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Aplikasi SMS Massal Untuk Android
Android User Manual

Installation Process

To install Mobile Client on your Android mobile phone, download the

SMSMassalMobileClient.apk from SMS Massal website.

After successful installation, an icon of MobileClient application appears

on the screen.

Please Note: Application will appear as per different handset

Login Page:-

Only registered users can login into the RouteSms Mobile Client Mobile
Username and Password are provided by RouteSms Solutions Limited.

On this screen user can enter

username and password and
click "Login" button. On clicking
"Login" button, application
authenticates user.

Remember Me (Checkbox):
If user clicks this checkbox then user credentials get stored and next
time when user will open the application he will be directly redirected
to Main screen (No need to enter login details again).
Main Screen:

After successful login, user is redirected to Main page where user has
various options to send message as well as maintain contact list.

User can swipe between different tabs to avail functionalities.

User has Balance option clicking on which, current balance is

User has Log Off option. It will help user to close application with or
without removing user credentials.

Yes: User credentials get

removed and redirected
to Login Screen.
No: User credentials get
Send SMS:

Here, user can send single, bulk as well as group messages.

To: Type destinations in field separated by comma.

E.g. 90298744444,787400544744,914477447774
Attach: User has option to select contacts from various sources. When
user clicks on [ ], following window appears.

Mobile PhoneBook:
PhoneBook: User can select contacts stored in phonebook.
PhoneBook Groups: User can select phonebook groups.
Application Groups:
User can send messages to group contacts.
After selecting option, contacts from selected group or phonebook get
listed on screen. Like below:

Previous: Next: User

User can can navigate
navigate to to next page
previous records.
page records.

Import File:
User can import text file and message will be sent to all contacts
enclosed in file.
Please note, file should contain only destinations separated by
User can upload file containing up to 300000 destinations.
Distribution List: User can send message to list of contacts created
in list.
Sender: Sender of the message
Message Type: - When user clicks on this field, following dialog
appears on screen. After selecting option, selected message type will
be displayed in Message Type field.

Message: Actual message to be sent to destination. Here, user has

Template option. Clicking on right corner image on Message field, user
can add templates. Templates are nothing but previously sent
messages log.
When user clicks on Send Message button, user gets option to send
message via RSL Service or SIM Service.
1) If user selects RSL Service, message will be sent via RouteSms
2) If user selects SIM Service, message will be sent via SIM card like
regular messaging app.

This screen displays all contacts managed in this application. User can create
groups, manage contacts to groups and manage distributions lists.

This screen has 3 different tabs.

Mange Groups:

This tab has feature of adding new groups, delete groups as well as create
contact in selected group.

Add Group: When user clicks on this image on screen, following dialog
appears. Clicking on Create button, new group is created
in application.

Delete Group: Clicking on this image, your selected group gets

Add Contact: User can contact in selected group.

User gets this

functionality where he
gets options like below.
Manage Contacts:

This tab is used to manage group contacts.

User can edit or delete previously stored contacts to specific groups.

Next: User
User can
can navigate
navigate to
to next page
page records.
Update Contact: User can edit contact using following dialog.

Delete Contact: User can delete selected contact. When user clicks
on this image, user gets following dialog. When OK is clicked,
selected contact gets deleted.
User gets this option which has
following functionality.

Add Contact: User can add

contact in selected group.

Delete All: If user wants to delete

all contacts from selected group,
this option can be used.
Distribution Lists:

User can create list in which user can add n number of contacts separated
by \n.

After selecting particular list from drop down, list name and its
contacts get listed in fields respectively.

Selected list gets deleted.

Save: Application validates contacts and gives count of valid and invalid

User gets this option which

has following functionality.

Add List: User can add new


Edit List: Edit previous list.

Delete List: Delete selected
list and contacts.

User can create new template so as to add in message field while sending
When user sends message, that message also gets stored in templates so
that next time user can use this message as template.
Edit: If user selects Edit, following dialog is displayed.
Important Notes:

For successful delivery of message, please follow below mentioned points:

1. Destination:
i. Destination must be valid.
ii. Destination must contain country code. Example 919856854717.
iii. Destination may contain (+) sign. example
2. Text File:
i. Text file must contain each destination number in new line.
ii. File will never contain characters/spaces/etc within destination.
iii. File never contains blank line between two destinations.

Correct File Wrong File