
deeply disappointed that this could have hap- Lorna, three sons and a daughter as eight sis-
pened," said Trevor Smith, marketing exec- ters and brothers.

Hundreds Yonkers Murder

Gets 17 yrs

GOP Tax Plan

armel Mills, 42-years-old, of Yonkers
was Nov 30 sentenced by Judge Barry

Warhit after pleading guilty in May to: one
count of Murder in the Second Degree, a
MANHATTAN: class A Felony; one count of Burglary in
undreds rallied in Lower Manhattan the First Degree, a class "B" Violent Felony
last Saturday to denounce the newly and one count of Strangulation in the First
approved Republican tax plan. Degree-Obstruction of Breathing/Blood
Protesters gathered in Foley Square Circulation-Causing Serious Physical In-
before marching to the Stock Exchange. jury.
Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Comp-
troller Scott Stringer joined demonstra-
tors, voicing their outrage with the $1.5
trillion tax code overhaul.
"It makes no sense that after the
Great Recession, the great crash that hurt
millions and millions of Americans, and
no one was ever held responsible in that

Queens model was found

building there, that they're about, they're Desiree "Desi" Gibbon was found dead with her throat slashed on
about to fleece us again. They're about to the side of the road in Anchovy, Jamaica on Sunday, November 26.
take away from the working people and

dead in Jamaica WI
middle class of America again, but we
have a chance to stop it," de Blasio said.
"It's a message that says that this tax
plan turns the clock back on our city and

rolls back progress for America," Stringer Karmel Mills, 42
The House and Senate still need to By Street Hype Crime Reporters money to attend film school in Europe. The
On Jan. 19, 2016, members of the
iron out differences in their versions of the New York City model who went to Ja- model had been in Jamaica for more than a
Yonkers Police Department responded to a
tax plan. After that, the bill will head to maica to work and save money for month but was supposed to fly back to 911 call at 52 Ravine Ave. in Yonkers
President Donald Trump's desk to be film school was found dead on the side of Queens on Thursday to visit family. where victim David Pinnock lived.
signed into law. a road in Anchovy, Jamaica. Gibbon, who grew up modeling and Upon arrival, they found the door to
Desiree Gibbon, 26, was found with competing in beauty pageants, was looking the Pinnocks apartment had been broken
her throat slashed on Sunday morning, just for work in Jamaicas tourism industry. off the hinges with Mills choking him in-
four miles away from Montego Bay, Ja- The brutality is what killed me. She was side. The police ordered Mills off of Pin-
maica. beaten and had her throat sliced open, nock and he complied. Mills, who was
Peggy Brunner, Gibbons aunt, de- Gibbons mother, Andrea Cali-Gibbon told bleeding from the head, was placed under
scribed Gibbon as a friend to all and a hard the press. arrest and transported to a local hospital.
worker. Gibbon is convinced her daughter was Pinnock suffered blunt force trauma,
We loved everything about her. She was killed by someone known to her. My be- and kidney and lung failure, as well as
outgoing, everybody was her best friend. lief is that it was a cold, calculated, brain damage. He was removed from the
Desi made everybody feel like her best planned-out murder, she said. It wasnt a ventilator on Feb. 6, 2016 and pronounced
friend. She wanted equality for everybody, random act of violence. It somebody she dead.
kind-hearted soul, Brunner told the press. knew, and its somebody she trusted. Mills and Pinnock were neighbors in
Brunner said Gibbon was staying in Brunner is hoping that in the struggle, the same apartment building and had an
her grandmothers hotel in Jamaica while the suspects DNA was left behind. ongoing dispute.

King to launch
she looked for bartending work to save

Holiday Street
Man Pleads
Lighting-Dec 12
Clevon Reeves, 35

Guilty to Rape

ew York City Council Member
Andy King, the Mosholu Preserva-
MOUNT VERNON: tion Corporation, the East 233rd Street
levon Reeves, 35 formerly of the Bronx,
and White Plains Road Merchants Asso-

Where many different

pled guilty on Nov 20 before the Hon-
ciation and 12th Council District resi-
orable Susan M. Cacace to: one count of
Rape in the First Degree, a class B violent
dents will bring in the holidays with the

voices are heard!

Felony. On Nov. 22, 2014, as the victim 2nd annual 12th Council District Holiday
was entering her apartment on Cortlandt Street Lighting on Tuesday, Dec. 12th, at

Book your program today

Street, Reeves, who was unknown to the vic- 6 p.m., at the intersection of East Gun Hill
tim, pushed her inside from behind, forced Road and White Plains Road., Bronx,

... call David

her onto the floor and forcibly raped her. 10466. White Plains Road will be illumi-
During the forcible rape, Reeves choked the nated with holiday lights in addition to
victim. holiday songs performed by 12th District
Reeves then fled the scene and the vic- residents around a holiday tree. Santa will
tim immediately called 911 and reported her make a grand appearance, greeting chil-
attack. The Mount Vernon Police Department dren and giving out gifts.
responded and commenced an investigation. Whitney Media -
Reeves was identified as the suspect in
1 Broadcast Forum, New Rochelle, NY 10801
914-636-1460 (OFFICE) 914-636-9847 (ON AIR)
He faces 25 years in state prison when
he is sentenced on Jan. 9, 2018.

Jamaicas Britain
National Considers
Identification Joining
System looks NAFTA?
to technology
By Christian Gomez

n the event that the United Kingdom is un-
PHILADELPHIA, (CMC): able to work out or secure a new post-
amaica is going through the looking Brexit trade deal with the European Union,
glass, taking advantage of technology it may consider joining the very trade pact
and launching a National Identification Sys- that some in the United States are seeking
tem (NIDS) in 2018, according to US news- their countrys own exit, or "Amexit" from
paper, the Philadelphia Tribune. the North American Free Trade Agree-
The NIDS, which has been the subject ment (NAFTA). This news come from un-
of trenchant debate here, was described as named ministers in the British government,
very similar to the social security number as reported by Britains Telegraph newspa-

Zimbabwean gets new president

system that the United States utilises, by the per on October 10, 2017.
Tribune on Saturday. According to the Telegrpah, the [U.K.]
This will spur the growth and devel- Government is examining the possibility of
opment of commerce and economic activity joining the North American Free Trade
through the provision of a platform of Agreement, known as Nafta, as part of its
greater security and integrity for public Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, 75 is a veteran politician now serving as the planning for a no deal scenario.
partnerships, the paper quoted Prime Min- third and current President of Zimbabwe. A longtime ally of his predecessor Robert The Telegraph goes on to note the ap-
ister Andrew Holness as saying. Mugabe and a senior member of the ruling ZANUPF party, Mnangagwa served as parent economic benefits of the U.K. joining
The Tribune said Holness and his ad- First Vice President of Zimbabwe from 2014 until his dismissal in early November the United States, Mexico, and Canada in
ministration feel that the NIDS will enable 2017, which prompted a coup d'tat. On November 21, 2017, Mugabe resigned (a their trilateral trade pact: Joining Nafta
the Government to ensure compliance with removal recognised in a statement by the African Union, not as a 'coup', but as a le- would enable the UK to boost its trade with
tax collection and other critical government gitimate expression of the will of the Zimbabwean people), and Mnangagwa was three of the worlds economic powerhouses,

