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Bachelor of Education, Primary Education Degree

Observation Table:
Reasons for speaking in the classroom

Class: Grade 3/2

Number of learners: 36
Length of lesson: 9:00 9:45
Teacher observed Language: English
Learning Goals: Exploring I can see talk about what you see.
Materials used: A3 paper, flash cards, data show.

Reason for speaking Shaikha Amna Fatima

Learner repeats word / phrase EE
1 after teacher whole class
Learner repeats word / phrase EE E
2 after teacher group / pair
Learner repeats word / phrase A
3 after teacher individual
Learner answers direct question EEE EEE A
4 from teacher
Learner answers open question EEE EEE EEE
5 from teacher
6 Learner asks teacher a question EEE E AAA

Learner answers a partner in EE AA A

7 Paired work activity
Learner answers a group member
8 in group work activity
Learner answers the teacher EE EEE EEE
9 informally
10 Learner answers peer informally

11 Other reason for speaking

12 Other reason for speaking

Bachelor of Education, Primary Education Degree

Reflections on Observation Task 1: Chit Chat

Read the questions below and write your answers

What was the most common reason for speaking? learning answer open question from teacher.

What was the least common reason for speaking? Learning repeated word (whole class)

Were there any boxes with no ticks? yes

How much of the lesson was spent on the teacher using Teacher Talk, in your opinion? 20 min.

Do you feel it was an appropriate amount of talk? Why / Why not? No, student will not keep
attention and feel bored.

What do you think is an appropriate sequence of interaction patterns? Before the activity+

Now consider how much Arabic was used. Do you think it was used appropriately?
Why? / Why not? No , she didnt use Arabic language only English.

Reflection for Bonus Points

You do not have to do this activity. However, if you want a higher grade, you must do it. If you
are interested in thinking about this subject more, consider the following reflection.

Choose one of the following questions (A, B, or C) and write your answer:

A. Why is talk important for teachers?

Why is talk important for learners? (Think about the What and How.)

B. Why is it important to think about using English for varied purposes in the classroom? For
example, not just for giving an example, but also for correcting, for praising, for everyday uses,
like asking for help, or asking to borrow something?

C. What role do you think Arabic should play in the English classroom?

Bachelor of Education, Primary Education Degree