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Executive Summary

A. Type of Business

1. Nature

The business nature is a service type food industry wherein the

raw materials are processed and converted into a finished goods

consumed by the customers. The product can be consumed as a meal or


2. Name

The name of the business is Siopao Haus.

3. Product/service

Siopao is a famous Chinese is a Filipino snack sold mostly in

Chinese restaurants or by sidewalk vendors in the Philippines. The

preparation consists of steaming and will be strictly observed to ensure

its quality and to satisfy its customers.

This product will be offered with its different varieties based on its

customer's preferences. The products were filled of rice and meal

inside. Its meal flavors are Chicken Teriyaki, Adobo and Barbecue.
B. Management, Marketing, Production/Operation & Financial



Siopao Haus is a sole proprietor type of business; it includes five(5)

members that will work together for the prosperity of the business. The

production workers will be compensated with salary every day, except for

the manager that will be paid every week.

The organizational structure is composed of one manager/

bookkeeper and four staffs. The task of the manager/ bookkeeper is to be

held accountable for the custody of cash collections from customers. He

will also be the responsible in the managing and the monitoring the

operations of the business. He will also be the in authority to implement

the rules and regulations. He/she has also a power to terminate

employees if they do not follow the rules and regulation of the business.

The staffs shall be responsible in serving the customers. They will also

remit the collections to the manager/bookkeeper after their respective

shifts. The staffs shall follow rules and regulations of the management for

them to achieve efficiency and effectiveness of operations.


The promotion of the business will consist of start-up promotions

and continuing promotions. Start-up promotions will include the soft

opening, free taste for 1 week, and traditional means such as leaflets and

banners. This will help raise product awareness to the consumers.

Continuing promotions, on the other hand, shall consist of customer

loyalty cards (for discounts and free stuff), seasonal discounts, and gift

cards. It will help boost the sales and product awareness to the target

market. It will also include the establishing of Facebook page, the use of

social media can help boost product awareness and at the same time,

help in gathering testimonials and feedback from the customer. Through

this, products and services can be improved.


This part consist of equipment and raw materials that are needed in

order to produce good quality of Siopao, also in this aspects, the groups

include the step by step procedure in making the Siopao and the time

duration of production. Each product is prepared and cooked beforehand,

and only takes few minutes to re-steam. The business maintains level of

extra stock that is maintained to mitigate risk of stock-outs. Also, it

examines lead time closely to improve productivity, increase output and

revenue. Proper waste disposal will be imposed with respect to the

operation of the business.

To observe cleanliness, waste disposal system is given importance

by the business to maintain the quality of the products and to ensure the

health of the customers.

The core concept of the proper waste disposal management is to

reduce the waste and proper disposal of waste in order to build a good

brand name to the customers.

The development of an awareness of quality control and product

maintenance within the food industry should be regarded as an important

facet of, not only the product-mix, but also of the marketing-mix strategy.

From the management's point of view the development of a standard

quality product that is precisely cited and documented has financial,

organizational and marketing implications; from the employees' point of

view, it has participatory and productivity implications; but, most

importantly, from the customer's point of view, the sustained attainment of

his perception of quality expectations should result in greater customer

satisfaction, fewer complaints and a higher level of repeat and

recommended business.

Financial Highlights

The expected growth of the market is 10% approximately; the

group forecasted that sales performance for the first year is amounted into

P982,800. In addition, the payback period is relatively short which a good

sign of prospective success.

C. Socio- Economic Contribution

The main objective of the business is to produce Siopao with good

quality and it aims to attract the regular commuters and travelers going in

and out of the city to buy business product. This would be a great help for
those visitors who are finding Pasalubong for their love ones. This product

can also be one of known product of the City. Hence, the business will

contribute to the government by way of paying right taxes.