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Annotated Bibliography

How has the fashion industry been influenced by Social Media?

Kayla N. Felton

Professor Malcolm Campbell


October 12th, 2017

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Ahmad, Nawaz. "The Impact of Social Media on Fashion Industry: Empirical Investigation from

Karachiites." Journal of Resources Development and Management 7.(2015): 1-7. Web. 14 Octo-

ber 2017.

The resource presented here is a peer-edited journal and an academic source which provides sus-

tainable information and statistics that demonstrate the impact of social media on the industry of

fashion. This journal focus on how social media and digital marketing has grown to be signifi-

cantly dependent upon one another as a source of communication and promotional reasons. A

research poll has been conducted in this peer journal which statistically supports the idea that the

fashion industry can be directly influenced by social media. Also, this source differentiates from

my others because it is being presented by a peer, a student, and it is also providing information

outside of the united states which allows a global standpoint on my topic. Initially, the author

takes a position in which he hypothesizes that there is no significant influence from social media

on the fashion industry; however, in the overview of his study, he is then presented with enough

evidence to see a direct relationship between social media and fashion and reject his initial claim.

The author is a credible Ph.D. student conducting research with an expertise professor at Iqra

University, Karachi, and has an objective standpoint. Overall, the quality of this journal is above

average because it provides in depth, reliable-substantial information and it contained supporting

statistical information which helped me better understand the depth of the relationship between

social media and the fashion industry. The purpose of this communication is to examine the in-

fluence of social media on the fashion industry by conducting a survey and reaching an audience

of people the include social media users, students, the fashion industry, and the social media in-

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Antoniello, Rich. Complex, 2006, Web. 10 October 2017

This specific source is a entire website. Complex is a multi-media company which uses digital

media to create content based upon fashion, popular culture/lifestyle, sports, music, and celebri-

ties in a story like way to influence their audiences. The source supports the idea that social me-

dia a has a direct influence on the fashion industry. Having being a company dedicated to manip-

ulating digital content to influence popular culture and its aspects, this article is slightly biased in

terms of credibility. Complex communicates the trends in style, music, sports, pop culture, and

music which then additionally all have an influence on the fashion industry. With credible

sources such as founder of Complex and famous designer Marc Echo, Complex editor in chief

and former Vibe Magazine editor Noah Bever, and thousands of credible journalist, creative di-

rectors, and other workers in the field complex successfully manipulates digital media to influ-

ence fashion amongst other trends that also have their own impacts upon the fashion industry. I

would have to say this source is biased to inflicting the idea of positive influence of digital media

on the fashion industry rather than negative influence, or being unbiased completely. This source

is not only a website but also a reliable and popular source as Complex is a multi-media organi-

zation which has a show on youtube, retired magazines, and a presence on many social media

sites. As stated, this websites purpose is to tell storys to younger audiences and communicate

trends in popular culture, style, music, sports, and sneakers through digital content and digital

media presence. Differing from the other sources, this is the most useful as Complex is an entire

website dedicated to using digital media to influence. I will be including this source in my
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project because it includes various articles, expertise journals, videos, and more from credible

officials of the digital communication & fashion industry.

Highsnobiety. Has Social Media had a Positive Impact on the Fashion Industry? Highsnobiety,

9 Apr. 2015. Web. 12 Oct. 2017.

This particular source is a reliable website. The author of the source had different viewpoints as

to whether or not social medias impact on fashion has been negative or positive but supports that

there is no question that social media has made a change as to how people consume and convey

products. All of the other sources online supported a positive influence however this article ap-

proaches the negative and positive influences of social media on the fashion industry. This article

states that Twitter, Instagram, and bloggers have become an influence on consumers. Social me-

dia is beginning to be used to reach a large audience to grow and build brands. Differentiating

from my other sources, this author makes relations to real life figures of the industry who have

been influenced by social media. Ian Connor has used social media as a platform to promote and

make a name for himself as an exclusive stylist and creative director, not solely off his talents but

his followers additionally. The authors position is one in which he or she believes that before the

epidemic of social media fashion was limited to the runway and a fashion diploma was required,

offering an opposing opinion in that of which the author believes it is rather too easy of entry

now. The author of this article deems to be creditable because the material comes from accredit-

ed journalist, fashions stylist, bloggers, editors, and other experts in the media and the fashion

industry. Although with these positions one would assume this source was bias, it is objective. I

believe this is a helpful resource that definitely will be used for my project because it provides
Felton 5

negative and positive points of views, is a reliable, complex source, and it provides sustainable

information that supports the controversial claim that social media has had a huge impact on the

fashion industry. This source helped me understand that their are both positive and negative in-

fluences of social media on the fashion industry.

Hope, Katie. How social media is transforming the fashion industry. BBC News. BBC, 5 Feb-

ruary 2016. Web. 13 Oct 2017

BBC News is a website which contains this article explaining the extent to which social media

has an impact on the fashion industry, the job opportunities created through social media, how

the impact of followings from social media sites has an influence, and how social media is

changing traditions overall. This author of this article appears to have an unbiased standpoint

and establishes this through provided facts on how social media has an influence as well as pro-

viding supporting linked evidence of growth. Differing from the other sources of the bibliogra-

phy, the article backs up how models, fashion stylist, and photographers have been selected for

certain job opportunities within the industry based on their millions of Twitter and Instagram fol-

lowers. I was able to learn that many high end fashion companies have made outward statements

on how they not only look at a persons social media for mainstream careers, such as models, but

they also research hairstylist, fashion teams and a host backstage, and company positions based

on their social media. This source deems reliable because it is authored by a credible business

reporter; making it biased, as well as editors and staff of BBC News have expertise credentials in

relating fields. The article presented is also a popular source as it is a news source. The BBC

News article clearly establishes its purpose to inform that digital marketing and a higher en-
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gagement in social media can result in career opportunities and an ability to showcase talents for

exposure in the fashion industry. Those interested in digital media or fashion related fields could

be targeted audiences of this article. Due to the credibility and in depth supporting facts provided

in this source, I may possibly use this source on my final project as it is a solid source which

meets criteria needs.