New Digital Currency for Venezuela

functions. sworn in as President on November 24, 2017. which have a combined Gross Domestic
"It is seen as strengthening immigra- Product (GDP) of 17.2 trillion [$22.7 tril-
tion laws, border control and national secu- lion], compared with the EUs GDP of 15.7

rity, the Tribune also said. "Furthermore, trillion [$20.7 trillion].
the verification system will authenticate the Currently, the four countries (including
identity of citizens and other persons who Britain) account for more than 30 per cent
resident Nicolas Maduro said on Sunday
are Jamaican residents and establish a data- of the entire global economy, according to
that Venezuela will launch a digital cur-
base to generate national identification the Telegraph.
rency to combat the ongoing attempts by the
cards. Other advantages for why U.K. free
U.S. and its junior partners to suffocate the
But the report noted that many Ja- trade globalists may want to join NAFTA
maicans are skeptical about the National Bolivarian Republic through sanctions. include avoiding having to make individual
Identification and Registration Act of 2017, The digital currency called the petro trade agreements with the United States,
stating that nationals feel the law will turn will be backed by Venezuelan reserves of Canada, and Mexico. Furthermore, with the
them into just another number among the gold, oil, gas, and diamonds, he said during U.K. in NAFTA, it would mean that three
Caribbean islands 2.8 million inhabitants. the near five-hour show, which included tra- G7 nations Canada, the United Kingdom,
If it aint broke, dont fix it, the Trib- ditional Christmas songs and dancing. and the United States would also be
une quoted a Jamaican-American who in- The president announced that it would members of NAFTA, thus giving that par-
tends to return to the island after retirement. allow Venezuela to advance in issues of Nicolas Maduro ticular regional trade bloc increased leverage
Jamaica has been functioning quite monetary sovereignty, to make financial Venezuelas President and among the G7.
well without the formality of a social secu- transactions and overcome the financial The announcement reveals a novel

Saleh: Yemen's

rity system, said Collin D, whose last name blockade. method through which the Bolivarian Re-
"This is going to allow us to move for-

former leader 'killed'

was not used. public hopes to sidestep Canadian, European

This is just going to create more red ward to new ways of international financing and U.S- sanctions that have been imposed
tape that people have to go through to get for the country's economic and social devel- on tens of top-ranking officials, making it in-
anything done. I hope they have a seamless opment," said Maduro during his weekly tel- creasingly difficult for Venezuelas to move eports from Yemen say ex-President Ali
plan in place to roll this out and ensure that evision program broadcast on public media money through international banks. Abdullah Saleh has been killed in fight-

St. Kitts and Nevis projects

all Jamaicans benefit from it. It will be very ing with his former allies.
interesting to see the implementation of this Media controlled by the rebel Houthi

positive growth in 2018

NIN [National Identification Number]. movement quoted officials as declaring the
I understand that the government is "end of the crisis of the treason militia and
trying to improve things said Garnett the killing of its leader".
Mills, of Philadelphia. When I hear that BASSETERRE, St. Kitts: in office. In 2010, 2011 Sources in Mr Saleh's General People's
every Jamaican will be given a number, all Timothy Harris-led Government of St. Kitts and 2012 economic Congress party also confirmed that he was
I can think about is the mark of the beast and Nevis is projected to continue on a path growth under the Den- dead, according to Al Arabiya TV.
mentioned in the book of Revelation in the of positive economic growth in 2018. This zil Douglas regime was Pictures and video circulated online
Bible, he added. would mean that for a fourth straight year, negative, and for the showed the body of a man resembling Mr
I am from the old school, and I must from 2015 to 2018, St. Kitts and Nevis period 2010-2014 eco- Saleh with a severe head wound.
admit that I am more comfortable with the economy would have registered growth nomic growth was Until last week, Mr Saleh's supporters
old way of life. There is something really under the Team Unity administration. recorded at an average had been fighting alongside the Houthis in
fishy about this giving everybody a number The Prime Minister said this positive of just 1.4 percent. a war against Yemen's current president, Ab-
business. growth outlook comes despite the significant The Team drabbuh Mansour Hadi.
Gloria Jones, a Jamaican who is cur- public sector damage to the tune of around Timothy Harris Unity administration But rising political tensions and a dis-
rently visiting family in Delaware, had $150 million from the two major hurricanes St. Kitts and Nevis presented surplus budg- pute over control of the main mosque in the
much to add to the conversation. I listened in September. Prime Minister ets in 2015 and 2016 rebel-controlled capital, Sanaa, triggered
to news broadcasts and also read newspaper This unprecedented level of consistent with no new taxes, and fierce clashes that have left more than 125
articles about this National Identification growth under the Team Unity Government according to Prime Minister Harris, his Gov- people dead and 238 wounded since
Number, and I agree with the prime minis- is in stark contrast to the figures recorded by ernment is on pace to deliver yet another sur- Wednesday night.
ter, she said. the former administration during its last term plus budget.

Judge Rules That
Foreign Entrepreneurs Can Come

to the US to Grow Their Businesses

Zarrab Tells Jury Turkish Banker
Didn't Ask For Bribe Money
Reza Zarrab testified Thursday that he

never bribed Turkish banker Mehmet
Hakan Atilla, telling a Manhattan federal By Leslie Dellon (IER). The rule was created to allow tal- requirements. The United States would con-
jury that Atilla, who is accused of schem- oreign entrepreneurs who want to build ented foreign-born entrepreneurs to travel sequently miss out on the economic activity
ing to help Iran avoid U.S. sanctions, innovative companies in the United to or stay in the United States to grow their that would have been generated by these
never asked for a dime even as Zarrab States received good news on Friday, when companies for two and a half years, with the new businesses.
made lavish payments to the defendant's federal judge James E. Boasberg of the U.S. possible extension of another two and a half With Judge Boasbergs ruling in place,
boss and to a Turkish minister. District Court ruled in favor of a lawsuit years. DHS must now cease the delay and begin
brought by the National Venture Capital As- As a result of the agencys delay, for- accepting applications of foreign entrepre-
Exec Says He Never Confirmed sociation (NVCA), entrepreneurs, and eign entrepreneurs that intended to use the neurs who wish to grow their companies in
Receipt Of Bribes In FIFA Trial startup companies on September 19, 2017. rule to grow businesses in the United States the United States. This will no doubt pro-
A former South American soccer execu- Represented by the American Immi- were blocked from doing so. vide a significant boost to the U.S. econ-
tive who has testified to paying and keep- gration Council and Mayer Brown LLP, the NVCA and the other plaintiffs argued omy, as it has long thrived on the
ing track of bribe payments to South plaintiffs lawsuit challenged the Depart- that because DHS did not solicit advance contributions and innovations of foreign en-
American soccer officials said Thursday ment of Homeland Securitys (DHS) delay comment from the public on the delay, it vi- trepreneurs.

USCIS Is Receiving a Record

that he had no knowledge of whether three of the International Entrepreneur Rule olated the Administrative Procedure Acts
defendants on trial in the FIFA corruption
case actually received the money marked

Number of Citizenship Applications

for them.

