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Ed (ECE) School Profile

Please complete this information on your first day at the school.

School: Ajman Academy School

Teachers Starting Time: 7:15 am Finishing Time: 3:00 pm

Students Starting Time: 7:30 am Finishing Time: 2:35 pm

Address: Sheikh Ammar St., Muwaihat - Ajman

Tel: 06 731 4444

Principal: Kerry Smith

Teaching Practice Coordinator: Michael Bucksmith

Mentoring Teacher (Names & phone numbers): Adele Stanbury - 0503631832

Class size: 23 students

Facilities for teaching: Teacher use smart board for teaching, while the students they use
their iPads to complete any work.

Number of teachers in the school: Foreigners (380) and the Arab teachers (35).

Number of students in the school: 680 students