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Elements of Visual art

-Shapes or form

Straight lines are always associated with the ideas of steadiness and force, Curved Lines with
flexibility, buoyancy, and grace.
Horizontal Lines lines of repose and serenity. These are found in reclining persons, in
landscapes, calm bodies of water and in the distant meeting of the earth and sky in what is
commonly called the horizon.
Vertical line lines poised for action. They are poised, balanced, forceful, and dynamic. These
lines seen in a person standing straight, a tall tree, statues of saints and heroes give an
impression of exaltation and inquietude and this is evident in monumental architecture.
Diagonal Lines Suggest action and movement. They give animation to any composition in
which they appear. Almost every object in action assumes a diagonal line.
Curved Lines suggest grace, movement, flexibility, and joyousness. They are never harsh or
stern since they are formed by a gradual change in direction. They tend to impart these qualities
to any work where they are used.

Three dimensions or attributes of colors

Hue- the dimension of color that gives color its name. Color names such as red, green, violet,
and yellow indicate the color characteristics HUE.

Value - Refers to the lightness or darkness of a color. It is a quality which depends on the
amount of light and dark color.
Intensity - It refers to the brightness or darkness of color. It gives color strength.

Color Harmonies

There are 2 kinds of color harmonies:

1. Related color harmonies:

Monochromatic made up of several tones of one hue. These are the simplest and
easiest to use.
Adjacent or neighboring harmony, two or three neighboring hues on the color circle are
used together
2. Contrasted color Harmonies - Colors which lie directly opposite each other in the color circle
are called Complementary colors.


Black = Death and gloom

White = purity and innocence
Blue = Heaven
Red = Blood, anger, provokes fear
Orange = helps person to be assertive
Green = promotes the feeling of well-being happy and restful association


Element that deals more directly with the sense of touch.

Characteristics of surfaces:
- rough or smooth
- Fine or coarse
- Shiny or dull
- Plain or irregular