Rapper DMX Pleads Guilty

To Dodging $1.7M In Taxes
Rapper DMX copped to tax evasion be- By Melissa Cruz year. This is unique in that the volume of
fore a Manhattan federal judge on Thurs- he average processing time for United naturalization applications generally in-
day, admitting to dodging a $1.7 million States citizenship applications used to creases during an election season, then falls
tax bill for years and funneling payments take five to seven months already a the year after. The greatest concentration of
for his performances through managers lengthy timeline for immigrants waiting to these new applications is coming from
who would pay him out in cash. get their citizenship vetted and approved. cities and states with the largest number of
A spike in applications before and after Mexican residents, such as Texas, Califor-
Real Estate Rumors: Square Mile, the 2016 presidential election has caused nia, and Arizona.
American Realty, Goldman that wait time to double. Yet, immigrants by Despite the significant backlog and in-
Square Mile is reportedly close to a deal and large are not deterred from applying for creased processing time, these immigrants
to loan $250 million for a Manhattan of- citizenship. are voluntarily choosing to become U.S.
fice, retail and apartment project, Ameri- This sharp increase in the number of citizens to protect their families and secure
can Realty Advisors is said to have sold a applications to U.S. Citizenship and Immi- the right to vote. Becoming a naturalized
Chicago office tower for $80 million, and gration Services (USCIS) has also led to a citizen would also allow them to bring fam-
a Goldman Sachs venture has reportedly backlog of 708,638 applications nation- ily members into the United States, hold
bought a San Diego business park for wide, new federal data shows. In Los An- certain jobs that require citizenship, and
$45.7 million. geles County, for example, the uptick in protect them from the possibility of depor-
applications has caused the processing time tation.
Feds Charge 13 In Hack Of to shoot up from around five months to 10 Backlogs and delays can cause great
Ride-Hailing Drivers' Accounts manpower for USCIS officials to sift
months. uncertainty, forcing immigrants to re-
New York federal prosecutors revealed through.
The process itself has also gotten more arrange multiple aspects of their lives. The
charges against 13 people allegedly re- Nevertheless, the number of applica-
laborious. After the implementation of an United States needs to continue to encour-
sponsible for hacking into ride-hailing tions for citizenship is soaring.
Obama-era policy, vetting of applications age immigrants who choose to naturalize
companies drivers accounts and siphon- Within the past year, 1,028,647 lawful
heightened. The 10 page naturalization ap- and maintain a streamlined process to citi-
ing money out, saying Thursday that the permanent residents have applied to be-
plication has instead become 20 pages, con- zenship.
team stole millions from company ac- come U.S. citizens, representing a near 11
sequently taking additional time and
counts to enrich themselves. percent increase over the same period last

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Maurice D. Maitland, Esq.


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Windies CONCACAF teams

collapse again drawn in competitive

New Zealand
World Cup Groups


ONCACAF hopefuls Costa Rica
WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND have been drawn in Group 'E' along-
he Windies lost eight wickets before tea side 5-time champions Brazil as the draw
in another disappointing collapse for the for the 2018 FIFA world cup was held in
tourists, who were dismissed for 319 on Russia's capital city Moscow on Friday.
Monday. Switzerland and Serbia complete the
West Indies crumbled dramatically as group.
New Zealand won the first Test by an in-
Elsewhere, CONCACAF kingpins
nings and 67 runs on day four in Wellington.
Mexico will have to contend with cham-
The Windies lost eight wickets before
pions Germany in Group 'F' with Sweden
tea in another disappointing collapse for the
and South Korea also drawn in that group.
Caribbean tourists, who were dismissed for
319 on Monday. The other CONCACAF team Panama are
West Indies had shown signs of life on drawn in Group 'G' alongside England,
Sunday as they resumed on 214-2 still 172 Legendary Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt stands in front of a statue of himself Belgium and Tunisia. Group 'B' appears
adrift of New Zealand's mammoth 386-run shortly after it was unveiled at the National Stadium on Nov 3 in Kingston, Ja- quite competitivewith 2010 winners
lead after the hosts declared on 520-9 maica WI. The unveiling of his statue was followed by a reception where Ja- Spain, drawn alongside Portugal, Mo-
thanks to Kraigg Brathwaite (91) and Shai maicas track and field athletes who participated in this years World rocco and Iran.
Hope (37) at Basin Reserve. Championships were invited along with several notable figures in local and in- Hosts Russia will face Saudi Arabia
But just like they did in the first innings, ternational sports. in the opening match at the Luzhniki Sta-
after going from 59-0 to all out for 134, the dium in Moscow on June 14. They are in
Windies capitulated as Matt Henry (3-57), Group 'A' with Egypt and former winners
Trent Boult (2-87), Colin de Grandhomme Uruguay. 2-time champions Argentina are
(2-40), Neil Wagner (2-102) and Mitchell in Group 'D' with Iceland, Croatia and
Santner (1-25) tore through the visitors with Nigeria. 1998 winners France are drawn
ease. in Group 'C' alongside Australia, Peru and
It went downhill for West Indies when Denmark. Group H as Poland, Senegal,
Brathwaite's resistance was broken during Colombia and Japan.

Reggae Boyz
the morning session.

Watson and Taylor

released by their
MLS clubs
J amaican internationals Jevaughn Watson
of the New England Revolution and Jer-
maine Taylor of Minnesota United have not
been retained by their respective teams for
the 2018 season in the MLS. Both players
Lalonde Gordon, who in August won gold for Trinidad & Tobago in the World who have been in the league since 2011,
will now be looking for new clubs.

Top international athletes target

Championships, will compete in the 400m in Februarys 111th NYRR Millrose
Dwight Yorke Over in the Pacific North West Re-

Yorke must do more

Games. -Photo by John Nepolitan.
gion, Darren Mattocks was also not re-

111th NYRR Millrose Games

tained for the 2018 season by the Portland

for Tobago sports

Timbers. However the 2015 MLS Cup
champions say they are in discussions with

Mattocks to get a new deal.
obago House of Assembly (THA) Sec-
Jamaicans Alvas Powell and Renico
retary of Sports and Youth Affairs Jomo New York City: holds the 300m record at The Armory, where
Clarke have been retained by the Timbers
Pitt has called out former T&T international fter thrilling their compatriots at recent he will run the 400m at the NYRR Millrose
and Manchester United legend Dwight championships, several top international Games.
for next season.

Andre Blake Praises

Yorke insisting the player should do more to track and field stars will compete in the 111th Xie Zhenye had a breakthrough 2017
help develop local sport. NYRR Millrose Games at The Armorys New season when he became the Chinese double

National Coaches
Yorke recently expressed dismay at Balance Track and Field Center on February national champion, lowering his own national

comments made by Pitt in the THA, which 3, 2018. 200m record after defeating the Asian cham-
suggested there were no plans to immedi- In the global city of New York that is pion Su Bingtian in a 10.04 personal best over
ately renovate the badly dilapidated Dwight home to the renowned NYRR Millrose 100m. A two-time Olympian, Xie will run the KINGSTON, JAMAICA:
Yorke Stadium. Games, the athletes countries are well-repre- 60m in the NYRR Millrose Games. ational senior football team goalkeeper
Pitt, in response, while expressing dis- sented in the local population. Omar McLeod of Jamaica was the 2016 and captain Andre Blake is happy to be
appointment in Yorkes comments and in- CJ Ujah ran the lead-off leg in the British Olympic and 2017 World Championships working with Jamaica's World Cup heroes
sisting the comments made in the House of 4x100m team that seized victory in front of gold medalist in the 110-meter hurdles and Theodore 'Tappa' Whitmore and Warren
Assemble were taken out of context, turned an ecstatic home crowd at the London 2017 will be returning to the NYRR Millrose Barrett as head coach and goalkeeper coach,
to accuse the athlete of not doing enough to World Championships. Games. The former three-time NCAA indi- respectively.
impact the sports development program. He capped his year with the IAAF Dia- vidual champion is the World Indoor 60m Blake, who is shortlisted for the CON-
Well be more interested in Dwight mond League title, running 9.97 seconds for hurdles gold medalist. CACAF Player of the Year and Goalkeeper
Yorke making a contribution to Tobago as the 100m. He will run the NYRR Millrose Shaunae Miller-Uibo won 400m gold at of the Year Award, spoke of his relationship
opposed to facilities. Were more interested Games 60m. Rio 2016 in dramatic fashion, diving across with both coaches.
in (enhancing) programmes and sports de- Lalonde Gordon anchored Trinidad & the finish line ahead of Allyson Felix. A two- Whitmore, who guided the Reggae
Tobagos 4x400m team to World Champi- time Olympian and native of the Bahamas, Boyz to the CONCACAF Gold Cup final,
velopment as opposed to (improving) facil-
onships gold in August 2017, and was a 2012 Miller-Uibo became her nations first world- where they lost 1-2 to host the United States
ities which has been sadly lacking from
Olympic bronze medalist, individually over record holder when she broke Felixs straight of America last July, was offered a two-year
our international athletes, including Dwight
400m and as part of the 4x400 relay team. 200-meter record in 2017. deal by the local governing body, the Ja-
Yorke, Pitt told T&T Newsday.
Gordon lives and trains in New York City and maica Football Federation (JFF).

