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1) companies that have undergone crisis:


The international brand crisis suffered by the German company, for altering
11 million units in the world, led it to lose more than 16 thousand 900
million dollars of market value.

The #Dieselgate had an outstanding impact on the automotive industry.

But, now one of the cars mentioned in the case will even arrive in Mexico,
the beginning of the Tiguan production in Puebla was announced a few
days ago, through a new process that would guarantee quality in the
product and of course, that benefits to the country with jobs.


Apple is the perfect example of a dying brand and about to disappear that
knew how to turn the tortilla around and become a leading brand. In the
late 1990s, Apple was about to ask for the creditors' competition. In 1997,
an agreement with Microsoft, which injected $ 150 million into the apple
company and the return of Steve Jobs to restructure the company paid off.
And in what way! In 2014, it made $ 53.4 billion in profits.

General Motors

The world's first automaker for decades faced its worst crisis in 2007. With
outdated products, productive overcapacity, and a global crisis, it had to
file for bankruptcy in 2009. Fearing a disaster, federal government was able
to approve loans for General Motors and entering as a shareholder as a
guarantee. Today, General Motors is again a 100% private group and is the
third largest manufacturer in the world with 9.8 million vehicles sold in


Sometimes a company can die victim of its success. In 2003, Starbucks had
grown so much that its managers believed the company "too big" to fall
and thought they could sell what they wanted. Thus, Starbucks had its own
label (winning 8 Grammys two years later). In 2006, with the creation of
Starbucks Entertainment, the chain of cafes produced a pair of films. The
success was not as expected and those adventures began to eat resources of
what was his business of life: to sell a cup of coffee. The quality of the
service and the coffee had dropped. In 2009, they closed about 900 stores
and finally laid off 18,000 employees. Everything seemed lost. Finally, in
2009 the company focused on what they knew how to do: serving coffees.
They reviewed the quality of the service (with, among others, courses for
employees) and expanded the business with the coffee annexes: cakes,
sandwiches, etc. In 2015, it generated $ 19.2 billion in profits

2) Bad boss letter:

Respected sir,

I hope this letter will find you in best of your health and in good mood. Sir
I am working in your company in marketing department for past 2 years.
The subject of my letter is actually a complaint against the boss of our
department. I am writing this letter on behalf of our whole department, we
are facing a number of problems as his behavior with us is very rude and
bad. we cant concentrate on our work with his presence around us. He
treat us like his slave and we have no self-respect in his opinion. Kindly
just change our boss or at least warn him for future. Our department staff
shall be thankful to you for this act.

Sincerely Yours,

Marketing Department

3) Companies Frauds:

The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

When Volkswagen revealed in September that it had installed software on

millions of cars in order to trick the Environmental Protection Agencys
emissions testers into thinking that the cars were more environmentally
friendly than they were, investors understandably deserted the company.
Volkswagen lost 20 billion in market capitalization, as investors worried
about the cost of compensating customers for selling them cars that
weren't compliant with environmental regulations.

The company not only has to deal with compensating their customers, but it
will also need to contend with potential fines from regulators as well as
reputational hit that could severely affect its market share.

FIFA Corruption Scandal

The only surprising fact about the FBIs indictment of FIFA officials for
racketeering, fraud, and other offenses was that the charges came from the
United States, where soccers popularity lags the rest of the world.

The corruption part was the least remarkable aspect of the news, as FIFA
officials had long been suspected of taking bribes in exchange for granting
broadcasting rights for games and hosting rights for events like the World

The FBI also indicted five sports marketing executives at the same time.
And the scandal spooked some of Americas largest corporations,
including Coca-Cola and McDonalds-top FIFA sponsors. These
firms called on the governing body to fire its leadership and enact tough

Toshiba Accounting Scandal

No list of corporate screw-ups would be complete without a good old-

fashioned accounting scandal. In September, electronics conglomerate
Toshiba admitted that it had overstated its earnings by nearly $2 billion
over seven years, more than four times its initial estimate in April.

CEO and President Hisao Tanaka resigned from the firm, and an
independent investigators found that Toshiba had a corporate culture in
which management decisions could not be challenged and Employees
were pressured into inappropriate accounting by postponing loss reports or
moving certain costs into later years.