Rocksteady legends to Reggae Grammys

Nominees 2018
bring Christmas cheers
ive iconic rocksteady
reggae legends - Ken
Boothe, Leroy 'Heptone' eading the list of Reggae nominees is
Sibbles, Horace Andy, Keel- the leader of the reggae revival move-
ing Beckford and the Claren- ment, Chronixx.
donians will bring Christmas For 2018, it will be Damian Junior
cheer and warmth to thou- Gong Marley who will represent the Mar-
sands of Jamaicans in the ley family.
New York Tri-state area at
To round out the 2018 Reggae
the recently announced Rae-
Grammy nominees are J Boog, Morgan
town & Rocksteady concert
Heritage and Common Kings.
on Christmas Eve, Sunday,
December 24 at the Amazura See all 5 nominees below:
Ken Boothe Leroy 'Heptone' Sibbles
Concert Hall, 91-12 144th BEST REGGAE ALBUM NOMINEES
event is generating a lot of the inaugural One World Ska Chronixx Chronology
Place, Queens. excitement in the New York & Rocksteady concert in Ja-
The powerful galaxy of Common Kings Lost In Paradise
area. Music lovers who grew maica last November and the
stars will be backed by for- J Boog Wash House Ting
up in that era are coming out successful Reggae/Rock-
mer Sagittarius band bass Damian Jr Gong Marley Stony Hill
of the wood works, event steady package, supported
player Derrick Barnett and promoter Chris Kingston of by a Symphony orchestra Morgan Heritage Avrakedabra
his Brooklyn based State- Kingston Ghetto Production which played Queens, NY The 60th Grammy Awards will air live
ment Band. said. Rocksteady music was this summer. from New Yorks Madison Square Garden
"This new rocksteady recently in the spotlight with Jan. 28 on CBS. Chronixx

Three Jamaican women on set of Vh1's 'love & Hip: NY'

By Anthony Turner "The television industry is a male domi-

Street Hype Writer nated field. Here we have (on the set) three
proud Jamaican women, opening doors for our
eason 8 of VH1's Love & Hip Hop: New generation. We are sitting behind the cameras
York (LHH New York) with stars Remy of a reality TV show and making it happen"
Ma, Yandy, Papoose, DJ Self, Dreamdoll, Sa- she disclosed.
faree, Anais, Lil Mo Karl and Bianca landed "Mona Scott and Stefan made us 'Em-
the second-highest spot of the night in the ployees Of The Week'" Dorman gushed after
Monday cable ratings among adults 18-49 for the ratings for the season premier were pub-
its' season premier recently. lished.
The popular VH1 show, which originally Dorman's resume as a TV producer in the
premiered in 2011, with spin-off TV shows in USA is quite impressive. In 2014, she worked
Atlanta, Miami, and Hollywood has all of four as an associate producer on 'Love In The City'
Jamaicans, including three women in promi- that aired on Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).
nent roles on the set. Jamaican born rapper Sa- Prior to joining the production team at OWN,
faree Samuels, the high profile former she worked as an Associate Producer at BET
boyfriend of hip hop superstar Nicki Minaj TV (BET Networks). During her tenure, Dor-
joined the cast for season 8. Also working on man worked on various programs including
LHH New York are Jamaicans - Codine 'Rap City,' 'Black Carpet,' 'Spring Bling,' the
Williams (Supervising Producer); Kamala BET Awards and was involved with the pro-
Taylor (Talent Producer) and Tamieka duction of '106 & Park,' 'The Deal' and 'Rip
"Tammy" Dorman (Talent Producer). The Runway.'
"Interviewing and landing the Talent Pro- Dorman was also the genius that orches-
ducer job for Mona Scott's highly successful trated BET's coverage of NY's reggae festival
reality show franchise LHH New York, season Irie Jamboree in 2005 and the subsequent TV
8, was definitely a life changer for me" an special that featured Barrington Levy, Ele-
elated Dorman said. phant Man, Sizzla and Jr. Gong Marley.
Codine Williams, Tammy Dorman and Kamala Taylor

Artist/Singer Song Writer
Actress MC/Host For information
Versatile, Vivacious,
Creative and Talented
For booking and interviews:
718-652-9836 678-462-9626

Caribbean Jamaican finishes 3rd at Miss Universe 2017

Immigrants Arrested
Las Vegas, Nevada: She is a marketing stu- now grown to include a wider
or the first time since 2010, Jamaica dent at the University of cross section of Ja-
ine Caribbean nationals were among 55 has secured a top 3 placement in the the West Indies. Mona, maica's deaf com-
people arrested in New York as the United Miss Universe Pageant. and modeled for the munity. If Davina
States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Davina Bennett, 21 model and phi- Pulse agency at takes home this
(ICE) executed a six-day operation targeting at- lanthropist finished in 3rd place at the Londons Fashion year's crown,
large criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants, and im- final of the Miss Universe, which was Week. she would like
migration fugitives. held on Sunday (Nov 26) in Las Vegas. Davina is pas- to continue to
They include a Guyanese national con- As her name was announced in third sionate about giving working with
victed of kidnapping, assault, and criminal pos- place, rounds of boos echoed in the back- back and throughout the deaf com-
session of a weapon, a Trinidadian, two people ground. her modeling career, munity to help
from the Dominican Republic, and five Ja- A similar situation happened in 2014 she gained valuable break the stigma
maicans. when Jamaica's representative to the Miss experiences that paved of hearing loss.
ICE said some of the foreign nationals will Universe pageant, Kaci Fennell finished the way for the Davina Ben- Jamaica's highest
be presented for federal prosecution for re-entry in 5th place. nett Foundation for the Deaf. placement at the Miss
after deportation, a felony punishable by up to The winner of Miss Universe 2017 is She created the foundation to Universe pageant came in 2010
20 years in prison. South Africa's Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. train and inspire models when Yendi Phillips finished in
Those not being criminally prosecuted will Her runner-up is Colombia's Laura Gon- who are deaf, 2nd place.
be processed for removal from the country. zalez. Thailand's Maria Poonlertlarp and but it has Jamaica's previous top
Individuals who have outstanding orders of de- Venezuela's Keysi Sayago completed the ten placements at
portation, or who returned to the United States
top 5. Miss Universe
illegally after being deported, are subject to im-
At the 2017 Miss Universe pageant, included San-
mediate removal from the country.
Bennett became the talk of the night for dra Foster
Thomas Decker, field office director for
ICEs Enforcement and Removal Operations wearing an Afro. She stood out among the (1989),
New York said ICE will be diligent in its re- sea of blown-out, straight styles you typi- Kimberly
sponsibility to find those who come to the cally see on beauty queens and was cele- Mais (1991)
United States to prey upon our communities and brated across social media for proudly Christine
ultimately have them removed from the coun- wearing her natural hair. Straw (2004)
try. Bennett, who holds the title of Miss and Nicole
ERO deportation officers conducted en- Universe Jamaica 2017, was selected as Haughton
forcement actions in all boroughs of New York second runner-up from a total of 92 con- (1999).
City, and Putnam and Westchester counties. testants from around the world. A native
They reported that Kings and Queens counties of Clarendon, she was chosen to represent
accounted for the largest number of arrests dur- Jamaica at the Miss Universe pageant in
ing the operation. August 2017.
5 tips for finding college scholarships

FAMILY FEATURES: Many times, scholarships with While paid options exist, there
ollege is a significant investment smaller award amounts have fewer are also several free sites, such as
and millions of families each additional requirements that must be, Fastweb and
year face the question of how to pay satisfied outside of materials tradi- Scholarship America, that can pro-
for it. One way students can position tionally required for submission such vide local, regional and national op- [
themselves for success is by seeking as transcripts, letters of reference and tions based on the information you H
out various forms of financial assis- an application. provide.
tance. Other, more industry-specific
Earning scholarships can be one Use a Scholarship Search Engine websites, such as, can pro-
way to offset the financial burden, While a simple search for college vide scholarship opportunities that
but winning a scholarship can some- scholarships on any search engine is pertain to a certain field of interest.
times be as competitive as gaining likely to elicit plenty of options, there
admission to the college of your are sites available that are dedicated
choice. to helping students identify college
Some scholarships can be scholarship opportunities.
earned by meeting or exceeding cer- universities based on need. It is also lated clubs, organizations, small
tain standards, such as academic per- required for other forms of financial businesses and other benefactors. For
formance, while other scholarships aid, such as subsidized or unsubsi- example, the Americas Farmers
are based on financial need or per- dized loans. Grow Ag Leaders program, spon-
sonal interests of the applicant. While you can begin filling out sored by the Monsanto Fund in con-
Theres also a wealth of opportuni- the FAFSA on Oct. 1 of the year prior junction with the FFA, provides
ties that support students in specific to needing aid, many scholarships $1,500 scholarships to students en-
areas, whether it be from companies, give priority to students who com- dorsed by local farmers for continu- Live or Own in Sunny Florida
professional organizations or founda- plete the FAFSA by their states ap- ing their education at two- or
tions. plication deadline. It is important to four-year universities and trade
For example, the Americas note that some colleges and univer- schools in agriculture-related fields
Farmers Grow Ag Leaders program sities have earlier deadlines. of study. This year, the program will
offers industry-specific scholarships award more than $500,000 in schol-
each year for those looking to study Talk to Your Counselor arships to students in fields such as
agriculture-related fields. While your Colleges or universities and scholar- mathematics, computer science,
academic performance, character and ship providers often supply informa- business, communications, engineer-
extracurricular resume all play a part, tion about their award offerings and ing, farming, agronomy, education
knowing where to look for scholar- applications to high school coun- and more.
ships can make all the difference selors. Many institutions also offer
when it comes time to pay for your specific awards by major for both Dont Overlook Smaller
education. new and returning students that can Award Amounts
Building Lots - NO CREDIT CHECK
be applied for through the schools When it comes to paying for your ed-
Complete the FAFSA financial aid office. ucation, every scholarship you re-
Lay-Away Plan for New Homes

Completing the Free Application for ceive even those that come with
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may Apply for Scholarships in smaller, one-time award amounts
$3,000 DOWN PAYMENT to Fly and
be required to apply for a number of Your Field of Interest can help defray the costs beyond tu-
scholarships, particularly scholar-
Check It
Many job sectors have scholarship ition for books, supplies and living Call 917-751-1792
ships offered by most colleges and opportunities available through re- expenses.



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Jamaican Minister of Transport and Mining, Lester Michael Henry (3rd l) recipient of the American Caribbean Maritime Foundations (ACMF) inaugural anchor award at the recent
Leadership Award ceremony held in Manhattan. Also in photo are board members and sponsors of the Foundation (l-r) Richard Scheff, CEO Montgomery McCracken; ACMF board
member Carleen Lyden Walker, President NAMEPA; Geneive Brown Metzger, President ACMF; ACMF board member Michelle Nicholas, Westchester Family Services; ACMF
Board member Jim Luce, President Jim Luce Foundation; ACMF board member Tamika Bent, and ACMF board member Jan Ivarsson. The American Caribbean Maritime Foundation
is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under the United States IRS non-profit law. Please visit the website of the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation for
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Westchester Community College

hires new Chief Diversity Officer

W estchester Community College has
named Tiffany Hamilton to the po-
sition of Associate Dean for Diversity,
University of Missouri-Kansas City
(UMKC), and prior to that role, Director
of Multicultural Student Affairs at the
Her career has included other stu-
dent-centered roles in enrollment man-
agement and student affairs. Hamilton
Equity, and Inclusion/Chief Diversity Of- same university, she brings to the college earned her B.A. and M.A. from UMKC.
ficer. progressively responsible experience in Her career has resulted in demon-
This position reports to the President managing programs, training, and other strated success in a variety of areas in-
of the college. initiatives related to diversity, equity, and cluding strategic planning and
As Assistant Dean of Students at the inclusion. cross-functional collaboration.

New members at Westchester Community College:

Westchester Community College inducts seven new members including (l-r) Gus Arzaga former Bowling
team member; Frank Chousa of Monroe Township, New Jersey former Wrestling team member; William Ciccarelli of
Fishkill, NY former Wrestling team member; Joaquin Garcia of Newtown, Connecticut former Football team member;
and Johnny Jones of Elmsford former Mens and Womens Basketball. The presentation took place at the Colleges Sports
Hall of Fame Induction and Banquet held on November 17, 2017 at Julianos Caterers in New Rochelle.

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Gifts That Give Hope

(Family Features)
ope is a gift on every child's wish list,
especially those in parts of the world Comfort that keeps on giving
ravaged by natural disasters and poverty. To help children around the world, LOcci-
Giving hope lets these children know that tane will donate $4 from each Shea Butter
the world hasn't forgotten them. Collection and Shea Butter Deluxe Collec-
From UNICEF Market products to tion Gift Sets to UNICEF, up to $120,000.
items available from partners, UNICEF The gift sets are available for purchase at
USA is making it possible to give gifts that boutiques throughout the United States and
make a difference and deliver the greatest Canada, and online at
gift of all: hope. Giving a gift that inspires hope this
holiday season can impact not only the per-
Goods from around the globe son receiving the gift but also vulnerable
From jewelry to accessories to home children around the world.
decor, each item purchased through the
UNICEF Market benefits programs that
provide children with basic necessities such
as nutrition, medicine, education, clean
water and more. The UNICEF Market, mar-, is a partnership between
UNICEF USA and Novica that offers
unique items such as multicolored snow-
man ornaments made in India and an artisan
leather tray handmade in Peru.

Inspired giving
Another option is UNICEF Inspired
Do you
Gifts, which are lifesaving items that can be
purchased in honor of a loved one and go
directly to help children in need around the
world. Examples include hygiene kits, mos-
have sleep
quito nets and winter survival packs. Find
more options at

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Motivate kids, inspire philanthropy
and help save the lives of malnourished
children around the world with the Star
Wars: Force for Change UNICEF Kid
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Salon marketing ideas: The ultimate list

R unning out of ideas to market your salon? We carefully crafted the best marketing
techniques for the salon business. Heres the ultimate list for marketing tips and
ideas to promote your salon.
Offer add-on services. Ask your guest if
they would like to try a hot oil treatment, in
addition to the service they already booked.
Create a profitable front desk. Train your ably help make a connection and win you a This is called upselling.
staff to re-book clients for their next session. lifetime guest who will also recommend
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sell and up-sell. Be price savvy. Price your services and even just twice a year, where you let clients
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hashtag. Set up a mirror in front of your Price them too high, and youll lose clients. way for a large turnout.
chair, so clients can take a selfie and post it Be concise about your pricing. Offer 20% Display testimonials. Have a few stellar
to social media. discount for friends and family (great way to testimonials from satisfied clients displayed
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clients will love. Differentiate yourself from Be your own model. No one will want to it visibly to clients.
the traditional salon. get a haircut from someone with a bad one. Offer a higher level of treatment. Offer
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Five Ways to Perfect a Carefree Style

Develop a relationship. Developing a long who sends the most referrals your way. The
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Not only is daily SPF important for avoiding descent pop of coral brings a beachy glow to
sunburns, it also helps prevent wrinkles and cheeks.
spots caused by sun damage. Apply early and Go for all-day eyes. When youre em-
often, and dont be fooled by a cloudy day. bracing a laid-back look, a fully done eye can
Even when skies are overcast, those UV be overkill. A basic tint and some mascara is
rays can inflict plenty of harm. If youll be out a simple way to achieve a put-together but
for an extended period, consider a stylish hat fuss-free style.
to lend extra protection to your scalp, ears and Using a waterproof formula can give you
face. Also remember to cover or apply sun- the confidence that your lashes are in perfect
The hottest place
Mind Body Hair, an established natural hair
salon in the Bronx is looking for an experienced
or beginner Nail Technician. To preform nail
services such as manicures, nail additions,
Try FREE: 888-411-7538
hand treatments, pedicure services as well
as wax services. Serious candidates only call

UJAA Rings Pot legalization could spark fight

in 2018 with among Republicans, governor-elect
Holiday Gala O
TRENTON: out of the hands of minors, thats a pretty
ne of the first showdowns between compelling rationale, he says.

Gov.-elect Phil Murphy and New Jer- But even some Democrats have been
sey Republicans could be the issue of legal- hesitant on the issue, something Murphy
fter an absence of more than 25 years, izing recreational marijuana use. says that he understands. But he so far has
the Union of Jamaican Alumni Asso- Republicans are now the minority in been keeping to all of his campaign prom-
ciations (USA) Inc. (UJAA) will present a both houses of the New Jersey Legislature, ises.
festive New Years Eve Ball, under the dis- which means they will lose the veto power Theres a visceral reaction to this
tinguished patronage of the Consul General that they had with Republican Gov. Chris when I first thought about it I had a visceral
of Jamaica to New York, Trudy Deans, on Christie. reaction, he says. I have four kidsthey
Sunday, 31st December at the Royal State Senate Minority Leader Sen. are 20, 18, 16 and 14, so this is not some-
Chateau Hall, 247-11 Francis Lewis Boule-
Tom Kean Jr. says that he will have to work thing you get to lightly.
vard, Rosedale NY 11422 at 8:00 PM. to
to get his partys voices heard. My goal is Murphy held the first of 14 advisory
3:00 AM.
not to have my caucus be the party of, No. meetings Tuesday. Kean Jr. says that he is
The festivities include dinner, cham-
pagne toast and open bar, a live video link
There are too many talented individuals hoping to be included in these meetings.
to watch the ball drop in Times Square, within that caucus, he says. Legalizing marijuana, at this time
photo ops on the red carpet, the traditional The legalization of marijuana may be youve got concerns about crime issues.
noise makers and accessories, and tokens to one such battle Republicans will fight Youve got concerns about the health im-
remember the evening. against. Murphy made it one of his first pact; youve got concerns about a host of
Tickets are $110.00 per person and campaign promises, in part for the revenue PHIL MURPHY issues, he says.
must be purchased in advance. Soul Tone boost that taxing it will give the state. New Jersey Gov.-elect Kean Jr. says that he has been in con-
Disco with DJ Prentice will provide music Murphy says that New Jersey can learn tact with the governor-elect, but has not yet
from other states that have already legalized If youve got that driving social jus- met with him.

Newark airport gets $1.7B extension

throughout the evening.
President Lesleyann Samuel and her marijuana to see what they did and did not tice compelling argument, which we Murphy will be sworn in to office Jan.
planning team are pulling out all the stops do right. haveyou can regulate it, you can keep it 16.
to ensure an evening to remember for mem-
bers, their families and friends.
Proceeds will benefit UJAAs Educa-

tional Projects and the Jamaica 55 Legacy
Project/Shelter for Domestic Violence Vic-
Newark, NJ: PATH extension to Newark Liberty is now for the airport extension, which appears to
or decades since a newly created public further down the track than it's ever been. have accelerated in recent years as the project
Tickets are now available and may be
entity known as the Port Authority Trans- What follows is a timeline of milestones has gained momentum.
purchased by contacting: Sharon at 347-
Hudson Corporation began operating the for-
849-900; Wilbert at 917-697-3097; Ron at
mer Hudson & Manhattan Railroad in 1961,
there has been sporadic talk of extending the

21 yr old arrested

commuter rail line to Newark airport.

in connection to
But the PATH extension to Newark Lib-
erty International Airport was a train that

Paterson shooting
never got out of the station. Until now, when
the Port Authority is announcing to a broad-

ening constituency for the project: All
Paterson, NJ aboard!
21-year-old was arrested Saturday for The project would extend the PATH line
his role in a shooting last month that 2.4 miles west from its western terminus at
left two people injured, officials said. Newark Penn Station to the airport, which is
Jonathan Cedeno, from Paterson, faces operated by PATH's parent agency, the Port
weapons and aggravated assault charges in Authority of New York and New Jersey.
relation to a shooting in the area of 620 Earlier this year, Port Authority commis-
Main Street in Paterson, the Passaic County sioner included the $1.7 billion extension
Prosecutor's Office said in a news release. project in the agencys $32 billion 10-year
On Nov. 12, two male, Paterson resi- capital plan, and $15 million has been set
dents, a 21-year-old and 27-year-old, were aside in the agency's annual capital budget for
treated at Saint Joseph's Medical Center for 2018. The latest projected completion date is
non, life-threatening gunshot wounds. 2026.
They both are believed to have been in- In authorizing the PATH extension, the
jured in the shooting near Main Street, ac- Port Authority board capped spending of the
cording to the release. agency's self-generated revenues at $1 billion,
Cedeno was previously arrested on ac- while stipulating that the remaining $700 mil-
cusations that he was working with a drug lion be paid for with grants.
ring that that dealt heroin in Paterson. The Pro or con, despite several other costly
4-year-old drug trafficking enterprise was Port Authority projects in both states all vying
known as the 4K Bloods/Korner Boyz. for a limited number of agency dollars, the

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Contributing Editor;
Marketing & Advertising Associate Try FREE: 800-492-1317 or call
What exactly is the best season for love?

Though summer probably isnt the best FALL:

season for love, it still has its benefits. One During the fall months, more singles Men and women are more likely to
benefit is the freedom to explore new hob- were changing their status to "In a Relation- choose romantic comedies during the frigid
bies. Michael F. Holick, Ph.D., M.D of the ship" and "Engaged". Fall proves to be a months due to the connection between
University of Michigan said that "Being good time for love because we all want physical and psychological sensations.
outside readjusts your outlook. The sun re- someone to spend winter and the holidays Feeling cold results in the desire for
presses melatonin levels, making you feel with. warmth.
alert, open to new ideas, and willing to put Date nights are even better in the fall. We can now stop dreading the end of
yourself in unfamiliar territory." This spur A recent study conducted by researchers at the exhilarating highs of summer and look
of spontaneity gives you the opportunity to the Hong Kong University of Science and forward to fall, where theres a possibility
go on adventures and meet new and excit- Technology found that when the weather of something even more magical to happen.
ing people. starts getting colder, our choice of movies
starts to get warmer.

By Tabitha Blaisdell
lthough a relationship can
spark during any season, is Theres a More Aordable & Eective
there a certain time of year where re-
lationships blossom best and are
most enduring? A true romantic
Alternative to U.S. Pharmacy High Prices!
would say no, but science says oth-
So what exactly is the
best season for love?

Although we all feel warm when cuddling
with the person we love, winter can be a 50 Pill Special:
difficult time to find that special someone.
This is due to the fact that we arent as so-
ciable, are moodier and spend much more Only $99
time indoors. Clinical psychologist Susan
Davis, Ph.D. stated that "In the winter, we
hurry home to our nests to stay warm and Plus
protected from the elements." According to
the National Institutes of Health, there's Free Shipping!
also a link between mood changes and lack
of sunlight during the cold season (as
shorter days attribute to getting the "winter
blues"). It's no surprise that being cooped
up inside makes it harder to find the one.

After shaking off the rough winter months,
we welcome spring with open arms. When
it comes to love, many feel that it's a tie on
whether spring is a good time to start a new
relationship or the best time to end one. Ac-
cording to marriage and family therapist Dr. For discreet home delivery,
Jane Greer, we hold on to relationships dur-
ing the harsh winter months "even if it's not CALL NOW!
exactly what [we] want it to be [because]
it's too dark to start something new". This
changes in the springtime when the warmer
weather alleviates our mood and boosts our
Summer doesnt exactly have the best rep-
Mon-Fri: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
utation for the starting point of a relation-
Sat: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
ship. According to anthropologist Helen
Fisher, one of the reasons why summer ro-
(all times Central)

mances rarely last are because were con-

stantly on the go; "summer is a time when
were off, were traveling, and were not
part of our communities."
Best Free Antivirus Programs for 2018

Facebook is coming
for your kids!
By Natasha Devotta Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)
he social media giant is launch- alware authors are so nefarious that they cre- Ad-Aware Free Antivirus
ing a messaging app for chil- ate deadly viruses to uncover your monetary Amiti Free Antivirus
dren to chat with their parents and data or prevent your PC from working by any Panda Free Protection
with friends approved by their par- means. Baidu Antivirus
ents. What you require is the most ideal antivirus
The free app is aimed at kids programming on your PC. Thanks to the lucky stars, Comodo Free Antivirus
under 13, who can't yet have their as the giant leaders in the security industry do de- Comodo offers the best antivirus software
own accounts under Facebook's liver their best products for free. available in the market. It takes the lead amongst its
rules, though they often do. Many organizations offer free forms of their counterparts as it incorporates the best of its inno-
Messenger Kids comes with a prevalent antivirus programs for their clientsa. vation the Defense+ technology, containment
slew of controls for parents. The My top picks are Comodo Free Antivirus, techniques, sandboxing and what not to assure free
service won't let children add their
Avast! Free Antivirus, AVG Anti-Virus Free, and the antivirus program that is 100% efficient. Comodo
own friends or delete messages
list ends with similar alternatives however make Antivirus outsmarts the alternative as it quarantines
only parents can do that. Kids don't
sure to look through the in order list underneath to the unknown file and executes the same in the iso-
get a separate Facebook or Messen-
ger account; rather, it's an extension understand the best free antivirus for you. lated environment denying interference to the com-
of a parent's account. Top 10 Best Free Antivirus Software panys normal operations.
While children do use messag- Updated Oct 2018 The Antivirus supports Windows 10, Windows
ing and social media apps designed Comodo Free Antivirus 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. It
for teenagers and adults, those serv- their parents and with friends ap- AVAST Free Antivirus stays updated on the latest virus definitions so
ices aren't built for them, said Kris- proved by their parents. The free AVG Free Antivirus stands robust to defeat even the most latest malware
telle Lavallee, a children's app is aimed. Lavallee, who is con- Avira Free Antivirus threats.
psychology expert who advised tent strategist at the Center on Bitdefender Free Antivirus
Facebook on designing the service. Media and Child Health at Boston
"The risk of exposure to things they Children's Hospital and Harvard
were not developmentally prepared University, called Messenger Kids
for is huge," she said. a "useful tool" that "makes parents
Messenger Kids, meanwhile, the gatekeepers." But she said that
"is a result of seeing what kids while Facebook made the app "with
like," which is images, emoji and
the like. Face filters and playful
masks can be distracting for adults,
the best of intentions," it's not yet
known how people will actually use
Lavallee said, but for kids who are As with other tools Facebook HIGH SPEED INTERNET
just learning how to form relation- has released in the past, intentions
ships and stay in touch with parents and real-world use do not always
digitally, they are ways to express match up. Facebook's live video
themselves. streaming feature, for example, has
Facebook launches parent-con- been used for plenty of innocuous
trolled Messenger app for kids. and useful things, but also to stream
This photo provided by Face- crimes and suicides.
book demonstrates Facebook's new Stephen Balkam, CEO of the
Messenger app for kids on an iPad. nonprofit Family Online Safety In-
Facebook is launching the messag- stitute, said "that train has left the
ing app for children to chat with station."

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*Speeds may vary depending on distance, line quality and number of devices used concurrently. Subject to availability. Some prices shown may be introductory offers. Equipment fees, taxes
and other fees and restrictions may apply.
**Speed comparison based on 1.5 Mbps DSL.

Health tips for the holidays NUTRICARE

6. High blood pressure of which the Amer-
ican Heart Association recommends By GLORIA BENT, MS, RD, CDN
changes to high blood pressure. No longer Nutritionist
is it 140/90 the revised level is now 130/80.
At this level we are borderline and your Questions & Comments:
MD should monitor you and may have to
start medication to prevent down the road a
heart attack or stroke. Everyone should
have a blood pressure monitor at home to
follow up on your levels in addition to MD
7. Diabetes- we must be mindful of our
A1C levels which can be the precursor to
Type 2 Diabetes. We do not want the A1C
level of 7 or higher.
8. Abdominal Obesity- this not only in-
creases the risk of heart attack but also the
risk of breast cancer. Preferably women's
waistline should be around 32 inches and

Advocate, Health Educator, Humanitarian for men 34-36 inches.
Weight loss and exercise can be a good
ovember starts the ball rolling for the addition to your lifestyle to help control
holidays with Thanksgiving, Christ- cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. It
mas and the New Year. Enjoy yourselves won't hurt to ask your MD about starting
with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, low-dose (81mg) aspirin therapy. If yes,
etc. As we celebrate, there's a whole lot of never take on an empty stomach for we do
eating, drinking and stress of shopping, not need any G I bleeding.
decorating, driving for some and flying for Heart Attack Warning Signs Are
others. Sadly this is the season for heart at- Different For Women: Researchers say a
tacks. woman may begin to experience warning
There's an estimated 350,000 com- symptoms even more than a month before
bined of men/women who will die from a they have an attack. The following are the
heart attack. Researchers say 90% of heart top signals.
attacks can be prevented. Let us be mindful The number one symptom is over-
and remember everything in moderation. whelming fatigue, exhaustion, also when
On an average, we gain over one pound getting adequate sleep. Other symptoms are
during the holiday season, and it usually shortness of breath, sleep disturbance, i.e.,

Healthy Eating: Simple ways to plan,

hangs around till we approach Spring and waking up from a deep sleep unable to
Summer. catch your breath. This experience can also

enjoy, and stick to a healthy diet

Here are some of the following risk be related to sleep apnea. Indigestion, nau-
factors for a heart attack: sea, abdominal pain and we figure it's just

1. Smoking and just one cigarette increase gas, heartburn or food poisoning. Anxiety
the risk by 40% so can you imagine indi- and chest discomfort, tightness in the chest.
viduals who smoke two or more packs a See your medical doctor if you experi- What are whole grains? Whole grains are better sources of
day? ence any of these symptoms. Our bodies grain is considered to be whole fiber and other important nutrients,
2. Stress doubles the risk and is even higher talk to us, and at times we just need to slow grains is the entire seed of a plant. such as selenium, potassium and mag-
when it is continuous either at home or the down, and maybe ever so often just say It is made up of three edible parts nesium.
workplace. NO! a. The bran; b. Germ; c. Endosperm Whole grains are brown rice and
3. Inadequate intake of fruits and vegeta- Advocate for yourself! Listen to intu- Whole grains - These unrefined popcorn, or ingredients in products,
bles. ition! Take care of you, for you are #1 grains haven't had their bran and germ such as buckwheat in pancakes or
4. Lack of exercise and living a sedentary Love You Guys! Abundant Blessings
removed by milling; therefore, all of whole wheat in bread.
lifestyle. 5. High cholesterol Always,
the nutrients remain intact.

- Vitamin E, Photochemical, Selenium-(boost the immune system)

Potassium and magnesium- (bones and for muscles)

Advertise for less - call 914-663-4973

Next issue Why we need to consume whole grains?

Build a business your way

Highlighting the opportunities and challenges of local business

FAMILY FEATURES: tends the reach of your marketing budget and
reating a business from the ground up is lends credibility to your business.
no small endeavor. From planning to fi- Financing assistance. Funding your fran-
nancing to putting standard business services chise according to your unique goals and
in place, theres a lot to tackle. All of that is in background can help eliminate many of the fi-
addition to operating the day-to-day business. nancial pitfalls that those without experience
To overcome these obstacles, franchising or industry expertise may encounter.
is an ideal solution for many aspiring business Learn more about franchising and the op-
owners. It provides the advantages of business tions available to aspiring small business own-
ownership, but with the added support of a ers at
recognized brand and an established method A Milestone Accomplishment
of doing business. Partnering with a franchise A focus on small business is driving big
like The UPS Store offers numerous benefits. results for one national retailer. The nations
Flexibility. Opening a franchise allows largest franchise system of retail shipping,
you to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of print and business service centers, The UPS
making your own business decisions and Store, Inc., is now 5,000 locations strong.
being your own boss, while working toward The UPS Store network is made up of
your goals of personal and financial independ- dedicated individuals and families who are
ence at your own pace. committed to serving small business owners,
Start-up resources. Getting a new busi- customers and their communities, said Chris
ness off the ground requires a wide range of Adkins, vice president of franchise develop-
activity, from site selection and lease negotia- ment for The UPS Store. We look forward to
tion to hiring and training staff. A franchise welcoming more franchisees into our network
can help you navigate these early decisions as we continue to challenge ourselves to find
and needs with a deep pool of experience and new ways we can bring convenience and
helps you stay informed of industry trends, As a franchise owner, you can contribute
knowledge to help overcome the hurdles you value to our customers.
discover new tools and resources, and develop insight to the process but focus on running
may encounter. Over the years, the retail concept has ex-
lasting relationships with fellow franchisees. your business while development experts ded-
Training. Even a well-educated business panded to include a range of solutions for
The result is a peer group that has intimate icate themselves to researching and innovat-
owner has room to learn. With a franchise, small business owners, creating a one-stop
knowledge of your business model that can ing new products and services that can help
you have the opportunity to receive in-depth shop for small-business support. Small busi-
serve as a valuable resource as your business you better serve your customers.
training in areas such as business operations, ness owners can find resources such as notary
grows. Marketing support. Many franchises con-
technical systems, human resources, market- services, shredding, mailbox and locker rental,
Product development. Part of developing duct national advertising campaigns to build
ing and financial management. and, in some cases, even inventory manage-
your business is understanding your cus- brand awareness, while regional efforts and
Networking opportunities. Connecting ment solutions, as well as the packing and
tomers needs and introducing new products local store marketing can build excitement in
with other franchisees at area meetings, re- shipping services that business and non-busi-
and solutions. your market. A layered marketing plan ex-
gional conferences and national conventions ness customers alike can utilize.

Dont Fall Victim to Financial

Distress Caused by Credit Card Debt
Credit counseling is the easiest, most effective way to explore the options for
credit card debt and identify the best solution for your needs.
ments go toward your debt instead of
adding more interest which means
you can get out of debt faster. Every
financial situation is different, but
most people see their total monthly
debt payments reduced by up to 30
to 50 percent as they get out of debt
faster. The program is usually com- youre able to build a positive cred-
pleted in around 40-60 payments, it history while reducing your overall
so you can be debt-free in just a few debt level. As a result, some people see
HIGH MONTHLY CREDIT CARD CREDIT COUNSELING IS THE years instead of taking decades to their credit score even increase over the
PAYMENTS combined with even EASIEST, MOST EFFECTIVE WAY eliminate everything you owe. course of their time with a credit coun-
higher interest rates can make it al- TO EXPLORE THE OPTIONS seling service.
most impossible to maintain control FOR CREDIT CARD DEBT AND Its the fastest and easiest to
over your credit card debt. Even with IDENTIFY THE BEST SOLUTION FREEDOM FROM DEBT IS
your monthly payments you may not FOR YOUR NEEDS. Speak with a
get professional financial POSSIBLE! Dont spend another
see much of a reduction in debt no certified credit counselor at no charge advice without incurring sleepless night worrying about your
matter what you do. to analyze your debt and budget. They another bill to do it. debt problems, or another day stressed
will review your options to see what about your bills instead of focused on
Whats more, as your credit card bal- solutions may work best for you. Your your family and life.
ances increase, it can also cause prob- credit counselor may be able to lower Build a Positive Credit History Call Consolidated Credit now at
lems for your budget you end up jug- high interest rates or even eliminate Additionally, consolidating debt-
gling bills, choosing between expenses, them while consolidating your credit through a certified credit counseling 1-800-721-4370
and putting off important purchases. card debts into one easy payment service may help save your credit score to speak with a certified credit
Luckily, theres a way you can find the through a debt management program. from additional damage. You stop fu- counselor today.
solution that works for your unique fi- ture penalties and prevent further dam-
nancial situation and even better, it Get Out of Debt Faster age from missed payments and over-
wont cost a thing to get the informa- As a result of those lower interest drawn credit lines. Even better, as you
tion you need. rates more of your monthly pay- work your way through the program, (Fees may apply for voluntary participation in debt management - all
counseling services are free.)

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): "To fight or not ahead. In the evening: Attend a lecture, concert
to fight" may be the question of the day for you. or play.
Your sensitive, feminine side is likely to say one
thing while your masculine, warring side is apt CANCER (June 21-July 22): There is a practi-
to say another. The key is for you to not act too cal grounding to the day that may be cramping
hastily in any situation. your style. More than likely, you will feel re-
strained by the restriction of time that is asking
PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): New friends could you to be more aware of your own limits. It
come your way today, and you might well feel could be that you are not being realistic about
that you've known them all your life. Close certain areas of your life. These things will
bonds may be formed quickly, as become clear today as things
communication flows freely progress.
between you. Make sure,
however, that you don't LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): You
make too many commit- could be feeling sluggish
ments to anyone at this today. Your desk could be
time, as you could piled high with papers
spread yourself too that need attending to.
thin, and you also No matter how much
aren't in the proper you push yourself, it still
frame of mind to dis- could be difficult to get
criminate. everything done. Try to be
realistic and just focus on the
TAURUS (April 20-May tasks that need to be finished
20): Seek the counsel of some- today. Other, less essential things,
one older and wiser today. Whether you might want to leave for tomorrow.
you want to or not, you just may encounter
someone with authority over you who is likely VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Today you might
to tell you how they think. Heed the advice that have to focus on your obligations to other peo-
comes to you from others. You will find that ple. Maybe you should spend some time baby-
there is a whole other perspective out there that sitting. You might enjoy taking care of your
needs to be taken into account in order to bring niece or your nephew for a bit. Or your spouse
things back to a status of equilibrium. might need your help with something around the
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Some close friends,
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You might not see
or perhaps the man in your life, may suddenly
eye-to-eye with someone today. Sometimes you
propose taking a trip together - definitely by air,
can get swept up in passionate opinions. It's easy
and possibly to a distant state or country. You
for you to believe that your way is right and the
like to be spontaneous, and are therefore open to
other person's way is wrong! But things aren't
the possibility and ready to make definite plans.
quite so black and white right now. Today you
Make sure, however, that the others involved are
might need to look for gray areas.
really serious about it before you charge on

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Catering and Chef Services Available Rooms and Apartment Rental Plan. For VIP

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